CDL Air Brake Test

Learn All Secrets About CDL Air Brake Test

The point of this test is everything that is connected with the air system is learned. Some of the candidates are learning the steps and rules by rote. Don’t be one of these candidates; the CDL air test is not a poem that you can forget after 1 day and will do no harm. This test is a serious matter, learn it by understanding.

cdl air brake test

Practice these steps every day for as much as you need, do not count the days.

  • A lot of practice will make you understand the system. Learn how each part of the air brakes moves and how it functions. Do not let to pass the CDL air brake test relying on your luck because the whole security of the truck is relying on the air brakes, NOT LUCK. Without them, your vehicle is only a beast without control.

To learn how to check the air brakes to pass the CDL air brake test is like to learn how to curb the wildest animal in the jungle but be careful if you do not continue to train, it will forget that was among humans and it will get ugly.

cdl air brake test

  • If you are not sure, start again – When you are having a test if you are not sure that you did everything right just stop and tell the commission that you want to start again. That is your right as a candidate. Important is to be sure that you did everything right.

Sometimes commission is asking the candidates that are going through CDL air brake test if they are sure that they did everything right before they lock the test as finished. Here is a tip for you! They maybe are giving you a friendly hint that you did something wrong. So if they do that just start over again with the steps. You need only one wrong or one skipped step to fail on the CDL air brake test. You better be two times right than one time wrong.


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  • Talk with the commission during the CDL air brake test. They need to know what you are thinking and that you understand the steps. They cannot read your mind, just say it out loud what are you doing and what are you noticing during the CDL air brake test.

The point is to understand everything how it actually works not to memorize few sentences.


To drive a truck with air brakes requires general knowledge and proper air brake maintenance. Every part of your truck equipment is important but air brakes are the vital part of that equipment. Every driver that drive a vehicle with air brakes needs to inspect the air pressure system and to make sure that every part of the system is working perfectly.

Before each examination, there is a period where you learn all these things. Nobody is born with knowledge how to drive a truck or how to check the air brakes. Being a truck driver requires to be a man who is open to new information and new challenges.

CDL air brake test is designed to prevent defects on time to teach you when and how to inspect the air brakes.

Do not skip a single check. Before every trip inspect the air brakes.  Each day must be like new CDL air brake test, thoroughly and carefully. Every detail is important. If you were worried about whether the commission will give a positive of a negative assessment of the CDL air brake test, now you need to be more worried because your life and the safety of all people around you depend on of your knowledge.



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