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7 Tips To Reduce Expenses With Field Construction Equipment

The construction industry is an ever-growing industry.

Correspondingly, the construction industry stands on 6 pillars.

Starting from architecture, construction management, civil and environmental engineering, industrial design, up to the manufacturing phase.

Moreover, the competition of the work of all 6 pillars requires a lot of dedication, but as well as well-maintained equipment. More precisely, construction companies in order to execute their tasks, they have to have a field construction equipment running smoothly.

Thereupon, the maintenance of the field construction equipment is really important, both for the execution of the task, as well as for expenses reduction.

When the construction equipment is regularly checked and maintained they last longer in comparison to those that have not been serviced often.

Yet, well-maintained field construction equipment leads to a reduction of the repair costs and at the same time increases the longevity of the machinery.

Further, in this article, you can read and learn 7 tips how construction companies can reduce expenses with field construction equipment. So, let’s find out!

1. Check Diagnostics and Equipment Usage

There are few steps that Construction Company owners should take in order to achieve reduced expenses.

When it comes to construction companies and field construction equipment, one must note that keeping track of the overall activity is crucial.

Moreover, the very first step on the ladder of achieving reduced field construction equipment expenses is the diagnostics and the equipment usage.

To repeat, when one is checking the diagnostics and equipment, he/she does not have to include the time being when the machine is not in use. That does not count.


To put it another way, let’s check the following example.

When the construction company owner keeps track of the diagnostics and equipment usage, he/she should make sure that in the overall process he must include the time when the machine is actually operating.

Yet, what a better way to perform this expenses reducement process than with the use of GPS solutions?


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GPS solutions will provide you with a clear insight of the overall activity.

Additionally, it can enable you with an insight of the fuel consumption, run-time as well as the performance of the equipment.

2. Preventative Maintenance Plan

What is preventative maintenance?

Moreover, why should construction companies have a preventative maintenance plan?

To start with, a preventative maintenance plan is closely interconnected with field construction equipment expense reducement.

Nonetheless, the actual process of preventative maintenance is when construction companies are applying maintenance on machines before they break.

In spite of that, it is recommendable for construction companies to have a preventative maintenance plan due to the fact that they can detect any possible problems right in time before these problems become major issues.


So, how is the preventative maintenance plan interconnected with the field construction equipment expenses reducement?

Well, it is much simpler that one might think of it.

So, the reason behind this tip that I am providing you to use on your way of reducing expenses with field construction equipment is the following.

The better maintained your field construction equipment is, the lesser costs you will have to spend. And we are all aware of the real cost of field construction equipment repairs.


At first, your construction company will experience fewer problems down the road. Which later on leads to increased protection of your employees and equipment.

Granted that, construction companies should perform regular checkups in order to ensure optimal field construction equipment performance.

Be sure that preventative maintenance will as well save you major repairs and by that, it will also save you fuel costs.

3. Field Construction Equipment Maintenance

Certainly, when a construction company aims to reduce expenses with field construction equipment, field maintenance should be taken into consideration.

Yet, why is field construction equipment maintenance so important?

Let’s start with the following fact.

It is crystal clear that when construction equipment is malfunctioning, straight proportionally it impacts on construction machine’s operating costs.


Still, with the on-field maintenance practice construction companies can spend less time and money on maintenance.

By that, the company will increase the operating costs.

Another reason that lays behind field construction equipment maintenance is the actual operating costs.

The actual operating costs of a construction company comprise the repair hours, as well as the mechanic’s wage.

4. Always Aim Towards On-Site Maintenance

Always have a qualified professional come to you for preventative maintenance rather than hauling your equipment to the shop after something breaks.

Some owners presume house calls are way too expensive, but not when they prevent expensive repairs and the cost of transporting something that weighs several tons.


Observing high safety levels in a construction site is very important. It protects site workers from different forms of injury.

Construction equipment plays a huge role in any construction, whether big or small. For that reason, it is important to use such equipment in the best possible way.

5. Train Construction Equipment Operators In Best Practices

Why is the training process so important? – One might ask this question.

Well, first of all, one must understand that it is only through good training construction workers can learn best practices. So, once the employees learn the best practices they will be ready to operate with the construction equipment in a proper way.


Moreover, I must not forget to mention of how big of importance is the monitoring of employees while they perform day to day performance.

Additionally, the monitoring process will enable you to reinforced operational practices.

For instance, your construction company will avoid premature wear of the equipment, as well as a lackluster performance.

Hence, construction companies should perceive the detailed and extended training as a step forward in the extension of the life of your equipment.


Hey! I'm George J. Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 100 Things To Know About GPS and Fleet Management.

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6. Storing Equipment

Furthermore, if you are still rethinking how you can reduce your expenses with field construction equipment, then I would suggest you read this tip with certain attention.



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