DOT Inspection is done

DOT Inspection- 10 Things DOT Officers Look For

Class 8 trucks that have a weight rating of more than 10.001 pounds are required to undergo inspection every year. These inspections are regulated and conducted by the Department of Transportation-DOT.

The aim of the DOT inspection is to make sure that the truck, all truck parts of the commercial motor vehicle are in the best working condition. The DOT requires inspection of the truck driver as well.

In general there are six levels of the DOT inspection.

Thereupon, the truck drivers who are performing pre-trip inspections on a regular basis and are using electronic logging devices are the ones that tend to do very well on DOT inspections.

Mainly it is so, because the electronic logging devices are making inspections safer, faster and more efficient, both for the truck driver and for the DOT inspector.

In addition, electronic logging devices are eliminating the form and manner violations- featuring missing dates, locations, total miles and the HOS violations.

Henceforth, truck drivers by following all the rules and regulations can drastically reduce the violations that they can potentially receive.



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