10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Now you might be wondering why use a moving truck rental service? Well there are several reasons that you might need to use those services.

Some might include:

  • You don’t have a truck big enough to haul what you need.
  • Your friends and family are tired of you borrowing their truck.
  • You are traveling a long distance, and are flying then driving back.
  • You prefer to not tear up your own vehicle.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Besides those reasons, there are more. One of the more obvious is the larger professional moving companies charge a lot for their services. Sure they might have entire crews to help pack it up and load the truck but you are also paying through the nose for that convenience.

Whatever the reason, there are those times in life when you just need a truck! You have the items all boxed up, and are ready to go but lack the means. I know you’re thinking, “Don’t you usually gear these articles towards the trucking industry?”

Yes, but it isn’t always practical to use an 18-wheeler pulling a 54 foot trailer. Or you company specializes in refers and flatbeds. Besides, we have all been there, whether moving across town, heading off to university, or relocating for that dream job. You just need to get your stuff there.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Obviously the cheapest way is to use your own vehicle. Very few people actually have a 26-foot straight truck available at any moment the need arises. But when you do not have some friends or other available bodies and don’t mind driving, moving truck rental might be the better option.

It will definitely be cheaper. However, when you do go out and find a moving truck for rent, don’t be surprise at just how expensive moving truck rental can be. Yet it is still cheaper than hiring a professional company to do it for you.

Now in the United States, even as big as we are, there are limited options when it comes to moving truck rentals.

There are numerous moving companies that will provide truck and driver, many even do the packing; we also have numerous rental car/truck companies, but actually cargo style /van straight trucks for private and/or commercial, your options are very limited.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

The most common national moving truck rental companies are:

  • Budget
  • Penske
  • U-Hal
  • Ryder

Then we have some car/truck rental companies that might have larger trucks and vans. Many of these partner with the main moving truck rental companies. But not all of these will actually offer cargo sized moving truck rental.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Another option you have for getting a larger truck to move your stuff is to check with some of the hardware and other retail outlets. But as I said, they often partner with other moving truck rental companies.

  • Lowes
  • Home Depot

The last option is to check out the local or regional rental places. Many of these don’t offer their vehicle for long distance or out of state. Some might even restrict the rental to a radius limit (perhaps only 50 or 100 miles, as an example). But it is nice to know this option is available.

Now that you have found a moving truck rental provider, how do you get the best price?

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

How To Negotiate Lower Moving Truck Rental Price?

So you think the price is $19.95 for your moving truck rental. Well not according to the American Moving and Storage Association AMSA. When all is said and done you can end up spending as much as $5000! Now rates will vary with location and distance travelled, as well as other factors. Either way that is a far cry from the advertised price.

So how can they get away with this? Is it even legal?

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Well yes it is legal, is it right? That is a discussion for another time. But what makes the price of moving truck rental reach such ridiculous amounts?

  • Taxes, you will pay federal, state, and local taxes.
  • Insurance, if your personal/business insurance doesn’t cover rentals you will have to purchase insurance (it is recommended that you get it anyway).
  • Mileage, some places will give you a preset amount of miles you can travel before added rates kick in, but they aren’t much.
  • Fuel, if you don’t fill it up, they will charge you almost double.
  • Other administrative, maintenance, and associated fees (these are all the hidden cost of renting the truck).

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Now I am sure I left a few things out but you get the idea. The price you pay will always be more than the price listed for your moving truck rental. But there is some good news. Like anything there are ways to cut cost.

Negotiating moving truck rental costs is a great way to save. If your company does a lot of business that requires a moving truck rental, but not enough to justify the purchase of a large truck, see what deals they can offer. Usually there are special rates for high volume rentals.

Never rent a truck over a holiday or other busy weekend, only if you have to! Rent the truck during the week when possible, and off holiday season.

Look for specials and discount deals (these come every so often). If you know that you will be renting several trucks, try to reserve them all at the same time (bulk rates can cut prices significantly, same like when you are trying to buy tires in bulk).

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Then of course there are other ways to cut cost. Fuel the trucks yourself; don’t agree to have them fuel it. Regardless how far you need to travel always try to take the shortest and quickest route possible.

This nowadays with all that technology and gadgets you can find a good GPS or route optimizer that will save you a lot of headache.  And if you use offsite storage facilities try to rent from them, often they can give discounts since your already using their services.


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So where to find these allusive discounts? Well if you look on their websites usually you will find some kind of promotional event. Along with that will be a promotional code, in simple terms a coupon, which can provide discounts.

These are often only through their website, but can also save you a lot of money. There are a few ways they do this, first is a printable coupon that you take to the moving truck rental office. Another is done by using their promotional code and mentioning it to the cashier.

Then there are other options such as email, texting, or other rebate offers (rent a particular size truck get a free upgrade, or free boxes, free cart rental, and/or etc.).

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

 Another common method for helping to save you money is through price matching. This works out very good for those with a rental place close by or in a larger area with several options. Basically this is where you find a price that is lower than at the competition and see if they will match it. This is very common in most business, regardless the industry. It doesn’t hurt to try.

So now you have priced the various moving truck rental services.  You have checked your stuff to determine the right size truck you need. You mapped out the route that will get you from point A to point B the fastest. Now all you need now is to find moving truck rental companies.

There are many to choose from, but here is a list of some you might consider. These are nationwide moving truck rental places; you might have other regional places closer to where you live. But I will now list, in no special or particular order, what some consider the 10 best moving truck rental companies.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies



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