Profit Killing Mistakes To Avoid With GPS Tracking for Delivery Trucks

With technology changes, businesses are using GPS tracking for delivery trucks. There are two ways to make more money – increase revenue or reduce expenses.

Apart from dispatching multiple vehicles at a time, you also have to monitor your fleet of courier vehicles all the time.

Managing and maintaining fleet is not easy in the industry, and this niche is probably where the biggest mistakes happen.

Looking on the positive side, there is an efficient way to maintain your vehicles and it is with the help of the GPS tracking for delivery trucks.

There are so many benefits to get from using this device, and once you start using it, your business will improve.

The GPS tracking for delivery trucks will not only help you start saving on expenses but help you increase in revenue as well.

Can GPS Tracking for Delivery Trucks Improve Your Business?

Everyone has heard of GPS tracking for delivery trucks and a lot of company owners are using them for location directions.

What happens if you use GPS tracking for delivery trucks for other purposes?

In addition to this, there are devices created for several uses as well.


Due to connection of trucking and technology, and how the industry is accepting it, GPS tracking for delivery trucks no longer track only locations.

GPS tracking for delivery trucks can generate you detailed reports on the fleet activity and fleet managers are able to see the driving behavior.

The thing is, business owners consider that first class service is the only factor affecting the company’s success.


However, they might be unaware of the fact that the company depends on other factors as well.

As a matter of fact, a company needs to improve other things at the business in order to create quality and on-time customer service.

Untracked Fuel Costs

What takes the most money of your pocket is fuel. Whether the prices go up or down, the expenses hardly ever make a difference.

If you are still not taking anything for a proper fleet management then the revenue increase will stop.

In order to create a trucking company success, you need to start with reducing the biggest costs.

However, the question is: How can you reduce fuel costs?


The good thing is, that it is achievable!

First of all, you need to determine the cause of the high fuel consumption.

This could be caused by the bad driving practices or fleet improvement requirements.

Second, find a way to determine the costs.

Nevertheless, you can do it by implementing GPS tracking for delivery trucks due to good driving practices.


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How To Avoid

Fleet tracking software is changing the way company manage the fleet.

Whether you own a small fleet, or big, there are simply a lot of challenges when it comes to fuel consumption.

As the fuel expenses continue to rise, company owners are constantly seeking new and cost-effective ways to manage fleet.


Fleet management is the best technology to track the consumption of fuel.

The transportation industry is rather competitive and each business has to have the best tools in order to make the company survive.

With this intention. Implementing the latest GPS tracking for delivery trucks can manage costs which will save you time by 34%.

Inefficient Routing

When it comes to routing, it is quite simple, delivery drivers make hundreds of miles per day which consequently increases the fuel usage.

If your drivers do not have a reliable information on schedules and routes, this instantly results in poor delivery services

Moreover, it may result in providing late deliveries which may result in bad reputation among your customers.


Most of the routing problems can vanish if your drivers and fleet management team are able to determine the most cost-effective route.

This is what an effective routing is all about.

To continue with, an effective management of routes involves relevant information on the location and the stops of the vehicle.

How To Avoid

Efficient routing not only decreases the fuel consumption but also results in a much faster delivery service.

Besides helping drivers and managers, it provides the dispatching team with the exact location while enabling them to reroute drivers.

In this way, the drivers are able to escape the traffic jams, the longer routes, the dangerous roads and other factors affecting delay.


More importantly, this will decrease the speeding because with reliable routing drivers will no longer need to speed to get on-time.

More importantly, with the fleet tracking features, you will be able to create new routes and test them on fuel consumption and delivery times.

In particular, you can create roots which keep vehicles from stops and have less traffic lights, which is more economical.


What makes the GPS tracking for delivery trucks even cooler is the following: Once the device notices the vehicle is moving slowly, the tracker can find new route and reroute the vehicle on the faster one.

With the help of the best GPS trackers, you can constantly implement changes to effective routing and gas expenses reduce.

Inaccurate Billing

If you are not able to determine the freight’s movement between location and know the costs of it, it is a huge issue in transportation industry.

Facing inaccuracy in the freight rates and other charges results in revenue loss.

More importantly, you will not be able to get a return on investment (ROI) if you do not have reliable expenses information.


There are analytics showing that by implementing technology and the latest devices, you get detailed information on this.

To put it in another way, you will get accurate billing as a company owner.

Looking on the positive side, there is a way to avoid all this and actually start making your delivery company successful.



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