HAZMAT Practice Test For all 50 States – 2017 Update

  1. Hazardous materials transportation, communication rules, and the Intent of the regulations;
  2. The loading and unloading process of hazardous materials, altogether with communication rules;
  3. The final section is featuring the loading and unloading of hazardous materials, driving and parking rules, emergency situations, as well as the bulk packaging marking;

2. Trucking Truth Hazmat CDL Practice Tests

Moreover, Trucking Truth is featuring 14 tests, which in summary are 140 free questions for hazardous materials. When you get to open a test from Trucking Truth you will see that the questions will appear one at a time.


Unlike the previous website that is also featuring HAZMAT practice test, Trucking Truth is giving you available the option to look up the wrong answers, more precisely there is an option to see the correct answers to the questions that you have answered wrong.


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Which is a great feature- it helps truckers to learn the question on an easier way.

Also, on this website you have available the Commercial Driver License Manual; that means that you can see where the question and answer come from.

3. CDL Hazmat Practice Tests from Truckers Report

Straight after Trucking Truth comes Truckers Report; this website is ranked as third on the list. The ranking is done in accordance with the quality of questions and answers that the tests are featuring.

Source: www.suggest-keywords.com
Source: www.suggest-keywords.com

Truckers Report has put efforts to bring you closer the feeling that you will get while answering the real test, by implementing a countdown clock. So the questions will come one by one, while the clock is ticking and the pressure is coming by.

The 30 question test that you will find is composed of randomly chosen question from Truckers Report database.

4. CDLTEST.co’s Free Hazmat Practice Tests

On this website, you have the chance to practice and measure your knowledge with two hazardous materials tests. The first test that is put on your disponibility comprises 34 questions, whereas the second test is composed of 45 questions. You will get the chance to answer these questions by choosing true or false.

Keep in mind that this test will not show you the correct answer. Also, one more feature that makes this hazmat practice test close to the real one is that it won’t let you go back and review your previous questions.

On the other hand, you will get the correct answers when you complete the whole test. A report will come your way. You will receive overall summary with the questions and answers.

5. Crist CDL Training Center’s Hazmat Practice Tests

Crist CDL Training Center is featuring 70 questions regarding hazardous materials; that is to say, you will find 7 separate test, each test consists of 10 questions. Unlike the previous tests, these 7 test will display you at once all the answers.

Therefore, Crist CDL Training Center has designed their tests in a way that they are more like interactive study guides.

5. Online HAZMAT Practice Test Questions

In my opinion, the best way that a truck driver can get prepared for the HAZMAT practice test is through online pre-custom tests, that have similar content as the original HAZMAT practice test.

Source: www.jetcodelivery.com
Source: www.jetcodelivery.com

Yet, online HAZMAT practice tests are mainly focused on:

  • Understanding and identifying of hazardous material packaging labels (which are most commonly placed on the container);
  • Questions about the State and Federal guidelines;
  • Also, you will get across questions that are measuring and showing the awareness of truck drivers about the security measures that he can take in order to achieve maximum security;
  • Understanding of the hazardous material shipping papers;

Therefore, while you are studying for the HAZMAT practice test try to make it easier for you by creating flash cards that are containing information from the CDL Manual. In my opinion flash cards will make the process of studying more pleasant.

As well, you can try to understand the concept of the questions that are in the HAZMAT practice test. Never ever memorize the questions, always put effort while studying to understand what lays behind the answer of that question.

6. What Topics Is HAZMAT Practice Test Covering?

As a matter of fact, HAZMAT practice test is covering all important aspects that affect hazardous materials transportation. But, you shall remember that the questions and topics that this test are going to cover depend from state to state; what is in common, is that those topics are part of the CDL manual materials.

Source: www.triagelogistics.com
Source: www.triagelogistics.com

The HAZMAT practice test, therefore, will help the truck drivers that want to change their trucking career and start transporting hazardous materials.

Moreover, the transportation of hazardous materials requires hazardous material placards; thru learning all the topics that the HAZMAT practice test is covering, the truck drivers will be partially prepared to start their new career.

In general, the HAZMAT practice test is including:

  1. Hazardous material classification;
  2. Type of placards needed for the hazardous materials;
  3. General topics for hazardous materials;

As I mentioned before, what topics is HAZMAT practice test covering depends on the rules of the state that you are operating in. That is why you should get in touch with your trucker colleagues, as well as with the authorities and learn on what you should put your focus while learning.

Source: www.transportationsystemssolutions.com
Source: www.transportationsystemssolutions.com

Yet, here are few questions that are a “must” no matter of your location:

  1. DO materials such as explosives, mass fire hazards, and toxic gasses must have placard during the transportation period?
  2. Is placard a must for materials, such as flammable solids, very insensitive explosives or combustible liquids?

7. Why Is The HAZMAT Practice Test a Great Way To Prepare For The Real Test?

HAZMAT practice test is the best way for truck drivers to get prepared for the real hazardous endorsement test. There are numerous ways how you can prepare yourself for the real test; you can use a lot of resources and materials for free.



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