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Learn Exclusive Tips To Know All About Truck Maintenance

One of the most important thing regarding these softwares is customizing them to specific requirements.Using system like this, you should be able to create: PM schedules, work orders, fuel usage, tire logs and more.

Whether PM is performed by technician or automotive service center, it must be done by certified person.

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Here is the list of important items that weren’t mentioned in the text, but should be periodically maintained.

  • belts – check with every oil change
  • timing belts (where applicable) – usually every 60,000 miles, or 90,000 miles
  • brakes – front brakes usually last 20,000-30,000 miles, rear brakes usually 60,000 miles varies depending on driving habits and conditions
  • transmission services – usually every 60,000
  • hoses – check with every oil change, rot from the inside out
  • spark plugs – usually every 30,000, some every 60,000, some every 90,000
  • spark plug wires – usually every 60,000 miles or when they go bad
  • distributor cap and rotor – cars that have them usually every 60,000 miles

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Winter Tips

The winter season requires some extra preparations, and it’s useful to be reminded it once in awhile.

  • Don’t forget to plug in block heater at diesel truck every night. Do it at normal operating temperature.
  • Don’t let vehicle sit more than a day, to avoid cold soaks.
  • Consider fuel additives if you are driving north.
  • I’ve already mentioned importance of properly inflated tires. You can underline that in winter conditions.

Final words

It couldn’t be argue that today trucks have more equipment for tracking the vehicle components and fluids. Still, a good old scheduled maintenance is something a trucker should never avoid.

There is simply too much at stake in trucking business, that depends on trucks utility.

You can use their Freight Metrics Maintenance Cost Calculator to get the idea of your maintenance costs.

Besides all the costs you will have should you choose to cut corners with your vehicle maintenance, there is much important safety issue.

You should really be aware of that next time you set up a maintenance plan, and remember a proactive manager is a good manager.



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