CDL Air Brake Test

Learn All Secrets About CDL Air Brake Test

The faulty of the air brakes was cause for many highways crashes so Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) conducted Brake Safety Week and campaign called Operation Airbrake to reduce the road crashes caused by faulty of the vehicle breaking system by performing roadside inspections and educating of the truck drivers.

The CDL air brake test is measuring the understanding level of the driver to perform vehicle with air brakes. Why is this so important? One truck driver must be able to inspect the air brake system and know how to identify the problem if occurs.

cdl air brake test

With defective air brakes, the truck is an unstoppable machine that will run over everything in front. Imagine one truck that is moving with 80 mph unable to stop! Too SCARY right!  That is why every Class A or Class B commercial driver needs to learn and pass the CDL air brake test beside Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) requirements.

To pass the CDL air brake test you need to learn how air brake system works. You need to understand the purpose of every part of this system 100% of it because you never know what you will be asked.

cdl air brake test

To pass CDL air brake test you need 80% correct performance. Without achieving 80% you will fail the test and would not be allowed to drive vehicles that have air brake system.



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