Life-Changing Trucking Ways to Survive the Christmas Haulage Chaos!

traffic jam and trucking methods

The fact that trucking companies are encountering with more traffic on the roads during Christmas is not making it any easier for truckers, and for on time deliveries of essential goods as well.


Thereupon, truck drivers should remember that one of the life-changing trucking methods that they can implement into their driving routine is leaving enough time to try to deliver the loads on time.

Truckers should never speed up in order to make essential deliveries on-time. Safety should always be on the first place.

Make Requests For Your Truckers To Work During The Holidays

When you as a trucking company owner are ready for the implementation of some trucking methods in order for your truckers to survive the Christmas haulage chaos this year, you should not forget to make proper requests for your truckers to work during the holidays.


First and foremost, you should have a good conversation with your truck drivers and give them requests for working during the holidays.

A good tip that many trucking companies in the USA are using is the implementation of bonuses for the truckers who want to work during the Christmas haulage chaos and other holidays.

Thereupon, one of the most successful trucking companies in the USA has stated that there was a large number from their company truck drivers who were ready to work during the holidays.

It is no surprise, after all the nature of the trucking industry implies for truckers to be away from their homes for a long period of time.

So, why wouldn’t they accept to work during the Christmas haulage chaos and throughout the whole holiday season?

Survive The Christmas Haulage Chaos Through Posting Time-Off Requests Far In Advance

Trucking companies are driven by schedules. In order for trucking companies to maintain their deliveries punctual during the Christmas haulage chaos, they should make a more effective schedule for their employees and to cut off request far in advance.


Moreover, time off requests should be presented to your truck drivers far in advance so that they can manage their time and to make plans for the upcoming holidays.

Hence, this is very beneficial especially during the peak seasons, because only that way trucking companies can allocate their employees proportionally by the days and hours.

Hire Temporary Truck Drivers

Depending on the dynamic work that trucking companies have during the Christmas haulage chaos, they can start hiring temporary truck drivers as one of the best trucking methods that can help companies survive the season four.

Temporary truck drivers can be of a great help to trucking companies especially in the situation when most company truck drivers have decided to take days off during the holiday season.


TIP: Before a trucking company decides to hire temporary truck drivers, the owners should make sure that they are understanding all the rules and regulations that apply to temporary hires.

Consider Alluring Team Driving

Alluring team driving can be as well considered as one of the trucking methods that trucking companies can take in order to survive the Christmas haulage chaos.

Team truck driving is ideal for the holiday season due to many reasons. One of the best reasons why trucking companies should consider alluring team driving for their trucking company is due to the fact that team drivers can handle more driving in a day than a single truck driver can.


Henceforth, here is what truck driver can do better than a single truck driver:

  • Keep the shipment moving at a consistent pace;
  • Alternate Shifts;
  • Team Truckers are on the road for a longer period of time and by that they double increase their payments as well the profit of the trucking company that they are working for;

Have a Sincere Communication with Your Customers

Yet, another trucking method for trucking companies to survive the Christmas haulage chaos is through maintaining a sincere communication with the customers.

Therefore, you should conduct a sincere communication with your customers with the aim to make a proper plan for their deliveries throughout the holiday season.


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So, having a discussion about their needs can help you organize your fleet and make an informed and confident decision about surviving the Christmas haulage chaos this year.

Protect The Loads From Theft During The Peak Shipping Season

The peak season, that is to say the holiday season is ideal for load thefts.

In addition, the holiday season is creating a great opportunity for thefts that is why trucking companies should protect the loads from theft in every possible way.

What makes the Christmas season to be ideal for thieves is the dramatic increasement of shipping volumes.


Moreover, trucking companies should insure the loads both in the situations when they are importing and exporting goods.

Unfortunately, nowadays the load theft awareness is not on a high level. Straight proportionally there are a lot of trucking companies that are not protecting their investments with cargo insurance.

Protect Your Fleet From Getting Involved In Trucking Accidents

The number of trucking accidents during holiday season is increasing more and more as each year goes by. It has even been confirmed by the Department of Transportation.

Besides the haulage chaos, the ice and snow are creating extra hazards for truck drivers.

So, what can trucking companies do in order to survive the Christmas haulage chaos and to protect their fleet from getting involved in trucking accidents?

Well, the very first thing that trucking companies should do each year before the start of the holiday season is to engage all of your company truck drivers with an additional training.


Each trucking company should arrange training for their truck drivers, during which they will be educated not to get engaged on the road when they are stressed out or fatigued, because it is the best recipe for trucking accidents.



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