10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Now you might be wondering why use a moving truck rental service? Well there are several reasons that you might need to use those services.

Some might include:

  • You don’t have a truck big enough to haul what you need.
  • Your friends and family are tired of you borrowing their truck.
  • You are traveling a long distance, and are flying then driving back.
  • You prefer to not tear up your own vehicle.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Besides those reasons, there are more. One of the more obvious is the larger professional moving companies charge a lot for their services. Sure they might have entire crews to help pack it up and load the truck but you are also paying through the nose for that convenience.

Whatever the reason, there are those times in life when you just need a truck! You have the items all boxed up, and are ready to go but lack the means. I know you’re thinking, “Don’t you usually gear these articles towards the trucking industry?”

Yes, but it isn’t always practical to use an 18-wheeler pulling a 54 foot trailer. Or you company specializes in refers and flatbeds. Besides, we have all been there, whether moving across town, heading off to university, or relocating for that dream job. You just need to get your stuff there.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Obviously the cheapest way is to use your own vehicle. Very few people actually have a 26-foot straight truck available at any moment the need arises. But when you do not have some friends or other available bodies and don’t mind driving, moving truck rental might be the better option.

It will definitely be cheaper. However, when you do go out and find a moving truck for rent, don’t be surprise at just how expensive moving truck rental can be. Yet it is still cheaper than hiring a professional company to do it for you.

Now in the United States, even as big as we are, there are limited options when it comes to moving truck rentals.

There are numerous moving companies that will provide truck and driver, many even do the packing; we also have numerous rental car/truck companies, but actually cargo style /van straight trucks for private and/or commercial, your options are very limited.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

The most common national moving truck rental companies are:

  • Budget
  • Penske
  • U-Hal
  • Ryder

Then we have some car/truck rental companies that might have larger trucks and vans. Many of these partner with the main moving truck rental companies. But not all of these will actually offer cargo sized moving truck rental.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Another option you have for getting a larger truck to move your stuff is to check with some of the hardware and other retail outlets. But as I said, they often partner with other moving truck rental companies.

  • Lowes
  • Home Depot

The last option is to check out the local or regional rental places. Many of these don’t offer their vehicle for long distance or out of state. Some might even restrict the rental to a radius limit (perhaps only 50 or 100 miles, as an example). But it is nice to know this option is available.

Now that you have found a moving truck rental provider, how do you get the best price?

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

How To Negotiate Lower Moving Truck Rental Price?

So you think the price is $19.95 for your moving truck rental. Well not according to the American Moving and Storage Association AMSA. When all is said and done you can end up spending as much as $5000! Now rates will vary with location and distance travelled, as well as other factors. Either way that is a far cry from the advertised price.

So how can they get away with this? Is it even legal?

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Well yes it is legal, is it right? That is a discussion for another time. But what makes the price of moving truck rental reach such ridiculous amounts?

  • Taxes, you will pay federal, state, and local taxes.
  • Insurance, if your personal/business insurance doesn’t cover rentals you will have to purchase insurance (it is recommended that you get it anyway).
  • Mileage, some places will give you a preset amount of miles you can travel before added rates kick in, but they aren’t much.
  • Fuel, if you don’t fill it up, they will charge you almost double.
  • Other administrative, maintenance, and associated fees (these are all the hidden cost of renting the truck).

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Now I am sure I left a few things out but you get the idea. The price you pay will always be more than the price listed for your moving truck rental. But there is some good news. Like anything there are ways to cut cost.

Negotiating moving truck rental costs is a great way to save. If your company does a lot of business that requires a moving truck rental, but not enough to justify the purchase of a large truck, see what deals they can offer. Usually there are special rates for high volume rentals.

Never rent a truck over a holiday or other busy weekend, only if you have to! Rent the truck during the week when possible, and off holiday season.

Look for specials and discount deals (these come every so often). If you know that you will be renting several trucks, try to reserve them all at the same time (bulk rates can cut prices significantly, same like when you are trying to buy tires in bulk).

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Then of course there are other ways to cut cost. Fuel the trucks yourself; don’t agree to have them fuel it. Regardless how far you need to travel always try to take the shortest and quickest route possible.

