Best Fuel Cap for Your Truck

Learn How to Choose Best Fuel Cap for Your Truck

Fuel, or more correctly quality and consumption, is one of the many considerations we must keep our attention on. But there is something just as important as the fuel you use and where you purchase it, and even the upkeep and cleanliness of the tank.

The fuel cap itself! – Yes, it is one of the key components in maintaining proper compliance and fuel efficiency, but rarely ever thought about.

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Ever since the first combustion engine was invented it has required fuel and a tank to hold it. Fuel caps, or gas caps as they often referred as, were once simply a plug. Its purpose was to keep the rain and dirt out (no one wants watery gas, and dirt can clog fuel lines and filters).

The vehicle was around a long time before they really started to look at the cap. Actually, it wasn’t until the 1970’s that this started to change. Originally they were metal caps, while some had ventilation holes to help equalize the pressure, as the fuel was being drawn from the tank.

All that changed for two reasons. Some have debated the significance and politics behind the reasons but most won’t argue the benefit. So, what were the two factors?



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