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Owner-Operator Truck Driver Career Guide To Profit and Success

Becoming an owner-operator truck driver requires a unique spirit of independence and self-awareness.

Since owner-operators are the individuals who own and operate their own trucking businesses, straight proportionally it indicates that an owner-operator truck driver should as well have a self-reliance in order to pave his own way.

Nowadays, we can witness that there are more and more company truckers who are changing drastically their careers into becoming owner-operator truck driver. The Department of Transportation DOT has noted that there are approximately 350.000 owner operators registered in the USA.

Moreover, owner-operators are the creators of their own success.

In general, owner-operators are fiercely creative and independent individuals, they always choose to take the road less traveled. Straight proportionally you might think that they won’t ever have the need of an owner-operator truck driver career guide to profit and success, but in reality it is not quite like that.

Remember: Truck drivers who can make a good match with a wide variety of people at various stages are the ones who will experience success and make profit as owner-operator truck drivers.

These days there are more and more owner-operators looking for advices on how to keep their careers glowing.

So, let’s take a look at what this Owner-operator truck driver career guide to profit and success has to offer to new and already experienced owner-operators!

Owner-Operator Truck Driver: Finding Success

What most owner-operators who achieve success professionally and financially have in common?

Well, first of all, these individuals, unlike the other truck drivers, are approaching their trucking careers with an entrepreneurial attitude. An attitude which is much similar to the one business owners of small trucking companies.

Source: www.overbyetransport.com

Owner-operators who have found success so far, have managed to maintain their business profitable regardless of the fact that the US trucking economy is experiencing an economic downturn and rising fuel costs.

In addition to finding success as an owner-operator truck driver, I would suggest you as well “partnering with a dedicated carrier”. This choice can lessen the burden of losing time to seek loads, brokers as well as establishing further relationships.

Source: www.americandriverjobs.com

On the other hand, if you are an owner-operator who has established his business by leasing on with an already established trucking company, you will be in the situation to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to fuel purchasing and discount programs;
  • Access to freight on a consistent basis;
  • Fleet rates on insurance;
  • Paid tolls;

Change Your Mindset And Create Good Habits

You must have heard this statement so many times. But, after all it works. Many successful owner-operators by changing their mindset and by creating good habits have managed to achieve success.

Source: www.latruckdriving.com

First and foremost, owner-operators are making their very first mistake towards their independent career while they make the transition from being a company driver to an owner-operator truck driver. Most often they fail to run their truck like a business.

But, why is that so?

In general, it is so because truck drivers who were working long period of time as company truck drivers every now and then can be caught in the company driver mindset.

By thinking that as long as they drive the miles everything will be alright, many owner-operators are making fatal mistakes.

Source: www.cdljobnow.com

So, what does it mean to change your mindset and to start working as a business owner?

Well, I would start from the fact that the owner-operator truck driver should have the abilities to recognize the challenges that one might encounter and to always have a plan in place that can save his trucking business from any unwanted situation.


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Here are few of the obstacles that every owner-operator truck driver should make a plan for:

  • Save and track every expense;
  • Send in quarterly estimated tax payments;
  • Plan ahead potential events such as weather, breakdown and tires;

Remember: Without a plan how to save your trucking business from unwanted situations you can only set yourself to fail.

Work Out A Plan

What is the best way for working out a plan for owner-operator business?

Never stress out.

Yes, I know that at the very beginning everything will seem to be stressful and new to you, but in order not to stress out, you as an owner-operator truck driver aiming for success should have a plan in place. Moreover, you should stick to it.

Source: www.eblog.mercedes-benz-passion.com

Remember that being new in the trucking industry as an owner-operator truck driver doesn’t mean that you can’t still be flexible and easily adaptable to changes and new situations. Keep a plan that will serve you as a roadmap to achieving your goals.

If you get in touch with a successful owner-operator truck driver, you will see that having a business plan is the same as having a constant reminder. A reminder that will keep you focused and motivated about your business as a successful owner-operator truck driver.

Source: www.class8finance.com

After all, you should be ready to face the fact that you are the one that will pay for everything that goes along with the truck that you are operating with.

Simply owner-operators should be aware that leading such business comes with a great responsibility. That is why you will have to take your time and to compose both short and long-term plans.

Moreover, you should remember to keep it clear about how much finances you will need to make each month for the next few months.

Develop Better Fueling Strategy

Developing a good fueling strategy will definitely result in a successful owner-operator business.

It is so because by developing a better fueling strategy owner-operators will improve their short runs as well as regional runs. Simply said, owner-operators should manage the fueling in order to maximize their profit.

Source: www.fuelandfriction.com

For example, owner-operator truck drivers can calculate the fuel costs per load. If they choose to develop a better fueling strategy by calculating the fuel cost per load then they will have to fill up their ranks with just a few more gallons above the miles that are required to cover the trip that they are going to perform.



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