This nowadays with all that technology and gadgets you can find a good GPS or route optimizer that will save you a lot of headache.  And if you use offsite storage facilities try to rent from them, often they can give discounts since your already using their services.

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So where to find these allusive discounts? Well if you look on their websites usually you will find some kind of promotional event. Along with that will be a promotional code, in simple terms a coupon, which can provide discounts.

These are often only through their website, but can also save you a lot of money. There are a few ways they do this, first is a printable coupon that you take to the moving truck rental office. Another is done by using their promotional code and mentioning it to the cashier.

Then there are other options such as email, texting, or other rebate offers (rent a particular size truck get a free upgrade, or free boxes, free cart rental, and/or etc.).

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

 Another common method for helping to save you money is through price matching. This works out very good for those with a rental place close by or in a larger area with several options. Basically this is where you find a price that is lower than at the competition and see if they will match it. This is very common in most business, regardless the industry. It doesn’t hurt to try.

So now you have priced the various moving truck rental services.  You have checked your stuff to determine the right size truck you need. You mapped out the route that will get you from point A to point B the fastest. Now all you need now is to find moving truck rental companies.

There are many to choose from, but here is a list of some you might consider. These are nationwide moving truck rental places; you might have other regional places closer to where you live. But I will now list, in no special or particular order, what some consider the 10 best moving truck rental companies.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Budget Moving Truck Rental

Budget Truck Rental operates all over the United States and has about 27,000 trucks in its fleet. Besides moving truck rental this truck rental service offers pretty much any rental equipment that you might need for a move.

People say that at Budget you can always expects good deals, discounts and promotions or coupons that can save you a significant percentage off your quote.

They use the same algorithm for estimating truck rental rates like and the rest of the truck moving rental companies that are out there, but with their competitive pricing and very often promotions and coupons you can save even more money.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

You have a choice of three different sizes of trucks and your choices are: 12-foot, 16-foot and 24-foot trucks. In the 12- foot and 16- foot trucks there is place for two people while in the 16-food you have room for three people and the 12 and 16 foot trucks include a loading ramp and the ability to tow a vehicle. 

The good thing about Budget Moving truck rental is that they offer one-way truck rentals. You can also rent a tow dolly, which is best for front-wheel-drive autos, or rent a car carrier, which is best for four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles.

As it is with the rest of the moving truck rental companies out there, at Budget moving truck rental price depends a lot on when you make the reservations.

Prices are often lower than the rest, but especially when you make the reservation ahead of time (as far in advance as you can) and in the regular working days instead of weekends and holiday season.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Here are few good points why you should get a moving truck rental from Budget:

  • They offer Special discounts for senior citizens, military personnel, students and more.
  • They often try to match the competitor’s price.
  • Budget rents out furniture pads, (which are like large, thick blankets to protect your furniture from the metal interior of a moving truck. Hand trucks, or dollies, are helpful to have when you’re moving heavy objects to and from a rental truck.
  • They have several insurance options available for you to purchase that can protect you and the rental truck should anything go wrong (just be sure to read the fine print, because not all plans cover everything. For example, a Limited Damage Waiver requires you to pay for the first $500 of damages, and this doesn’t include damage to tires or overhead damage).

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

When you make a reservation with them for moving truck rental they require credit card info and in case where you need to cancel a reservation, be sure to do it 48 hours prior the reservation time otherwise you will have to pay $50 penalty.

They do not offer any kind of guarantee on reservations and even do they do claim that they don’t overbook, it can happen! In that case they offer you a replacement for the truck that you wanted to rent at the first place.

On a one-way rental, if you from some reason need to keep the truck for one day extra and return it later than your reservation time, you have to pay $85 per day and 85 cents per additional mile.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

U Haul Moving Truck Rental 

U Haul is another place from where you can rent your moving truck rental. They have more than 20,000 locations across the United States and offer the most choices. You have options to choose and rent few sizes of U Haul moving truck rental and the options are:

  • 10-foot long, (the only company where the smallest truck can tow a vehicle)
  • 15-foot
  • 17-foot
  • 20-foot and
  • 26- Foot long trucks.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

According to their website statistics, more than 40 million people moved this year, so with that in mind, most likely you’ve seen one of their moving truck rental driving down the road.

