Dry Bulk Trucking 10 Key points you MUST Know

Following the rules and regulations that are issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA for dry bulk carriers, can lead to a better safety. In fact, better safety can be considered as dry bulk trucking key point number one.

Source: www.apps.superior-carriers.com
Source: www.apps.superior-carriers.com

If we take a closer look at the rules and regulations that apply to dry bulk trucking, we can see that there are not that strict rules like there are for hazmat material transportation, but still, each truck driver that is part of dry bulk trucking must follow them.

The range of goods that dry bulk trucking companies are transporting varies a lot. In that point of view, each type of good requires a different amount of safety measures. In general, dry bulk trucks are performing transportation of raw materials/products.

Source: www.commons.wikimedia.org
Source: www.commons.wikimedia.org

Moreover, the most common dry bulk freight includes:

  • Cement;
  • Coarse materials;
  • Sand;
  • Food;

As I mentioned, the best trucking companies achieve better safety rating by following the rules and regulations,  Still, I must not forget to mention the hygiene of the trailer, especially of the ones that are transporting food. That is to say, if a truck driver pays attention to wash the trailer properly, straight proportionally he will contribute to a safer dry bulk trucking.



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