Healthcare Logistics - Most Important Trucking Industry Niche

Healthcare Logistics – Most Important Trucking Industry Niche

Checking the load is the way of making sure that everything is ok with the freight and the truck. But if you are part of healthcare logistics than that means that you are driving a reefer and driving a reefer means that you need:

  • To perform constant checks on the temperature
  • To be careful with fuel level that is in the tank

Healthcare Logistics Companies

There are a lot of healthcare logistics companies and every single one of them needs to respect the Healthcare rules and regulations. The cost is one of the concerns, so how these healthcare logistics companies are succeeding to survive.


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How are healthcare logistics companies meeting these challenges?

The three strategies for cost management are:

  • Searching for shared distribution
  • Invest in IT
  • Provide tailor made services

Healthcare Logistics Companies Can Reduce Costs

Every segment of every industry is under the pressure of cutting cost and the healthcare industry is not an exception. The hospitals are forced to find a way to cut cost and increase the efficiency and productivity.

Healthcare Logistics - Most Important Trucking Industry Niche

It is estimated that the supply chain lost $5 billion annually as result of inefficiency and invisibility. So what is the solution for that? The solution is to find a way to manage the healthcare process from the beginning to the end without losing control. This is the way healthcare providers to save a ton of money and the way patients to get the positive feedback.

The healthcare providers have a lot of expenses in their inner circles such as production and labor cost so every removed cost is relief from their backs. The healthcare logistics is for sure another cost for the healthcare providers but despite the cost, they are an important part of the process. Healthcare logistics is the link between the consumers and the healthcare providers.

  1. Replacement of the manual process with automatic

Most of the industries went automatic and the reason for that is to remove the human error.  When the healthcare system is on discussion the errors are not allowed. The solution for that is using programs that will help the suppliers to get a visibility over the products and by that more control.

Implementing management program will provide more visibility and improvements on the delivery for the suppliers. The program will ensure that everything is checked and controlled. The delivery process is also monitored and controlled.

Healthcare Logistics - Most Important Trucking Industry Niche

  1. Partner Relationships

The healthcare providers who managed to develop good business relationship with the healthcare logistics are always a step forward with the quality and the service. The longtime bond between a healthcare provider and the healthcare supplier determinates how much money will be speeded during the process.

We all need people that know how we want something to be performed. And when those people are taking care of our business then that makes us the perfect match for success.

Services for the healthcare sector:

1. Hospital Logistics

Healthcare logistics is a useful segment of the functionality of the hospitals. With the professional help of healthcare logistics, hospitals can provide proper healthcare to their patients. The medical professional will be able to perform their surgeries and prescribe medicines.

Healthcare Logistics - Most Important Trucking Industry Niche

But however to supply one hospital needs a high level of understanding their process and departments.
In hospitals the healthcare logistics taking care of supplying the hospital pharmacy with the medication and the medical equipment. These products are called inventory products which are transported to the other departments from the hospital pharmacy.
There are 2 types of Pharmaceutical products
·         General products and
·         Prescription drugs

2. Pharmacy Logistics

This segment is taking care of pharmacies to be supplied on time with all of the types of medication, medical equipment, and medical devices. The healthcare logistics team is in communication with the pharmacies making sure they are supplied or informed on time.

Optimisation of logistics of pharmaceutical companies
Logistics for individual homecare

UPS Healthcare Logistics

UPS or United Parcel Service, Inc. is the largest package delivery company in the world. UPS is also a provider of supply management solutions.

The headquarter is in Sandy Springs, Georgia part of Greater Atlanta Metropolitan area. Like I said UPS is the largest package delivery company with 15 million packages delivered per day in more than 220 countries around the world.

Beside this type of delivery the UPS healthcare logistics is covering the transportation of medical supplies in almost every corner of the world. The healthcare logistics is a focus point for UPS.

Healthcare Logistics - Most Important Trucking Industry Niche

Their service is on high level of quality and besides the high level of quality service they will:

  • Reduce your tracking cost
  • Reduce your inventory management cost
  • Deliver the products faster and secure

They are professionals from the start point to the final destination. Their customer service will provide you with the information you need from the warehouse to the distribution.

Their team of professionals is specialized in healthcare logistics which makes UPS Healthcare Logistics one reliable partner to work with.

UPS cover 1.4 million square feet temperature controlled space with one of the best specially designed warehouses equipped to store surgical devices, medical supplies, medications even the human blood.

Healthcare Logistics - Most Important Trucking Industry Niche

UPS Healthcare Logistics have expertise in:

  • Biotechnology
  • Medical supplies
  • Surgical supplies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • Animal health

UPS healthcare logistics covers this market segments:

  • Biotechnology
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals

Genco – FedEx Company

Another top healthcare logistic company is Genco – FedEx Company that offers high quality service to their clients. Genco – Fedex Company is another supply chain solution provider that have specialty in delivering

  • Healthcare Logistics
  • Consumer and industrial goods
  • Retail
  • Technology

They are covering more than 38 million square feet in North America which is big successes for every company to operate that big working space. Genco focus is to minimize cost and improve the customer service beside high quality service.

Healthcare Logistics - Most Important Trucking Industry Niche

The Genco – Fedex company found its place in the healthcare service despite the major challenges that where needed to be passed. What Genco do?

  • Genco – FedEx Company continues to be a leader in the healthcare logistics for more than 20 years
  • Take special care of the clients
  • Genco – FedEx Company support pharmaceutical, medical device segment, retail market segment with more than 75 clients
  • They are covering US and Canada
  • Covers the FDA regulations
  • DEA regulations
  • VAWD regulations
  • Genco – FedEx Company is active member in HDMA and NACDS which give them opportunity to interact and communicate with people that have common interest
  • Invest in Improvements

Their Healthcare Logistics solutions are:

  1. Medical Device Logistics
  • Warehousing and
  • Distribution of medical devices
  1. Pharmaceutical Logistics
  • Warehousing and
  • distribution of pharmaceuticals
  1. Pharmaceutical Returns
  • Complete solution for disposal of expired products
  1. Recall ManagementSolutions for management of market actions and withdrawals

Ceva Logistics

Ceva healthcare logistics company improves their service day to day with a major commitment to their clients. They are ready to meet your requirements and provide you with the best customer service and commitments to your demands.



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