I am sure most of you are well familiar with the orange paint job, the advertised on the sides where it says $19.95 in-town price, and usually a graphic that represents a state or province.

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They are one of the few companies that offer one-way truck rentals and all of their trucks are with minimum two people seats. Another good thing about this moving truck rental place is that their trucks have low loading decks, which makes easier for you to get your belongings inside.

All of the trucks that are above 15 feet long include a small compartment known as Mom’s Attic where you can store fragile items.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Other then rental trucks, you can rent from them tow dollies and car carriers. These are trailers that you can use to haul your vehicle behind the truck when you move.

In order to drive one of the U Hauls truck rentals you do not need to have special drivers license however, you do have to be 18 years and older.

You can pay for their services with cash, debit or credit card and only when you pay cash deposit is required.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

If you decide to rent from them, ask about any promotions they might have at the moment or look online for coupons. They also very often match the competitor’s rates, so just ask for a price match if you get a lower quote from somewhere else.

On U Haul FAQs you can find many questions and answers, about rates, receipts, reservations, and gas related stuff like what is the amount of fuel that needs to be in the tank when you return the truck.

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Good thing about this rental place is that your reservation with them is guaranteed, so if they fail to provide you the size of equipment you reserved at the time and location you agreed to with them, the company gives you $50! Not many of the moving truck rentals do this!

In case something go wrong while you are renting one of their trucks you can call their toll-free phone number, or request ’round-the-clock’ roadside assistance from their website.

When you are all done and you get to your final destination you can just call U-Haul and find one of the locations that is the most convenient for you, where you can drop off the truck.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Penske Moving Truck Rental

With a fleet size of about 50,000, Penske Truck Rental’s is considered to be in the top 10 moving truck rental companies in USA.

Finding one of the locations they hold is easy because the well-known bright yellow rental Penske trucks are national chains or franchises, so you’re likely to find a location near you, especially knowing the fact that they are partnered with The Home Depot.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Penske moving truck rental offers four different truck sizes for your move and the sizes are:

  • 12-feet,
  • 16-feet,
  • 22-feet and
  • 26-feet lengths.

Being one of the few companies that offer local and one-way truck rentals all over United States and six provinces in Canada, they also give you up to nine days to complete the trip when you rent a long-distance one-way move.

Another thing they do is that they offer you for purchase everything that you might need for your move. From moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, tie-downs, locks, protective covers and mattress bags to tow dolly’s or car carriers which can save you money and time getting your vehicle to the new place.

If you towing your car with you, then rent at least the 16-footer, because they don’t allow towing with their 12-feet moving truck rental and you cannot tow your own trailer using its rental trucks needier they offer trailers for rent.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

When you have a front-wheel-drive car, you should take a tow dolly, which is less expensive, but otherwise, you will need a car carrier, which is sturdier but more expensive option.

Once you decide that you want to rent moving truck rental with Penske, you have few options how you do that. You can go to their website and fill out their form with some basic information like the time frame, the dates and the location you want to pick up and drop off the truck and such, and then wait for them to call you back shortly after, or you can just make the call and arrange all with them or even ask questions via live chat.

Same like it is with the other moving truck rental companies, price depends on the dates that you want to rent. Weekend days are always more expensive then the weekdays and they are extremely busy during the summer period and the winter holiday season.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

They offer coupons or discounts for moving truck rental, but one thing they don’t do is matching prices with their competitors.

You should always try to reserve with them at least 48 hours before the pickup time. They guaranty for the reservations made with them and you can pick up and drop off their trucks at more than 2,000 locations, including The Home Depot witch partnered with Penske to rent trucks to its clients.

Ryder Moving Truck Rental

Ryder moving truck rental operates in about 500 locations in USA and Canada, but it only offers local truck rental services and you are required to return the truck to the location you picked up from.

With that in mind, if you are for a one-way truck service and not round-trip then you might want to consider some other options.

Even do Ryder doesn’t offer as many options as similar companies; it’s a good choice when you need to move your belongings from one place to another that is nearby.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 40 million people move each year, from which nearly 23.5 million of those people moved within the same county so Ryder would be a good choice for your local move.

