Pest Control Certification Test: Learn 7 Secrets About It

Who needs to be certified to apply any type of pesticides?

Well, to start with few facts and figures.

By the U.S. federal law, any person who applies restricted use pesticides should undergo a pest control certification test, and by so he/she should be certified in accordance with EPA regulations and laws.

Yet, how can one get certified?

As mentioned, in order to get certified in accordance with EPA, one should undergo a pest control certification test.

On the other hand, there are states that do not require, but most of the U.S. States do require all commercial applicators to be certified.

According to EPA standards for certification of commercial applicators- the candidate should gain practical knowledge.

Commercial applicators should gain practical knowledge of the following aspects:

  • Core Pesticide safety and use;
  • Pesticide label comprehension;
  • Pest identification and management;
  • Pesticides in the environment;
  • Pesticide application equipment and application techniques;
  • Pesticide laws and regulations;

To continue, in the U.S. there are 10 federal categories of certifications.

These categories of certification include agricultural pest control, ornamental pest control, forest pest control, seed treatment, aquatic pest control, industrial pest control, right-of-way pest control, public health pest control, regulatory pest control, as well as demonstration and research pest control.

1. Determine Your Pest Control Credential Needs

To continue with the determination of your pest control credential needs.

First of all, any person who does apply pesticides should have obtained an operational certification.

The same goes for the people who assist in the same process.


In other words, I refer to the operator license.

The aim of the certification is to allow a person to use pesticides.

More precisely every person that is part of a commercial pest company should have to have an operational certificate.

So, seeing these facts and figures, you will have to determine your pest control credential needs since there are different types of pest certifications.


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The types of pest control certifications include the following

By seeing these types of pest certification you can determine the real certification of your needs.

2. Pest Control Certification Eligibility Requirements

Before you start the process of taking a pest control certification test, you will have to check whether you meet one or more of the following eligibility requirements.


So, it goes like this. The person applying for a commercial pesticide applicator certification will have to full-fill the following requirements:

  • One year of experience as a technician with an additional 12 hours of category-specific training;
  • Three years of full-time experience as an apprentice working in the area in which the person is seeking certification;
  • To have three years of experience as a certified private applicator in a corresponding private category;

3. How To Get Your Pest Control Certification Test Materials

Since you have already determined your pest control credentials and you know the eligibility requirements, now it is time for you to order your study materials.

There are two ways to order your study materials, via the U.S. Mail or you can order the materials online.

The choice is yours.

Yet, you have to be aware of the fact that it might take up to a few weeks for you to receive the manuals.

So plan it ahead.


On the other hand if you choose to go through this process online, then you can do it using the new ePLACE Portal.

Via visiting the ePLACE Portal you will be enabled to take the following options:

  • Apply for the pest control certification test;
  • To apply for a new certification license;
  • Submit proof of insurance;
  • Renew your license;
  • Submit all examination and licensing fees via checking account or credit card;

So, now you must be asking yourself what the exam fees will be?


To start with the applicator license exam which costs $75.

And to continue with the following, the private certification exam costs $125.

The commercial pest control certification test, on the other hand, costs $125 the same as the dealer license exam.

Whereas, the catch basin permit exam comes for free.

It is good for all applicants to note that there are no refunds on the paid money as well as cancellations.


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On the other hand, it is always the best to schedule and to pay for the pest control certification test.

You can do that at least for 7 working days prior to the exam.

4. Take Your Pest Control Certification Test

As previously mentioned, make sure that you have all regularities done at least 7 working days prior to the exam.



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