Cheap Truck Oil Change

Learn 7 Hidden Secret Tips for Cheap Truck Oil Change

I am sure you have maintenance for your vehicles but it is more important to do that at the right time. In that way, you will not take the truck too late or too early at the service station.


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The cost of the oil varies from $225-$350 a piece. Median number for an oil change is 4-5 times a year per truck. Now we can imagine the annual cost for the fleet with a hundred trucks. Having a maintenance plan will allow you to have control over the frequency and to achieve optimal checkups for the trucks.

But don’t skip the maintenance, just keep it in control. Your trucks performance depends on proper maintenance.

Service your truck with good quality oils

The right oil is not just important for the engine it as also important for consumption of the fuel. Good quality motor oil can improve the truck mileage by 2-3 %. Before you put oil in your truck, be sure to consult the professional service.

It depends on you, how efficient and powerful your truck will be. Use quality engine oils or use engine oils that are suitable for that season.  Every oil type has different viscosity or thickness and different reaction on cold or warm.



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