Load Canceling – Big Mystery Problem In US Trucking

In most of my articles I used to say that brokers present a huge problem for the trucking industry and present the real threat to the trucking industry profits and they seem to jeopardize the trucking companies. Simply the role as middle man they have now is making no one happy and they seem to take money from both sides – the ones that carry the load and other that need load to be carried.

Load Canceling - Big Problem In US Trucking
Source: www.vestvalleytires.com

And now the brokers introduced us with the newest product and service they were able to come up on the market – Load Canceling.

What would they usually do is that they would arrange the load with you, provide you all the required papers, give you all pick up and deliver information and they would send you the confirmation papers. You plan your trucks and dispatch departments plans their trips and you send them for the pickup but once of a sudden you receive a call from broker that your load has been canceled.



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