Learn 7 Hidden Secret Tips for Cheap Truck Oil Change

With this type of service for fixed annual fee, you can service

  • the engine
  • brakes
  • tires
  • fluid levels
  • filters
  • belts

In the long term, this is the least expensive type of service for your trucks. We have, to be honest, on annual base for sure, you will need to service your trucks and making annual contract will give you better conditions to do that when you need it. Take advantage of the annual service contract and save money.

Train drivers to check for service intervals

Your drivers are your direct link to your trucks and that is why you need to train them to do truck checks for service intervals. A good way to do that is to have training courses for them, so you can point the important things to pay more attention.

Cheap Truck Oil Change 6Source: www.telogis.com

Also, they need to understand that that you are doing this not just to avoid truck penalties, but also to protect them from injuries. Let them know that you are caring for their safety!

  • First, you need to:
  • Fix the defects before the trucks go on the road
  • Give responsibility to someone to make sure your vehicles are ready for long rides
  • Make sure that you have regular maintenance service

Then you need to train your drivers to:

  • Check for service intervals
  • Perform daily walk-around checks
  • Monitor all vehicle maintenance, defects and repairs
  • Know who to contact in case of malfunction
  • Learn small mechanical tricks

Buy bulk quantities and save money

Like a business owner you have to constantly look for new ways to reduce your cost. One of the ways to do that is to reduce your cost per unit that means buying items in bulk. In fact, when we talk about engine oil, you do not need a unit; you need a bigger amount of engine oil for your fleet.


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The oil is not food and it has a long lasting period. Use this advantage and purchase bulk quantities of the oil and save money.


Every trucking company can feel the presence of competition. In these days, the competition is much more aggressive when it comes to providing loads. Every load is precious especially in a time of low freight prices and higher expenses.

Since profit margins for loads are low, every dollar you are spending will impact your company. Losing the control over the expenses it might take you to the bottom line. That is why we need to care about the expenses as much we care about quality of the load quotes.

To taste the real outcome you should give some time to gather more information’s where you will be able to compare the data. So make a plan and set your goals, start looking at your costs and cut the expenses that you can afford.

Certainly we should be careful about the expenses, but only if we are not compromising our efficiency and service quality. Good service is the key!



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