8 Tips To Find The Best Trucker’s Friend On The Road

  • Mailing and parcel services;
  • Laundry services– In the past decades the truck stops have been upgraded with laundry rooms. The laundry services are one of the most needed amenities for truck drivers, because having clean clothes is number one priority.;
  • Wireless internet– Having the access to high speed internet is very important for truck drivers. When truck drivers are on a long trip they do not have enough time and means to keep in touch with their relatives and loved ones, therefore the high speed internet can help them do that. ;
  • Restaurants– Most truck drivers do admit that they are not consuming enough healthy food, and that is due to the lack of time that they have. Still, truck drivers nowadays are really lucky because on the truck stops where they stop to do refueling, they can find restaurants that are serving good quality food;
  • Truck services– When truck drivers are on the road for a long time, they can get in the situation when there is need of small or big truck repairs. Thereupon, if those truck damages are not fixed on time it can result into a huge downtime, and straight proportionally to that the loads won’t be delivered in a time-efficient manner.

6. Trucker Mobile Apps

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Technology is constantly advancing, and that brings numerous benefits for everyone, especially for truck drivers that are on the road all the time. Thereupon, there have been designed a lot of trucker’s friend-trucker mobile apps that can keep them in contact with their loved ones, as well as with brokers, carriers,other truck drivers, and the home base.

Still dependently on their needs truck drivers shall choose the best trucker mobile app that will serve him and make his life on the road better and easier. The trucking industry has taken a full advantage of the available resources, all the technology gadgets that truck drivers are using has made their life easier than ever.

Trucker mobile apps represent the best trucker friend on the road. These apps help truck drivers to save time here and there.


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One of the best trucker mobile apps that can be found nowadays are:

  • myPilot – This mobile application is providing to truck drivers all the useful information that they need when they are on the road, starting from fast fueling up to mobile wallet, as well as shower reservations.
  • Loves– This trucker mobile app is featuring a route planner and the nearest restaurants, it is of a great use for truck drivers;
  • Trucker Path Is one of the most popular mobile apps that truck drivers are using nowadays, this mobile app allows the truck driver to find the nearest parking, fuel stations, as well as truck washes;

7. Trucker Maps

Trucker maps and routing software’s are making truck driver’s life safer, more economical, and easier. Trucker maps are using the most versatile, as well as the most user friendly GPS systems that are available nowadays, and that makes these apps to be one of the best trucker’s friend.

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Furthermore, the developers of the trucker maps are incorporating global positioning solutions that they are including into the mobile devices.

So the cutting edge technology is allowing truck drivers to do a research about:

  • Real time parking availability;
  • Weight Stations;
  • Branded and independent truck stops;
  • Search for the cheapest diesel fuel;
  • Walmart locations;
  • Rest areas;

Thereupon, one of the best trucker maps/ routing software’s designed for truck drivers are:

  • Truck Router– This truck router is designed to provide truck drivers with the needed information about specific truck routes, truck stops, toll costs, as well as vehicle dimensions;
  • Paragon Routing– Is providing multi-drop routing for truck drivers. This software has included international maps altogether with a configurable KPI reporting;
  • Routing Box– Is a cloud-based routing software. This software is designed to reduce the transportation process;

8. Trucker Restaurant Guide

Truck drivers in general are not eating healthy meals on a constant basis, and most of the time it affects on their health, as well as on their weight.


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Since they are getting different routes all the time, and very frequently get to drive to unknown locations for them, straight proportionally they have the need of trucker’s friend, that is to say a trucker restaurant guide.

Hence, trucker restaurant guides are of a great help for them especially when they are in some places for the very first time. App developers have developed numerous truck restaurant guide applications, and not only that- they have developed apps that show the nutritional information.


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For example one of the most used restaurant finders that are being used by truck drivers are:

Moreover, most of the truck drivers in USA prefer to eat fast food . The main reason why truck drivers eat fast food is because they do not have enough time to go to restaurants and to wait 30 minutes for a single lunch, because if they do so they will loose a lot of time, and their loads wont get on time to the desired destination.

Around 60% of truck drivers have stated that almost all meals that they are consuming while spending weeks on the highways are based on fast food.


To enumerate, truck drivers presently have wider choice of trucker’s friend on the road in comparison to a decade ago. Each truck driver has its own priorities and needs on the road, and dependently on those priorities and needs he can choose the best fit of a trucker friend.

I hope that this article would help you find the perfect trucker’s friend that will save you on the highways, and that will make your life easier.



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