Truck Maintenance

Learn Exclusive Tips To Know All About Truck Maintenance

But this is hardly enough, since a truck operations require PMI to be done more than once a year, especially if you are doing long-hauls.

The best thing would be to walk around your vehicle with your technician and make a list of checks and categorize them as annually, monthly, weekly, and even daily checks.

This way you can make an electronic calendar that can alert you about maintenance checks.


Preventive Maintenance Program Importance

PM is basically means doing a regular service, inspections and repairings in order to avoid problems on vehicle.

It is based on time, fuel, mileage, engine hours and includes actions like lubrication, adjustment, cleaning etc.

If not done according to schedule, consequences are reduced vehicle life span and safety risk increased.

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It’s important to point out that if accident happens due lack of maintenance or repair, fleet manager can be considered responsible. Investigation can seek a maintenance records if vehicle malfunctions are determined.



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