Load Canceling – Big Mystery Problem In US Trucking

Load Canceling - Big Problem In US Trucking

Source: blog.freightlinertrucks.com

There is some tips in general that could lower your load cancelation rates despite being hard to implement them give an extra effort to try to do it:

  • try doing business only with the brokers you have worked before
  • if you are working with new broker try to work with largest and trusted ones
  • try getting a direct contract to avoid brokers (very hard and there is some potential legal issues so please be aware)


This huge newly invented change is making impact on all of us doing business in trucking world and hopefully it will disappear quickly like it was introduced quickly. Until that period arrives the only way is to try to stay patient and reduce the cancelation rate at the minimum. If you have and recommendation that work or some tips please share it so that we can learn and stop losing money.



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