Female Truck Driver – Trucking Career Challenges and Importance


Did you know that there are female truck driver opportunities as well? The number of women having a career as a female truck driver increased since 2013. Additionally, when a woman enters this so-called “man’s world”, they are considered as incapable of doing this job.


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On the contrary, what these types of people are missing is that they are unaware of what women are capable of doing. Not to mention that women are only considered as suitable to be hired as a dispatcher.

Identically, there are situations where a female truck driver applies for a trucker and the interviewer is convincing her this job is not for her. Well, not in this world, not anymore.

Although some people’s assumptions were that truck driving may die as an occupation in the following years, on the contrary, it continues to rise. Additionally, it spread so quickly among women, like a virus. Every month women are choosing the female truck driver profession.

You may think that truck driving is a man’s world only but women are ruling it. They may even be better than men drivers. A female truck driver can be any woman who is smart, organized and knows how to handle a tough situation.

I can’t help but wonder, why a female truck driver is important in a trucking company?

Even though trucking is considered as a man’s world, woman’s power prevails everything. And just when you thought that there is a profession left only to men without a woman in it, feminism strikes again.

The importance of a female truck driving in every company is of a significant importance and there are reasons for that. Women respect the administrative law more, they care about safety and they care about their trucking company.

Furthermore, they are more aware of transporting the goods carefully. If a man can do this in their life, a woman can do the truck driving as a lifestyle. A female truck driver can hit the endless roads as a lifestyle.

1. Female Truck Driver Training Issues

Trucking is a risky profession and dangerous for every truck driver, especially for a female truck driver. Any women who are courageous enough to be in this business has fear of something. When it comes to training programs, women face an issue where men’s behavior is unacceptable.


There are cases that have poor training programs in order to prepare candidates in qualified truck drivers. There is a certain number of a female truck driver which faced several issues with a male trainer:

  • Unprofessional training program
  • Unethical behavior
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination

Each three of five women come across certain difficulties when it comes to training. Facing these unacceptable behaviors, a female truck driver needs to be trained by a male trainer. However, there are negative thoughts about same-sex training programs by some judges.

Even with this in question, a female truck driver is protected by the Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA). Therefore, due to this reason and despite the judgments, female trainees should be trained by other female trainers.

Thus, they will avoid all the harassment and will be given proper training, otherwise, their wish to come to a truck driver is in vain. This is crucial because there are females who are afraid to report unethical behavior and those that are, may be blackmailed.

2. Female Truck Driver Health Problems

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), states that many truck drivers do not take care of their health. Not only male but every female truck driver as well does not pay much of attention to it. They are not cautious, and honestly, they hardly get the chance to pay attention to health.

However, the tenacity is key when it comes to accomplishments. Furthermore, it is the same with truck drivers. For instance, whenever a female truck driver sees a truck stop amenity, it should get the chance to make a stop.


There are women who are prone to leaving this job with health consequences:

  • Back pain
  • Migraine
  • Hypertension
  • Sinus problems

These symptoms are as a result of the poor places for health care or insurance coverage. Consequently, this leads to ignored symptoms and self-medication which leads to health problems.

3. Female Truck Driver Faces “Women Problems” on The Road

According to Department of Labor (DOL), a female truck driver faces more health problems than a male truck driver. Moreover, they face women problems. Hence, woman’s anatomy is more complex than the man is. For example, there are women in this industry who are in their 50’s and those who are in their 20’s. Believe it or not, that is how it is. There are two types of problems a female truck driver faces while being on the road:

  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Menstrual cycles
  • Menopause

First, according to the U.S Department of Transportation, the economy or the life of other depends on a truck driver’s delivery. If she happens to have one of these health problems the transport of materials may be delayed. Thus, she can cause problems to her trucking company and herself as well.