In their fleet available for rent they have:

  • Cargo vans
  • 16 feet and
  • 26 feet long trucks
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When it comes to cost, their rates are calculated per mileage and per day so your samarium will depend on few factors:

  • The rate in your area
  • For how long you need the rental and
  • Where you’re driving.

When you plan to move with one of the Riders moving trucks rental, it is important to try to plan your move in other then the summer period, otherwise the prices will be much higher in summer time.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Another thing you should keep in mind is that they charge mileage. You will pay approximately $100 per day for the 16-feet truck, but prices may be higher or lower in your city and for your local office’s supply.

However, when you rent a moving truck rental for a week instead two days, then you may save some money. I said two days and not one day because one thing that Ryder’s doesn’t do is rent a truck for 24 hours period so you will end up paying two days price. But if you search online for a Ryder coupon, you may be able to apply discounts to your rental.

For making reservations with them all you need to do is call their local office or fill a form on their website. In case you have few questions to ask about policies, rates and such, there is a live chat on their website, so one of their customer service stuff will be answering to you in short.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

All you need so you can get a moving truck rental with Ryder’s is a valid credit card deposit and a valid driver’s license.

Ryder doesn’t have car carriers and tow dollies for hauling your vehicle, and you cannot tow your own trailer or dolly using one of the Ryder’s trucks. On some of their locations you can rent out furniture pads and hand trucks but not all of their offices offers that.

Hertz Moving Truck Rental

Hertz moving truck rental is partnered with Penske truck rental and they are one of the leading providers of one-way and local truck rentals in the USA and Canada.

Every time you book with them they give you 10% discount and you can get another 10% extra if you book online your one –way rental. They also offer you self-storage savings so be sure to ask your representative about great savings options available to Penske’s customers on self-storage units.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

If you rent with them you can always count on their reliability because their trucks are up to date, well maintained and the late model. But, in case something goes wrong while you have their truck for rent, they offer you 24/7 roadside assistance and constant support 365 days.

Another thing that some of the other companies don’t offer but Hertz and Penske partnership business offers to its loyal customers is free, unlimited miles one -way moves, which save you a lot when it comes to long distance moves.

Knowing that Penske have thousands locations where you can pick up and drop off your rental truck, make it even more convenient and easier for you, when you are making your choice from where to rent.

Furthermore, they offer you for purchase plenty of moving supplies like moving boxes, bubble pack, locks, tape and all you might need for packing and transporting, and in case you need to tow your car they have all the reliable equipment you’ll need to tow your vehicle behind their truck.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Lowes Moving Truck Rental 

Lowes has been in business for a long time. They actually can trace their beginning to the North Wilkesboro Hardware Company, founded back in 1921. Since that time the company has continued to grow into the nationwide super chain it is today.

They are most commonly known for their large warehouse style hardware stores. There you can find everything from tools to lumber to kitchen and bathroom appliances. They even offer skilled contractors to do installations.

They are also well known for their delivery service, where you purchase an item, either in the store or online, and then they will deliver it to your door. What can be better than that? Well, they will even install the items for you! That’s right, buy a washer, dryer; refrigerator, stove, etc. and the delivery team will gladly set it up for you.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

But what if you don’t have need of their delivery services? Or need a vehicle to haul your items? Well, they can help with that as well. Many of the Lowes stores offer short-term truck rental . This will vary with some of the locations.

As for large moving truck rentals, Lowes doesn’t handle that anymore. They have partnered with Hertz in the past, offering a full range of large cargo trucks available for short-term rentals. But check with your local store to see what options they offer.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Enterprise Moving Truck Rental 

Enterprise is well known for its rental cars but they offer you moving truck rental as well. They are available in 39 states and Puerto Rico.

You can rent one of their trucks locally, but if you are for a big cross-country move, then you better go to one of the other companies that offer that kind of one-way service.

At Enterprise you can get only round-trip rentals, so with other words you have to return your truck to the location you picked it up from.

You can choose one of these sizes of moving truck rental:

  • 15-foot parcel truck,
  • 16-foot cab-over truck with a lift gate,
  • 24-foot or
  • 26-foot straight truck with lifts gates.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

You can rent a truck from Enterprise for a day, week or month and the longer you rent a truck; the less it is likely to cost you.

