Pest Control Certification Test: Learn 7 Secrets About It

Who needs to be certified to apply any type of pesticides?

Well, to start with few facts and figures.

By the U.S. federal law, any person who applies restricted use pesticides should undergo a pest control certification test, and by so he/she should be certified in accordance with EPA regulations and laws.

Yet, how can one get certified?

As mentioned, in order to get certified in accordance with EPA, one should undergo a pest control certification test.

On the other hand, there are states that do not require, but most of the U.S. States do require all commercial applicators to be certified.

According to EPA standards for certification of commercial applicators- the candidate should gain practical knowledge.

Commercial applicators should gain practical knowledge of the following aspects:

  • Core Pesticide safety and use;
  • Pesticide label comprehension;
  • Pest identification and management;
  • Pesticides in the environment;
  • Pesticide application equipment and application techniques;
  • Pesticide laws and regulations;

To continue, in the U.S. there are 10 federal categories of certifications.



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