Female Truck Driver – Trucking Career Challenges and Importance


There are cases that have poor training programs in order to prepare candidates in qualified truck drivers. There is a certain number of a female truck driver which faced several issues with a male trainer:

  • Unprofessional training program
  • Unethical behavior
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination

Each three of five women come across certain difficulties when it comes to training. Facing these unacceptable behaviors, a female truck driver needs to be trained by a male trainer. However, there are negative thoughts about same-sex training programs by some judges.

Even with this in question, a female truck driver is protected by the Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA). Therefore, due to this reason and despite the judgments, female trainees should be trained by other female trainers.

Thus, they will avoid all the harassment and will be given proper training, otherwise, their wish to come to a truck driver is in vain. This is crucial because there are females who are afraid to report unethical behavior and those that are, may be blackmailed.

2. Female Truck Driver Health Problems

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), states that many truck drivers do not take care of their health. Not only male but every female truck driver as well does not pay much of attention to it. They are not cautious, and honestly, they hardly get the chance to pay attention to health.



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