Having to deal with menstrual cycles is hard. There are women which have more painful menstrual cycles than others. They may be preceded by headaches, stomach aches, and kidney pain. Furthermore, what is even scarier, an intolerable pain may lead to unconsciousness. These symptoms are only present on the first day but there is a way to keep yourself from unwanted situations.

Therefore, the most acceptable thing to do is to avoid strong pain killers. Furthermore, it must be remembered that strong pain-killers may lead to falling asleep. Thereupon, if you are in this cycle of life, it is better for you to take a rest at a truck stop than continue driving with your life at risk.

4. Truck Mechanics and Repair

If you thought women cannot do a man’s job you were most certainly wrong. Nowadays, every woman can do a job meant for males. Is it the same with men? Women have used their superpowers again!

Knowing mechanics is also considered as a man’s job. However, women are smart enough and eager to learn anything they want. More importantly, a female truck driver may learn it and do it better than a man, even when it comes to repairing.


Every woman involved in this particular profession should know mechanics for her safety and for the sake of the truck as well. For instance, over the road (OTR) drivers should be prepared for anything and do everything on the road, connected with trucking.

Every female truck driver should be trained to repair mechanics. They need to take every opportunity they have in order to learn everything they possibly can. Truck mechanic and repair is not only found interesting because it is new for them but they really find it challenging as well. Believe it or not, a woman on the road knows even how to handle truck tire repair.


5. Female Truck Driver Safety

According to SAFER, the safety should be number one for every truck driver. Drivers can face danger on the road, there are always unexpected situations even if you think you have got everything under control. Being on the road is tough for every trucker whether it is a CDL driver or a long haul one.

Now imagine, how is it for a female truck driver. It must be even more hazardous. They have to handle accident situations or repair situations which might happen in the middle of nowhere. Their lifestyle is being on the most dangerous roads.


As shown above, they can be a subject to sexual harassment, which happens in training sessions. On the other hand, this may happen when people made a stop to a place to sleep at night.

There are truck stops which are not much safe, not even for a male truck driver. You need to be aware of danger whether you are driving at night or you are at a particular truck stop. You are a woman after all, and women are usually considered as subjects.


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However, a female truck driver is strong. She needs to be prepared for every situation she will supposedly come across to. In order to escape all the drama and the moment of danger, there is a fuel optimizer which you and your trucking company can use. The app is your messiah.

Furthermore, having this app shows you the whole driving terminal. The places between the route are showed which is also beneficial for your safety. Another beautiful thing is that the dispatcher can send you SMS to inform you if you about the stop if you did not see it.

6. Finding Truck Stop Amenities

Finding a suitable truck stop can sometimes be hard. Sometimes, if you are not familiar with truck stop amenities in your route can be exhausting. Additionally, you are impatient and wonder if you will see the next stop to take a rest or eat something.

In addition, there are truck stops which are not much safe, not even for a male truck driver. You need to be aware of danger whether you are driving at night or you are at a particular truck stop. You are a woman after all, and women are usually considered as subjects.


As shown above, the fuel optimizer is beneficial for few other things. Once you have this app, you are able to see every single truck stop amenity on your terminal. Furthermore, the application includes all of the information a trucker needs and is important for him.

For instance,

  • You can see the whole route, the starting point, and the destination
  • A truck driver gets to choose between fastest and shortest route
  • The driver is able to select a retail chain
  • You can choose to avoid certainly given options
  • A trucker can discover all of the amenities types (which is beneficial for your needs)
  • The driver can see information about the cost of the fuel at the truck stop

This is highly beneficial for every truck driver to have, not only a female truck driver. Apart from being beneficial for your safety, the optimizer saves time and money as well. Being able to eye catch one of the best truck stop amenities is one of the most beneficial tools.

7. Team Truck Driving

Driving as a team can never be dull. If you look on the positive side, you will always have a person to talk to and never be alone. More importantly, you will have a companion when you want to take a rest at truck stop amenities. And we all know how dangerous can they be.


