Free CDL Training – 10 Secrets You MUST Know Before Jump Into

free cdl training company contract

Continually, you will be made to sign a contract of 15 or 18 cents per mile when you can get it for 32 to 45 cents per mile.

These guys at the trucking companies are offering you a hand to help you with it. This is why all of the trucking companies are making employment contracts after the training is done.

The fact is, you need to keep in mind that not all companies will really offer you the paid CDL training.

Therefore, choose wisely.

5. If You Sign a Contract Make Sure That it is With a Larger Company

Once you learn about the fact that you can get free CDL training, it really can seem like the perfect option.

This is most beneficial to do before starting a truck driving career.

Additionally, there are people who actually cannot afford the CDL training. In particular, this is their best chance to learn.

free cdl training contract

The contracts exist in order to “tie” you to the trucking company where you get your free CDL training.

In particular, the contracts vary from 1 to 5 years.

By signing the contract, you are signing to work for that particular trucking company.

Normally, this seems like a great idea.

First of all, you get CDL training.

Second, you get a job.

However, what happens if you end up hating the job?

free cdl training reliable companies

Due to this matter, you need to know what to expect from that company.

Therefore, this is the main reason why it would be best if you sign a contract with a larger company.

This is due to the fact that it would be best for you to avoid being stuck at a smaller company which might possibly lead to unsafe training.

To emphasize, it is not that small trucking companies are bad but the larger ones seem to have more experienced driving trainers.

6. Investigate and Read Everything In Your Contract

The rule of signing a contract is to read everything well before writing your signature on the downside of the document.

On the subject of this, it is the same with the free CDL training.

free cdl training information

Furthermore, you need to be informed well about the matter before you consider signing the document.

The point is to never sign anything before you read it.

This is especially important for the CDL training.

free cdl training documents

To put it differently, there are different contracts made by the trucking companies.

In other words, the owners are obligating the CDL candidates to respect the contracts and work for them for a specific number of years.

Therefore, it is important for you to understand everything written in the contract, including the pros and cons of singing it.

free cdl training exam

Further, the contract also includes terms for passing the CDL exam.

More importantly, you need to be familiar with the fact what will happen if you fail the test.

Failing the test could mean paying back some companies. On the other hand, others may require something else in their contracts etc.

7. Do You Like The Type of Freight They Haul?

As you may already know, every trucking company has different types of freight that haul.

Generally speaking, every candidate before becoming a truck driver chooses its profession.

In addition, it chooses what type of freight he or she, wants to haul.

free cdl training type of freight haul

Whether it will be dry van trucking, or hazmat transportation, OTR trucking, local or delivery driver job, everyone has the right to choose.

However, sometimes after you choose to get a free CDL training, you could get a little cramped.

To explain, you might not be allowed to haul the type of cargo that you hoped you eventually will.

free cdl training cargo

At the end of the day, it does not matter what you haul but how you haul.

But if it matters to you that much, you could still choose a trucking company according to your needs.

Generally speaking, you could choose intermodal trucking companies or warehousing companies, etc.

8. Low Per-mile Rates Are Common After Free CDL Training

If you compare two types of trucking companies you will discover three types of them.

First, there are those that have a high ratio of instructors and notably, students.


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Second, there are those which are careless of the fact how capable and proficient their trainers are.

The third type of trucking companies offering free CDL training are those which include low per-mile rate.

free cdl training rates

The point of being careful with which company you will sign a contract is due to the low per-mile rates.

Further, you need to save yourself from trucking companies which offer you free training and in the end, they get you stuck with low rates.

Remember, always provide a careful and detailed reading of the contract!

9. You May Face Commitment For a Predetermined Time Frame

After you are finished with your free CDL training, you get your class A CDL license.

Finally, your work has paid off but you are still in doubt whether you want to work for the company.

The thing is, after you sign a contract with a particular trucking company, you are ought to work for that company.

free cdl training time frame

Looking on the positive side, it is not permanent and you have enough period of time to find a new job if unsatisfied.

This is made because the company where you applied for free CDL training is volunteering in order to pay for it.

To continue with, having you as a new truck driver is your payment to them.

free cdl training classes period

Particularly, these things happen all the time in all of the trucking companies which offer training or upgrading of a candidate.

The thing is, you are kind of obliged to respect the contract you are signing.



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