Profit Killing Mistakes To Avoid With GPS Tracking for Delivery Trucks

More importantly, the sooner you implement a GPS vehicle tracker, the quicker the revenue will improve.

How To Avoid

For those unaware of the fact, GPS tracking for delivery trucks is more than turn by turn navigation.

As a matter of fact, it is an innovative tool that actually helps business improve a lot of factors killing their profit.

By generating information on the fleet and its usage, you will be able to manage the company in a much efficient manner.


Additionally, the asset tracking device will provide a detailed information of the equipment use.

In this way, the fleet managers will also be able to do their job in a well-planned and logical manner.

For example, instead of estimating the billable hours, the GPS tracker for business will accurately track the time to make maximum revenue.


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Asset tracking devices provide exact records of equipment use, while fleet trackers report how long each worker spends at a job site.

Instead of estimating billable hours, these tools make it easy to accurately track time and ensure you capture maximum revenue.

Spending Too Much on Insurance

Have you ever checked analytics on how much do you spend on a vehicle insurance?

For example, if you provide overloaded delivery, or a hazardous materials delivery, you probably have a large number of fleet.

In this case, insurance is essential and the expenses for it, are inevitable.


Insurance is crucial for several factors including drivers, driving behavior and accidents, cargo etc.

In addition to this, if you have drivers which are not respecting DOL regulations, the permits and speed limits you are more prone to insurance costs.

Consequently, speeding increases the chances of accidents. If a driver gets into an accidents, the insurance costs are getting high straight proportionally.

How To Avoid

As you already know, one significant factor affecting fleet operation costs is the insurance. The thing is, with the increase of your fleet, the costs increase as well.

The question here is: How to decrease costs while increasing fleet?

The answer lies in the GPS tracking for delivery trucks.


As an illustration, a tracking software can significantly reduce the insurance expenses. In other words, the vehicle GPS tracker prevents drivers from speeding.

This is due to the information it generates and shows the speed. This data is available for you to monitor and for the drivers as well.

Once you monitor your employees, the drivers will improve their driving behavior while delivering goods.

Bad Driving Behavior That Increases Expenses

As a delivery company owner, it is crucial for you to know that bad driving increases the company’s expenses.

In addition to this, the fleet drivers can speed on the road while being completely confident in their driving abilities.

Looking on the negative side, this leads to non-obeying the speed limits according to FMCSA or DOT rules and regulations.


Even though they are able to make deliveries on-time or earlier, bad driving habit is a non-acceptable behavior.

As much as getting the freight on time means to a business, this may also increase your insurance premiums.

Think about it.

According to SAFER, speeding increases the accidents chances to 50%, especially on the dangerous highways.


In addition to this, maintaining a clean driving record, as the DMV rules state should be every company’s priority.

Moreover, the insurance companies are using this data and they adjust their premiums which instantly may increase your insurance costs.

If you multiply the costs for a year, the insurance costs you get each year will add up immediately.

How To Avoid

If you increase driving behavior effectiveness, you lower your premium costs. It is a simple math, or technology in this case.

The GPS tracking system, can send alerts each time a driver i.e vehicle exceeds the speed limits.

Consequently, you will get information about each and every vehicle giving you the opportunity to improve their behavior on the road.


GPS fleet tracking will not only send you texts but also will notify the driver about its speed limit.

What is even better about a GPS tracker is that if a driver continues speeding after the 2st alert, a 2nd alert will follow.

Thus, GPS tracking for delivery trucks will not only change the company’s profile but will increase the safety of drivers.

Facing Unnecessary Fleet Costs

One of the main factors affecting the success of your company is the reduction of costs.

The good thing is that it is achievable.

For example, if you have more efficient routes, improve the driving habits and have an accurate driving recording, minimizing costs will be inevitable.

Very often, companies do not realize the help they can get by implementing GPS fleet tracking technology.


As a matter of fact, delivery companies are completely unaware of the benefits that GPS tracking for delivery trucks brings.

For instance, there are chances that aggressive accelerations result in 35% more fuel consumption.

This is an example of bad driving habit which can be minimized along with speeding, idling and wear and tear.


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How To Avoid

Once you install GPS tracking for delivery trucks, you will instantly be able to generate information about the routes.

Further, drivers will not feel lost on the roads anymore since they will be able to see the map route on their screen.


Consequently, this will result in increasing driving productivity and provide more efficient routes resulting in:

  • Diminish travel time
  • Less downtime
  • Decrease in fuel usage

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a truck driver needs to develop excellent driving skills.


However, not every driver can do that. On the contrary, with the help of a GPS tracking for delivery trucks, employees are able to develop those needed safer driving habits which result in the following:

  • Decrease accident chances
  • Vehicle wear and tear reduce
  • Minimizing Maintenance costs
  • Improve vehicle lifespan

Idling Costs You More Than You Think

Whether the idling is done to warm up or cool down a vehicle, idling is a factor that needs to be overlooked.



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