On the other hand, if you look on the negative side, it can be exhausting for a few reasons. To emphasize, having to share a cabin together.

Furthermore, if you are a female truck driver, who hits the endless roads alone, you can always meet a trucker friend on the road. Thus, you can team up and you can try driving as a team. In fact, team driving has pros and cons but one thing that is a huge benefit is the money making. Team drivers make more money per mile.

8. Female Truck Driver, Does it Payoff?

Every human being involved in the trucking industry has the opportunity for a great salary. Since women have always been a subject of discrimination, even in the 21st century, things can be hard for them sometimes.


Moreover, trucking is considered as a man’s profession and when a woman applies for driving she is immediately thought as worse trucker than a man. Correspondingly, this sadly leads to poor salary. A female truck driver is always paid less, it is so discriminating that is becoming even frustrating in some cases. The salary may be low at the beginning but with the experience, a woman may get an

A female truck driver is always paid less, it is so discriminating that is becoming even frustrating in some cases. The salary may be low at the beginning but with the experience, a woman may get an above average salary.

However, a female truck driver has the chance to earn even more than male truck drivers. This is mostly because women are more cautious on the road, they respect the driving laws and the safety road regulations. And being on track with safety regulations is beneficial for you and your company as well.

9. Being Away from Family

Being away from family is every female truck driver emotional problem number one. Even though is hard for a male truck driver, it is harder for a woman to leave home. To emphasize, men are considered tougher than females. They have more control of their feelings and statistically possess more emotional intelligence.


With this in mind, every mom is not emotionally prepared to leave her family and hit the road. Although sensitive, every female truck driver should be tough enough to handle this situation like a pro. To continue, the impact can be devastating.

Every female truck driver faces numerous arguments on the phone on a truck stop. To illustrate, maybe the kids are in question, or the husband, however, you need patience to be involved in the trucking business. More importantly, there should be a balance between highway and home.


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They become estranged from their kids as well as from their spouses. They put their relationships at risk in order to enable a good living for their families. Some females start doubting their husband’s commitment, while some are losing their feelings or are becoming depressed. To sum it up, it is a tricky profession that can cause mixed up feelings and more significantly, make or break a relationship with spouses.

To sum it up, it is a tricky profession that can cause mixed up feelings and more significantly, make or break a relationship with spouses.

10. Coping with the Hours of Service Regulations

According to NHTSA, coping with regulations is what every truck driver should do. For instance, just as they respect the administrative law, they need to respect the hours of service as well.

Even though women are considered as more responsible than men, this profession is a whole new world to them. For some is just as hard as at the beginning of their driving career while some as they are starting to get better can crush.

Source: www.thebalance.com

In every ten women, there are three that hardly cope with the hours of service. On the other hand, there are those that find it difficult with the shipping companies and services.

Challenges Make a Female Truck Driver Better Than a Male

To sum it up, a female truck driver may face with dozens of challenges on the road but they are still a better driver than males. Although there are truck driver awards, women should be awarded separately, they deserve it after all. Further, there are few reasons to prove that:

  • Women are more cautious on the road
  • Each woman respects the driving laws
  • Female truck driver wears seatbelt
  • She uses turn signals
  • Females respect the stop signs
  • They respect the speed limit
  • Female truck drivers cope with the safety regulations

Are they really better than male truck drivers besides the challenges they face every day?


As a conclusion, although considered as fragile, women truly run the world. We are superwomen after all and we can do anything and we can learn everything. A truck is a machine that can be understood how to operate with, it is not that hard.

I think is harder to look at over a newborn baby and trying to understand how someone thinks and cope with their emotions. In comparison, every strong female truck driver has proved that truck driving is a piece of cake.

Although there is a truck appreciation week for every truck driver, in particular, I think a female truck driver should be especially honored. Maybe men are our heroes, but females are out heroines on the road.

I wonder: Should there be more female truck drivers or not?






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