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Life-Changing Trucking Ways to Survive the Christmas Haulage Chaos!

Trucking companies are facing with increased demands during the holiday season, especially before Christmas. This year is no exception.

Besides the increased demands, truck drivers are as well facing with adverse weather conditions that include ice and snow. The hazards that truck drivers are facing with are increasing especially if they are travelling to colder parts of the country.

In addition, trucking companies and truck drivers should be well aware of all added dangers and hazards that Christmas haulage chaos brings.

That is why trucking companies and truck drivers altogether should increase their awareness about the overall Christmas haulage chaos, and what a better way to do so than by implementing life-changing trucking methods.

Henceforth, in this article you have the chance to read and learn more about 12 life changing trucking methods that are of a great help every year.

These 12 life changing trucking methods will help trucking companies to survive the Christmas haulage chaos and to stay compliant with the rules and regulations given by the FMCSA- Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

So, let’s read, learn and implement the following trucking methods!

Why Is The Trucking Industry Slowing Down During The Holidays?

As I mentioned, the trucking industry is facing with increased demands during the holiday season.

Straight proportionally they have to implement some strict trucking methods in order to perform safe and on-time transportation during this period.

Thereupon, the trucking industry is significantly slowing down the transportation process throughout the Christmas holiday chaos due to many factors, among which the most significant factor seem to be the weather conditions.


So, weather conditions can slow down the work of trucking companies, but we must not forget that during the holiday season many truck drivers take time off or have company days off of work.

Henceforth, the fact that the trucking industry is significantly slowing down during the holidays is no secret, nor it is something uncommon.

Let me be more precise. The U.S. trucking industry is divided into four season, and the fourth season which includes the holidays has always been and will be the slowest one for trucking companies.

Here is the division of the seasons in the trucking industry:

  1. Season One- Starts from January through March- Throughout this period of time the trucking industry is pretty much quiet;
  2. Season Two- Starts from April through July- This season can be seen as a busy one, which means that having available trucks can be a bit of a hassle;
  3. Season Three- Starts from August to October- Season three is also called a peak shipping season;
  4. Season Four- Starts from November to December- This period of time is known also as Holiday season, and it is the busiest for the trucking industry and trucking companies. During season four, the shipments are being delivered in a slower way than usually are;

Trucking Companies Should Prepare Their Fleet for Long Days of Travel

The lifestyle that truck drivers are leading is very hard throughout the whole year, but especially during season four.

During the Christmas haulage chaos the shipments are delivered in a slower way that usually are. Straight proportionally, truck drivers have to work the maximum allowable hours in order to deliver all the loads to the final destination.


Moreover, since the Christmas haulage chaos starts from November to December trucking companies should prepare their fleet for the long days of travel on time.

As a trucking company owner you have the responsibility to provide your truck drivers with the best trucks.


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Forcing your truck drivers to drive an unsafe truck during one of the busiest times of the year is out of option.

So, preparing your fleet for long days of travel is one of the life-changing trucking methods that can help fleets survive the Christmas haulage chaos.

Follow HOS Rules

During the Christmas haulage chaos truck drivers are driving the maximum allowable hours with the aim to deliver all loads on time to the required destination.

Yet, you should train your truck drivers to follow the Hours of Service during all seasons especially during Season four.


Holiday deliveries made on time are of a great importance both to customers and to truck driver. Due to that many truck drivers are making the mistake to break the HOS rules and regulations.

That is why you should be very strict with them if you want your truck drivers to be safe and to reach the final destination as they should be.

Breaking the HOS rules and regulations can lead to fatigued and not focused truck drivers who can cause a truck accident.

So, following the HOS rules seems to be a great trucking method that trucking companies/truck drivers should respect in order to survive the Christmas haulage chaos.

Train Your Truck Drivers To Avoid Roads during Prime Time

Driving during prime time can bring truck drivers a hard time.

It is so, because truck drivers will encounter many motorists on the highways due to the holiday season.

During Christmas, the roads are full with motorist who are traveling to visit family and friends, straight proportionally the increased number of motorists on the road is increasing the dangers that truck drivers are facing with.


Moreover, surviving the Christmas haulage chaos requires from trucking companies to train their truck drivers how to avoid roads during prime time.

The best choice that truck drivers can make is choosing other routes that lead to the same destination point.

Luckily, with the innovation of truck GPS and trailer GPS truck drivers with the help from dispatchers can choose another time-efficient route and can avoid the chaos during the prime time.

Thereupon, you as a trucking company owner should train your truck drivers and to give them tips how they can avoid the busiest roads during Christmas haulage chaos.

Trucking Companies Should Take Enough Time to Make Essential Deliveries

Making essential deliveries is of a great importance for trucking companies, both for their financial outcome as well as for their reputation.



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