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Discover What is Better – Buying or Leasing a Truck?

It can take at least 3 months to buy a new truck and up to 12 months to buy a new trailer, a demonstration of the current growth and expansion of the trucking industry.

The high number of business people entering this industry has led to an average decrease in prices. Average prices of carrying loads per mile are down and the profit margins are at a historic low. Despite there being fewer barriers to enter the trucking business, it has become increasingly difficult to stay in the trucking business.

This book aims to help those who are entering the trucking business sustain their businesses. It also seeks to help those who are current business owners learn new ideas and solutions to expand their businesses to new horizons.

In these challenging economic times, it is more important than ever to maximize your current resources. At the completion of this book, the reader will have know how to achieve the ultimate goal of being a leader in the trucking business.

Get New Trucks No Matter is it Finance or Lease

Reliable trucks are a vital part of any trucking company. I have had experiences in operating a fleet of 100 Class A trucks and in managing a fleet of 15 trucks. I have also utilized used trucks in order to increase my overall number trucks in hopes that it would lead to greater profit.



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