Detailed IFTA Application: How To Fill One

Preparing as well as filling an IFTA application is one of the most demanding requirements a commercial carrier might face.

In particular, this refers mostly to those companies that use paper logs.

The IFTA application requires careful filling and calculation of the traveled miles in jurisdictions.

What is IFTA?

Vehicles that are registered under the IFTA application are identifying decals that are issued by their home jurisdiction.

Generally speaking, IFTA is a multijurisdictional fuel tax agreement. It simplifies fuel tax reporting to help the motor carriers.

Furthermore, IFTA is a single system used for administering and collecting taxes for fuel consumption from the carriers.

Thus, motor carriers register the base jurisdiction with IFTA application. They receive credentials for it and allows them to travel through other jurisdictions.


The carriers can file a single quarterly return with a single payment to their base jurisdiction. In this way, they have their travel covered in other member jurisdictions.



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