10 Places to Find Ice Road Trucking Jobs

10 Places to Find Ice Road Trucking Jobs


Ice road trucking jobs, what comes to mind when you hear that?

Do you think of the reality trucking TV shows on the History Channel; extreme trucking perhaps!? Do some of the trucking movies come to mind? Is your head filled with adventurous dreams?

Or, are you like me and think about how cold it is! How about the fact you are working out in the middle of nowhere, far from anyone? Or perhaps the reality that often you are driving a multi-multi ton truck on a road that is laid out on top of a frozen lake or bay?

Well, if that thought doesn’t bother you at all, then finding ice road trucking jobs might be the right choice for you!

Source: www.alaskaphotoworld.com
Source: www.alaskaphotoworld.com

Actually there are several locations around the world that have regular ice road opened up. Some are just for industry while others are actually public.

Typically the salary for ice road trucking  is better than the usual rate and the regular truck driver salary, and will come with some good bonuses as well!



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