Enterprise charges a per-day fee plus mileage and some other fees, like tire fee and battery fee. Plus there is a vehicle license fee, tax and mileage so on the end of the day you pay more then you barged for. That is why you need to read all of the fine prints before you sign your rental agreement.

One of the good things about them is the rental option they have. You can rent a truck from Enterprise for a day, week or month and the longer you rent a truck; the less it is likely to cost you, per day. As another way to save, always check online for any promotions they might be having and if you are AAA member, you can save quiet a lot.

It is common for people to rent vehicles for a long drive and have additional drivers to help spell you while making the trip. However, they require each driver to be authorized. The additional driver must be over the age of 21, but they do charge extra for that. As is the case with most rental places, a deposit will be required and the rental needs to be secured with a credit card.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

One of the good things about many of their rental trucks is that they offer lift gates. These can be of great benefit especially if you are moving heavy objects. Unfortunately, the lift gate does prevent the truck from hauling a trailer. But if you rent a truck with the lift gate you can haul a car or trailer with no problem!

So what are a couple of other good things about Enterprise? They allow for rental on short notice. This means you don’t have to reserve a truck way in advance. If they have a vehicle available you can rent it the same day. They also offer ‘round-the-clock’ roadside assistance.

Thrifty Moving Truck Rental

Thrifty began in 1958 and has continued to grow and expand ever since. However, like so many in America don’t let that fool you. They are actually part of larger corporation.

They in fact part of Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc., which is actually a subsidiary of Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. (as of 2012).

Thrifty car rental still remains one of the largest car rental franchises in the world! Through both their company owned and independently owned franchises, they operate over 1000 locations in more than 77 countries. 472 of these locations are in the US, employing approximately 6000 people.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

When you combine the stores operated by Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty brands they actually operate almost 9,000 licensed locations! These can be found in over 150 countries around the globe.

You are most likely familiar with any one or all of these, if you have travelled through any airports. You might also think of them as a just a great place to rent your car. Many of the franchises offer moving truck rental as well.

For example Sternburg Automotive in Louisville Kentucky, offers moving rental trucks up to 24-foot box or flatbed trucks. You can even rent tandem trucks, but you’ll need the proper CDL licenses for them. As another example of a locally owned franchise you can check out Hyannis Hyline Cruises Terminal Car Rental in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Home Depot Moving Truck Rental

The Home Depot another popular hardware store and common Lowes competitor also offers vehicle rentals. They too are more known for their general home repair and home remodeling supplies. They sell it all, or so it seems. They handle everything including tools, appliances, lawn & garden, lumber, and much more.

The Home Depot was founded in 1978 and since then has revolutionized the industry. They are now the largest of their home improvement retailer, not just in store size (average store being 105,000 square feet) but in manpower. They currently have over 2,200 stores, employing over 400,000 people!

You would be amazed at what they have to offer in the way of rentals for the do it yourselfer. Everything from power tools to heavy equipment to trailers. They have it all, and it is available to you, just swing by your local Home Depot.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

But if it is moving truck rental that you need, they got you covered. The Home Depot does offer two different vehicles leased directly from them.

The Load ‘n Go Flatbed Truck -is a standard sized truck to handle all you day-to-day project needs. These might include the hauling of lumber, drywall, plywood, cement/concrete, or other such items. These are often too big for your vehicle. You can also get a trailer hitch for their trucks; if you rent the trailer form them as well.

The other option is the Load ‘n Go Van -It is a cargo van able to handle loads up to 3000 pounds. These too are great for hauling loads too large for your own vehicle, or for things that need to stay dry. They also offer better security, as the load is locked safely inside.

There are a couple other things to consider about renting these from The Home Depot. They do require a $50 dollar deposit in order to rent the vehicle. All rentals must be returned to the store you rented it from, no one-way rentals. They also stress that makes and models will vary from store to store.

Now if you want a larger vehicle for your moving truck rental needs The Home Depot does offer the standard sized moving trucks. They don’t offer these directly, instead they have partnered with Penske. The rates and conditions for use of these trucks are the same as any Penske moving truck rental. 

