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What is the cost of a Truck Horn?

Speaking about researching, you can also find the best price. But remember, expensive doesn’t always mean it’s the best and inexpensive isn’t always the best buy. Typically if you stick with the middle ground you will be happy with your selection.

Now, as with any product, name brand is important. Not because you want to be a trendsetter or trying to keep up with the latest fad, but because a trusted name is always important. There are less popular brands that might offer an equally quality product, but do you want to risk a fine/ticket, because you bought a knockoff truck horn to save a few pennies?

Truck Horn
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Now while you are researching, check sales. If you don’t need it right away, wait. Wait for what you ask? End of the season sales. Yes, just like clothes everything has a season. Manufacturers and retailers need to get rid of last year’s stock to make way for next year’s stock. They often will offer other deals and specials throughout the year.


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So this brings us back to, “what does a truck horn cost these days”? You can get a basic system starting at about $50 and then they go up to state of the art digital truck horns for more than a $1000.

Truck Horn
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Things to consider when purchasing a Truck Horn

So as you can see the price is as varied as the types of vehicles they can be put on. When considering a new truck horn you need to take into consideration cost and what the need or purpose is? Is it:

  • Because you are just doing it to be compliant with the law?
  • Because your truck horn no longer functions and you it replaced ASAP?
  • Because you work in high noise zone and you need special design?
  • Because you like cool accessories and like to stand out?

These are just a couple basic reasons why people worry about their truck horn and buy the style they do. But there are some other considerations like city zoning and ordinances. What does that have to do with a truck horn? Well, actually a lot; noise pollution, nuisance and disturbing the peace. That’s right; if your truck horn is too loud you can be ticketed and fined, so check with the local ordinances before blasting the truck horn at three in the morning.

Truck Horn
Source: www.trainhorns.us


Trucks might serve a greater purpose but really they are a child’s dream come true. Think about it. They look like adult sized toys! They are rugged, tough, and are the monsters of the road. Many are tricked out with awesome accessories and shiny chrome. So shouldn’t your truck horn match?

Though they are a warning device, they are also a reflection of the driver. Truck horns, whether train-horns, air-horns, speaker-horns, are made to be heard. Meaning they are much louder than the standard vehicle horn. Truck horn are both functional and a safety device required by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Hopefully you’ll find these tips useful the next time you need to purchase a truck horn for your vehicle. Like everything there are numerous type and manufacturers to choose from. So, it is highly recommended that you always research and look into the company before you buy.
Where did you get yours? What is the best model and what type do you prefer? Do you have any suggestions for someone looking to purchase a new truck horn? Please feel free to share your thought and stories.



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