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6 Secret Tips About Bakery Vehicles Everybody Needs To Know

Dough Divider/Rounder

The dough divider, or also known as the rounder is the ideal bakery equipment when it comes to making small loaves of bread.

The dough divider can come in square, octagonal as well as round shapes.

Reversible Dough Sheeter

The reversible dough sheeter is the well-known multi-tasking tool.

This piece of equipment is very much used by many bakeries. The actual purpose of the reversible dough sheeter is to pass the dough back and forth between two large rollers.

Deciding on your bakery equipment is an important process. You want equipment that lets you create your product no matter the type or volume. You should consider equipment that will last as your bakery grows or incorporates newer products.

Last of all, one should keep in mind that purchasing a custom-made bakery vehicle is always an option. And for beginners in this industry, it might seem like the best option!

3. Buying Bakery Vehicles Means Checking Up On Law Regulations

One thing is for sure, the bakery vehicles law regulations are of an equal importance as are the laws and regulations for starting and running a bakery.

It is valuable to note that once you purchase bakery vehicles, straight proportionally you will have to keep these vehicles up to date on food hygiene as well as transport legislation.


Moreover, speaking of regulations, bakery vehicles should be always following and fulfilling the rules and requirements given by:


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So these facts and figures to lead us to the conclusion and realization that both your employees working in the bakery and operating with your bakery vehicles will have to undergo training in food handling, storage, as well as display.

Also, bakery owners should pay special attention to bakery vehicles’ temperature control. Since it remains to be an essential aspect of this industry.


In addition, there are three types of training that you should provide to your employees:

  • 1 Level– Training for the employees that do not have any contact with unwrapped food;
  • 2 Level– Training for all employees who handle open food;
  • 3 Level– Training for both the managers as well as the supervisors of the bakery- this includes the owner of the bakery(you) as well;

It is apparent that the food your bakery is producing should get to the customers with nothing added or taken away. You should always pay attention that there are no things or conditions that can be damaging to the health.

Health and safety risk assessments should always be the prime thing for your bakery business. Being compliant with the critical control points- HACCP is everything.

4. You Can Use Your Bakery Vehicle As Mobile Advertising

Since you aim towards making your bakery business great, straight proportionally you should pay special attention to the advertising process too.

Yet, what a better way to advertise your bakery business than placing ads in your bakery vehicles.

I would recommend you to always make the most of every aspect of your bakery business.


Moreover, not only that you can advertise your bakery business with your bakery vehicles, but you can do the same with all other vehicles that your bakery owns.

Next, how can you make the best possible advertisement design for your bakery vehicles?

Well, making a collaboration with a professional graphic designer or graphic design company would be the perfect choice that you as a bakery owner can make. Keep in mind that the more interesting and eye-catching the design is, the more it will attract customers.

This means that making an investment in advertisement design for your bakery vehicles is the right thing to do!

Also, the design should include the following information:

  • Your Bakery’s business name;
  • Contact Information;
  • Your Bakery’s logo or image;

All in all, the advertisement point is extremely important because only that way your business can attract customers. Even if you are new in this industry, the right advertisement can help you to get known.

5. Bakery Vehicles Insurance

Subsequently, we came to the realization that most bakeries in the USA do deliver their products with their own bakery vehicles.

So, it is apparent that bakery owners should pay attention to insuring their bakery vehicles. And by that to providing additional security to customers too.


Moreover, when choosing an insurance policy for your bakery vehicles, it is advisable to pay attention to the following points:

  • Coverage for third-party injury;
  • Property damage;
  • Medical Payments;
  • Towing;
  • Physical Damage, and so on;

This means that bakeries should definitely have an additional insurance to the General Liability Insurance Coverage and the Commercial Auto Liability Coverage.

6. Bakery Vehicles Can Be Equipped With GPS Tracking Too

Lately, we had the chance to witness the newest technological advancements in the field of tracking.

These technological advancements have brought GPS solutions, which solutions that can provide amazing benefits to bakeries.

In addition, bakeries by getting GPS tracking solutions can give their employees operating with your bakery vehicles an opportunity to provide on-time deliveries.


And we all know the benefits from on-time deliveries that bakeries can experience, first of which is improved customer service.

Consequently, it will bring satisfaction to your customers, and they will be able to keep real-time contact with the deliveries that should come their way.


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By equipping your bakery vehicles with GPS tracking you will be able to monitor their every move. Each time that the bakery vehicles are running late, your employees will notify the customers waiting for the delivery.

Also, if your bakery faces with an unwanted situation- if for example your bakery vehicle gets lost, the GPS will then provide you with the last known location of it. It can as well improve the chances of recovering your vehicle much faster than by using some other means.



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