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Small Independent Moving Truck Rental Companies

I lightly touched on this earlier but the above list is for nationally recognized moving truck rental providers and services. As you can see several offer services, but are actually partnered with another company. However, you might live in an area where there are small regional or localized moving truck rental places.

There is nothing wrong with using them; same like it is nothing wrong when you use small trucking companies instead of the big ones. Often the community appreciates a business that tries to use local services over big corporations. Sometimes this is important, other times it is not. It really depends on the community and where you are located. Rural and smaller communities tend to appreciate this more that larger urban areas.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Now with anything there are pros and cons to using a smaller independent moving truck rental place. They often are friendlier and easier to work with. You can haggle and negotiate the price. They tend to offer a bit more flexibility, and even are a bit more compassionate.

The down side tends to be their selection is as good as the larger moving truck rental providers. Their hours are often a bit narrower, perhaps not open as late. Sometimes the actual vehicles aren’t as well maintained and therefore might not be as reliable.

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I mentioned this earlier, but I feel it is important to stress that they might be more flexible in how they work with you during your rental experience. But, that doesn’t mean they will be as flexible in their policies. They might have strict insurance policies, driver age requirements, and the most common restriction is the distance.

Many companies don’t have the licenses and other permits/legal requirements to operate as a business in other states. Meaning their trucks can’t be used for business purposes. They might have restrictions on insurance. They also won’t allow for one-way trips, because they only have offices at one or just a couple locations.

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies


As you can see getting a moving truck isn’t as simple as you first thought. I am sure you were thinking, “I need a truck, so I’ll just go get one”. But unfortunately it isn’t that easy. Because not only do you need to pay all those extra cost, you have other requirements too! Such as- you might ask?

Determining the actual size of the truck you will need. You don’t want to get a truck that is either too small or too large to handle your needs. It is very important that you get the right size of a truck. Sometimes you can combine your loads into one by getting the larger truck. That can help to reduce cost.

But still, what is the best way to figure the size of moving truck rental you will need? Well the following is a general rule of thumb, but by no means is it perfect. It still comes down to the size and amount of things needing to be moved.

  • 10′ to 12′ moving truck rental: This size is considered to be perfect for a space equal to an efficiency/studio-sized apartment. If you have a small amount of things, sometimes a one bedroom apartment (some say two bedrooms but that is really squeezing it in). However, this is the most economical of any moving truck rental. This is the most common of the available moving trucks, regardless which carrier you choose to use. Not every moving truck rental retailer will have the exact same size and model trucks. The overall length and height will vary.
  • 15′ to 16′ moving truck rental: 16 is the more common in this category but U-Hal’s only 15 feet. Now this size truck is geared towards small homes or two bedroom apartments.  Also check with the moving truck rental vender to see how many passengers can actually fit in the cab. Some have bench seats and can accommodate three people, while others can only fit two. Typically Penske’s trucks only hold the two occupants in the truck cabin.  
  • 17′ to 22′ moving truck rental: This size range really depends on the rental company. U-Hal actually offers a 17-foot truck, then a 20-foot one as well. Penske has a 22-foot truck as their next size. These are perfect for a two-bedroom house or perhaps a three-bedroom apartment. Actually the 22-foot is said to accommodate as much as a five-bedroom house (but check first).
  • 24′ to 26′ moving truck rental: These are by far the largest of the available rentals, without getting into CDL requirements, and such (With these you don’t need any special licenses, but still check with your state). U-Hall actually offers both sizes, available for long one-way trips. Budget has a 24-foot truck is for local moves. Penske offers the 26-foot as their largest truck. These are designed for very large homes.

There are a few other things to check on when looking into a moving truck rental company. Do they allow for one-way trips? Sometimes the truck needs to be dropped-off at the same location that it was pick-up from. This can be a hassle if you are travelling hundreds, or even thousands of miles away. Unfortunately they might charge extra for one-way drops.

Most rental places also offer other services as well. They might have boxes, tape, and other packing material. Most offer blankets, dollies/carts, and even cargo straps. Additionally, they offer trailers, car carriers to tow your vehicle behind the truck. All this is usually at an added fee.

Have you used a moving truck rental company? Was it for private use, company, or both? Which truck rental service did you use? Who would you recommend? Who would you not recommend? Please share your experiences with moving truck rentals.