8 Reasons Extreme Trucking Will Change The Way You Think About Transportation


Are you one of those people who think that driving a truck and operating with loads is an easy process? Well, in this article I will present you 8 reasons, that is to say, 8 types of extreme trucking, and I do believe that by doing so I will change the way that you think about transportation.

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Later on, I’m well aware it would be logical that the people that don’t have any experience in the trucking industry, or that don’t have some friend or relative that is working in this amazing industry, to think that trucking is an easy job to do. Unfortunately, nowadays there are more and more people with that state of mind.

Thereupon, if we take all facts and figures into consideration, including the weather conditions that truck drivers are facing with, as well as the unusual loads that they are transporting, we can reaffirm truck drivers as heroes; especially the ones that are part of extreme trucking.

Moreover, we can divide extreme trucking into several categories; I will explain these extreme trucking categories furthermore, including the process of oversized transportation up to rail truck transportation. Also, for your better understanding of extreme trucking besides all the information, I will also provide you with videos.

So, let’s take a look!

1. One Of The Most Famous Extreme Trucking: Oversized Load Transportation

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the process of transporting loads should not be underestimated. I will try to give you a way clearer picture of what I’m talking about by presenting you one of the most famous extreme trucking, which includes oversized load transportation.

Moreover, oversized load transportation is really difficult to handle, actually, it represents a big and unique challenge for many truck drivers. So, if you are one of those truck drivers that enjoys getting involved in challenges on the road, and you want to add up a twist on your trip, then oversized load transportation will meet your interests.

Source: www.mammoet.com
Source: www.mammoet.com

Well, let’s get back to the point, to the first reason why extreme trucking will definitely change the way that you think about transportation. Believe me that by just hearing the term of oversized load transportation, straight away you will get curious about it.

Still, there are many different types of oversized load transportation. What makes the oversized load transportation to be part of the extreme trucking is their size and weight. Let me tell you that one of the most common oversized loads are:

  1. Pre-built mobile homes;
  2. Divisible and indivisible oversized loads;
  3. Wind propellers;
  4. Industrial equipment;

So far I do believe that you have started to make up your mind about the process of transportation. The complexity of oversized loads brings to their haulers a lot of rules and regulations that they have to adhere to. Not to forget, the trucks that are hauling oversized loads are not allowed to travel on every route; there are special routes where these trucks are allowed.

Just with a right planning, this type of extreme trucking can take place easily.

2. Trucks Can Carry Oversize Blades Of Wind Turbines

The transportation of oversized blades of wind turbines represents an extreme trucking challenge for trucking companies and truck drivers as well. Thereupon, you can find trucking companies in the USA that can perform that process of transportation.

Source: www.windfarmbop.com
Source: www.windfarmbop.com

Later on, the transportation process or better said the overall routing challenge of oversized blades of wind turbines can be minimum of 700 miles. In the USA the largest import of blades of wind turbines is registered in the US Gulf as well as in the West Coast Ports.

Actually, the trucking companies that are transporting blades of wind turbines have a specially designed trailer. Thanks to that type of specially manufactured trailers, and the right positioning (by fixing the tip on the rear pull out, not on the rear deck) truck drivers nowadays are able to perform this extreme trucking process without making any damage on the loads.

Yet, one more fact that shows the complex process of extreme trucking are the licenses that the carriers shall obtain. When speaking of the transportation of oversize blades of wind turbines I must mention that permits for this kind of loads are difficult to obtain.

3. Extreme Trucking On Extreme Roads

Truck drivers and the overall trucking industry in the USA is engaged in the transportation of loads and goods for all other industries, starting with the food industry, up to the construction industry. So, as you know now truck drivers are responsible for the transportation of the food that you have in your fridge, for the car that you have in your garage, as well as for all items that you have in your house.

Source: www.popularmechanics.com
Source: www.popularmechanics.com

But did you know that in fact, those truck drivers operate through extreme roads in order to make sure that they deliver the goods on time?

Well, even the truck drivers in the USA face extreme roads. In order to avoid unwanted accidents, every year the Department of Transportation DOT is making a list of one of the most dangerous roads that truck drivers can face.

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Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Furthermore, you can take a look at the list that they have issued:

  1. I-10 in Arizona;
  2. I-26 in South Carolina;
  3. Highway 550 in Colorado;
  4. Highway 2 in Montana;
  5. U.S. 431 in Alabama;
  6. Dalton Highway in Alaska;
  7. State Route 138 in California;
  8. I-95 in Connecticut;
  9. I-15 from Las Vegas to Los Angeles;

Extreme roads do exist, all that truck drivers shall do is to drive with caution on every road, but they will have to put extreme caution when it comes to driving on the roads that I have mentioned you previously.

4. Extreme Trucking Includes Yacht Transportation Too

Among the reasons why extreme trucking will change the way that you think about transportation is the yacht transportation. Are you familiar with the fact that yacht transportation is an extremely specializing line of business?

