What is The Real Price of a Truck Driver Health Insurance?

Why Truck Driver Health Insurance?

Besides obvious reasons health care protection is providing there are more reasons I think trucking companies should start thinking to offer this to their truck drivers.


Back in old days and even is some recent years this was reserved for companies that are really big or market leaders (Schneider, FedEx, JB Hunt) or companies having dedicated loads and contracts with some big companies allowing them to make higher profits and gross margins in their business and then distributing this to the company truck drivers.

So, if you ask me there are a lot of reasons as well benefits that trucking companies can achieve by covering truck driver health insurance so I will mention only part of them:

  • Drivers feel happy and satisfied working for company;
  • They and their families are protected in case something unexpected happens;
  • This saves money for truck driver and trucking companies;
  • By contracting a group policies companies can save money (till March 2017 group policies were more expensive per person than singe but that changed in March 2017);
  • Truck drivers are less willing to quit and change job;
  • It builds the company culture and makes it easier to hire new truck drivers;
  • By offering health insurance you can attract the best sand most experienced truck drivers;

As you can see benefits from introducing the truck driver health insurance are multiple. For investing extra few hundred dollars you can receive multiple returns and in the same time, you can have your drivers happy.



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