Automotive Repair Shops: The Best Ways to Attract Businesses to One

The competition in the auto repair world is huge. It leads automotive repair shops to pose the following question: “Which the best ways to attract businesses and clients are?”.

Thereupon, since there is a lot of competition, auto repair shops should start with a targeted strategy. With the right targeted strategy and with a bit of luck you are going to attract large businesses and make them into loyal customers.

Moreover, the automotive repair shops should try to differentiate from the competition, and once they do so should allow raving customers to help spread the word.

Remember that regardless of what type of strategy you are going to choose, it will be definitely worth taking the time, budgeting and effort.

So, let’s find out more tips and tricks how automotive repair shops can attract loyal customers.

Evaluate Your Market

Each business that wants to improve its work should first evaluate the market.

The same goes to automotive repair shops too.

First and foremost automotive repair shops should determine what they want out of their customer.

Yet, once you determine so, you will have to identify your shop’s weak spots.


By identifying these spots you will have to brainstorm what kind of customers could help you overcome them.

For example, if you want to attract new customer that will help you propel your automotive repair shop, then you will have to invest in marketing strategies.

All in all, the evaluation of your market will definitely help your way in attracting customers that will need high-dollar repairs.


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What trends can you observe about your market?

Each market has its own pros and cons, as well as trends.

So the next step that you can take for improving your automotive repair shops is to take time to observe the trends about your market.

In addition, if you are living and working in the same region for a longer period of time- then the observation process will go smoothly for you.


Nonetheless, the aim of this observation is to ensure that the demographic is substantial enough to sustain and moreover to improve your business. Yet, you will have to go bit deeper into what is just a simple trend observation.

A good starting point are the reports that are identifying new prominent businesses coming into town. As we can see so far, in order to attract new businesses to automotive repair shops you will have to use few tips and trick, such as is the observation one. In addition, you can always utilize the research that is being provided by your local community.

Certified Female Friendly

You certainly know by now that women have different standards for spending money than men. Therefore, it is recommendable that automotive repair shops become certified female friendly.

Additionally, women tend to be adverse to the male-dominated industries such as is the auto repair.

It might come due to many reasons and factors. Nonetheless, many women also might feel like they have been taken the advantage of one point or another.


Hence, what does becoming certified female friendly means for automotive repair shops?

Well, becoming a certified female friendly automotive repair shop means the following:

  • Providing lifelong customer potential- lifelong customers do return due to the quality service that they have received.
  • Automotive education access- female often want to expand their knowledge on vehicle care, and they want to have the opportunity to do so.
  • Comfortable environment- a clean waiting area with magazines is more than needed for your customers, especially for your female customers.
  • Trusted auto service- your technicians should show the customers the problem and to provide the needed service only with your permission to do so.

Simply said, the technicians and automotive repair shops owners should understand what makes women uncomfortable in the process.

Insurance Agency Alliances

Insurance agencies are the actual natural power partners for automotive repair shops.

In other words what I’m trying to say is that there are two ways in which automotive repair shops can create alliances.

To begin with the corporate red tape to become a preferred shop for the insurance brand in your area.


Moreover, the partnership between the automotive repair shops and the insurance companies means that when insurance claims do go through- your automotive repair shop will become a part of a list for clients to get repairs at.

This is one of the most amazing ways how automotive repair shops can attract businesses and turn them into loyal customers. What you will have to do is to provide a great service so that you ensure they will come back when in need for repairs.

Join Networking Groups

Networking groups are yet one more way for automotive repair shops to attract businesses and customers at their place.

Generally speaking, when it comes to networking groups, it is good for new members to know that it can take a while to flow with referrals. It is the best to get out there and let people know what you do and where you are.


In addition, you can take the chance to:

  • Join chambers of commerce;
  • Lead-generation groups;
  • Business masterminds;
  • Anything else that can get you in front of people;

Nevertheless, you have to be constantly on the move and meeting people. You can even offer an introductory discount only for members of the group. It is a great strategy after all.

Ask for Reviews

We all know the power of reviews, and moreover how reviews can determine the success of your automotive repair shops.

Hence, the referral is always a great resource for new businesses.


Moreover, you can always ask your clients to leave a positive review on social media platform.

So, if you provide a great service to your clients, then believe me that they will be more than happy to share the experience.



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