Yacht transportation is considered to be part of extreme trucking because it is highly dangerous method of transportation and it requires skillful truck drivers. In USA there are numerous trucking companies that are mastering this type of load transportation for more than 30 years.

In order for a trucking company to be able to perform yacht transportation it has to get the finest and most up to date air ride equipment. So, moving yachts safely, quickly and at competitive rates is possible.

5. Oversize Load Trucks Can Turn 90 Degrees

The fact that legend truckers do exist nowadays, and believe it or not they are capable of turning 90 degrees with oversize loads. Still that skill did not came to them over night. Truck drivers that are transporting oversize loads go through a lot of training until they get to master all maneuvers perfectly.

What makes this process difficult besides the oversized load, is the fact that the truck has a hinge which is connecting the tractor and the trailer. There are many trucks that get stuck on turn because the truck driver wasn’t careful enough, or it might be because he hasn’t gone through some training that he had to.

On the video that I have provided in this sub-heading you can see how a truck driver handless successfully to turn 90 degrees with an oversized load truck.

6. Extreme Ice Road Trucking

When speaking of extreme trucking I must not forget to mention the ice road trucking, which differs in a great measure from the other types of trucking. The Ice road trucking includes operating in dangerous conditions, which conditions put the ice road truck drivers in risky position. Ice road truckers are more than just heroes!

Source: www.tuffwerx.com
Source: www.tuffwerx.com

In general, ice road trucking is seasonal, it can be performed for two or three months in the year. Although ice road trucks are being maintained on a daily basis by maintenance crews, they still pose danger to truck drivers that are operating on those roads.

We can see how extreme ice road trucking is just by seeing the fact that it has more than 70% turnover of truck drivers. Not all truck drivers can handle the duties of Ice road truckers. In order for a truck driver to become an ice road truck driver he shall have a lot of experience on the road, he shall have special skills, as well as adequate endorsements besides the regular CDL drivers license.

The extreme ice road trucking is placing truck drivers on the road in extreme weather conditions (-50 to -60F degrees). Therefore, the cold temperatures every now and then do affect the work of the truck, that is to say they become subject of failure. Ice road truck drivers must go through tough qualifications. In addition to that ice road truck drivers must obtain seasonal or permanent work permit, so that they can be eligible.

7. Mining Dump Trucks

If are thinking that the regular Class 8 Trucks are actually the biggest trucks that are manufactured so far, then you shall take a look at the mining dump trucks. Mining dump trucks are the biggest trucks in the world.

These dump trucks are in fact rigid dump trucks that have been manufactured for off-the-road duties. In general, the mining dump trucks have been engineered only for the mining industry, as well as for other heavy duty environments, such as is the construction.

Source: www.pinterest.com
Source: www.pinterest.com

Thereupon, no matter who the manufacturer of mining dump trucks might be, you shall know that these trucks have a two-axle design, and vary from 40 to 100 tons.

Speaking of this type of extreme trucking, I would like to set aside the Caterpillar 797F. This truck is one of the best manufactured so far, it has an operational weight of 687,5t. If you’ve been wondering about its max speed, it is 68mph.

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Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

When I say that it is one of the best mining trucks so far, I reffer to the design, and functionality. It is so because it’s design helps in a way that it can transport a large amount of mining material.

8. Extreme Trucking In The Form Of Road Trains

Although road trains are not typical for USA highways, still I would like to mention them as a type of extreme trucking. This type of trucking includes a specially designed tractor altogether with several trailers.

Source: www.pinterest.com
Source: www.pinterest.com

I believe that you will have a better understanding of the road trains if I put them in several categories which include:

  1. Double Road Train– it consists of a tractor, semi-trailer, altogether with a five-axle dog trailer;
  2. AB-Triple Road Train– this type of road train consists as well from a tractor, a semi-trailer, a converter dolly, and B double;
  3. BAB- Quad Road Train– the BAB has two B-double trailers;

Do you understand the complexity of road trains now?

This type of extreme trucking is most common for Australia and Canada, whereas most states in the USA have restriction to two or three trailers maximum.

I would like to add up one more fact about road trains: the largest road train is part of Mack Trucks production, it consists of 112 semi trailers.


To sum it up, extreme trucking is all about driving through extreme roads, extreme weather conditions, as well as transporting extremely heavy and big loads. As you could read in this article becoming extreme truck driver requires special skills, which a truck driver can get only through undergoing various training, as well as by obtaining experience on the road.

Still, extreme trucking is nothing like any other type of trucking. In fact, we can see the seriousness of the trucking industry by this type of trucking. The people that are part of the trucking industry are going through a lot of challenges and difficulties.

Thereupon, if you have any experience in the extreme trucking industry and you want to add up few more details that I might have missed, you can do it in the comment box bellow.