Top 9 Food Delivery Services In Houston

what are the top food delivery services in Houston?

There are a lot of food delivery services in Houston, however, only a few of the delivery services are reliable.

When it comes to determining the rating of a company for its delivery services, people are honest and harsh.

Having said this, it is always hard to get trust among customers and actually create a loyal and long-lasting customer relationship.

How Food Delivery Services Change Lives?

Over the past few years, there are convenience-based food city services that are becoming more prevalent. Consequently, they are predominantly focused on the healthy type of food.

Furthermore, there are meal kits available online that can provide you with the necessary food and groceries that you choose online.


There are also food delivery services which are letting their users choose what they want from their menus instead of going to the grocery.

In this way, you are able to do the cooking by yourself and according to your own preferences.

Regarding the healthy lifestyle, people order foods according to their diet. Thus, the food delivery services are helping their users to lose weight faster.

What are the Best Food Delivery Services in Houston?

Food delivery services are particularly appealing to urban consumers who actually lack the time and easy access to these massive online food deliveries, not to mention the businesses.

However, the trick with the delivery is that they can get pricey and are not considered as the most economical choice.

On the other hand, they are a perfect choice for those with busy lives and who want to get meals or groceries in a faster way.


They do offer a real mealtime solution for those who want food that also keeps their health intact.

The good thing is, there are food delivery services which are respecting and complying with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In particular, the following food delivery services are considered reliable and excellent providers of customer services:

1. Dinner Dude

Dinner Dude is a family-owned company based in Houston. They are considered for one of the best food delivery services in Houston.

The company provides food delivery services across the Greater Houston area. This also includes the over 300 zip codes.

The company practices to deliver within an hour and have a particular delivery schedule to which they charge $15 per delivery.


In addition to the above-mentioned, they have an offer program where you can get free food delivery services if you make an order over $80.

However, there is still a bag fee of $5 for each delivery.

With the intention of making a better food delivery service, Dinner Dude is offering the following delivery schedule:

  • Ordering by 12 pm on a daily basis and get it delivered the next day
  • Pick up order is made by 6 pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Schedule order for future dates
  • Choose meal arrival between 9 am to 3 pm

The trustful part about their food delivery services is that the drivers are delivering food in special bags that keep the food at the right temperature.


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2. Space City Takeout

Space City Takeout understands that getting your food on time is very important to you.

Therefore, their team works hard to make sure that your food gets to you on time, every time. They guarantee you a fast order and make it look good on every order that you make on a daily or weekly basis.

Then include your order number and the time that the order arrived and we will gladly refund the company fee from your order.


To continue with, there are refunds of the total amount of the order’s fee that will be refunded for the following:

  • The ASAP deliveries that are near the restaurant are guaranteed to be delivered within 60 minutes to the customer.
  • Delivery services that are over 5 miles from the restaurant are guaranteed to be delivered within the quoted delivery time which is clear on your order confirmation.
  • The advanced orders are delivered on or before the quoted time.
  • On-time Guarantee claims need to be made before 11:00 pm on the day of the delivery

If you have not received your order on time, you can send them an email on the on-time guarantee with the same subject line.

3. Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen is located in Austin, Houston and is a food delivery company which has available delivery in other parts of Texas as well.

The idea of going online is to expand the market and speed up their projects.

Moreover, they wanted to expand the range of food delivery services and go citywide.


In addition to the above-mentioned, the company is offering website possibility to check the locations that are available for food delivery services.

Their primary goal was to make nutritional and healthy food more accessible to people by inventing food delivery services.

Their application is quite appealing visually and allows you to easily customize the delivery option.


Snap Kitchen is also considered as one of the most successful delivery companies in Houston and the area.

To continue with, their wide range of food delivery services are the following:

  • Available online order
  • Free food delivery services on plan subscriptions
  • Nutrition and ingredients information
  • Inventory check
  • Find the nearest Snap Kitchen
  • Receive new items alerts

By expanding the services, Snap Kitchen shows it cares about the customers. Based on their plans, and customer service, the clients always have positive critiques.

4. Door Dash

Door Dash is a company that offers food delivery services in order to ease the lives of others.

With regards to this, they are providing you with these services in order to let you do your job while they are doing theirs to serve you.

DoorDash has one of the fastest food delivery services in the area of Houston. The drivers are also called “dashers” and are independent contractors like those existing on Uber.



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