What is The Real Price of a Truck Driver Health Insurance?

What is Included in Truck Driver Health Insurance?

This is also very complex subject and requires a lot of attention when going trough it. We all know those small letters at the bottom of the page of the 20-page contract we are about to sign that we haven’t read. Not just that of we get the 20-page contract usually on page 7 or 8 there is some things dig in the side that no one wants us to see.

This is done on purpose so that some very and special cases that might happen are masked in this way. Why is this important? Well, because those cases and those medical situations that are very rare are in most cases very expensive to cure and health insurance companies want to make sure if that happens they will be the ones that cover the less as possible.


Pay attention to the following items in the contract. Make sure that you ask your insurance agent about this items. Because it could cost your truck driver a huge amount of money if you don’t pay attention to it and this could also reduce the value of the policy your trucking company is paying:

  • Ask what is the percentage of general coverage;
  • What are the situation health insurance covers;
  • Is there any situation where you looking forward to paying for something and wait to get reimbursed from health insurance company?;
  • What do doctors include in the policy? Are you allowed to go to the best doctors or not?;
  • How often and is there a cap on insurance level. For example, are they covering everything until you get better or just basics;
  • Can they and how (what is the procedure) cancel the insurance?;

What Are The Real Prices? Take a Look at Real Up to Date Offer For Health Insurance.

I know all of you are super busy running your company and that there is never enough time to do everything you would like to do.


After spending a day in trucking office there is family and friends waiting to see you. Dedicating a day to go around and do meetings just to get some quote for the health insurance seems very hard and like a time wasting because you never now at the end how good prices you can get.

So to save you a lot of time and to make your life easier I decided to do that for you. I managed to get a quote from the insurance agent. The quote listed here below shows multiple options and packages. I know for each company this can vary, but this can of a use as a good guide to see what you can expect from your company.

This will also show you the price category so that you can calculate the monthly cost of introducing this service into your business. I would strongly suggest not to look this as one-time expense only. Try to see a bigger and wider picture how this can make your company better and attractive to keep existing and attract new truck drivers.


We all know that the average cost of replacing the truck driver that quits the job is estimated on $6,000. This doesn’t include the really high cost of recovering the truck if it is left unattended on some truck stop location in the middle on nowhere. If that is the case then cost of replacing the driver can easily go up to $10,000. Having truck health care in place minimizes the risk of those situations.

Take a look at the quote. I asked the quote for the company doing long haul dry van trucking all over the state and having 20 trucks in the fleet. As you can see the average price is around $500 dollars per truck driver a month.

What Are The Companies Paying For Truck Driver Health Insurance?

In the last few years, there are more and more trucking companies deciding to this coverage fro their truck drivers. But in most cases you won’t be wrong if you say that trucking companies that pay truck driver health insurance are the good ones. So pretty much a lot of Top 10 trucking companies in the US provide some sort of truck driver health insurance.


If you take a look at the list of the best trucking companies to drive for you will find that all of them have some sort of truck driver health coverage. Here is the list:

  1. Schneider;
  2. UPS;
  3. FedEx;
  4. DHL;
  5. C.H. Robinson;
  6. Roadway Trucking;
  7. Yellow Transportation;
  8. Prime Inc.;
  9. J.B. Hunt;
  10. Gordon Trucking;

All the companies have a thing in common that they have been in business for a while. They have built the reputation that is providing the good work environment and terms for their truck drivers. It is not a rare thing to see that some truck drivers work for the same company more than 20 years.


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Recently more and more small and medium trucking companies are offering this services as well. I need, to be honest. If anyone sees a small and medium trucking company offering this service that means this is a great company, and it is a great sign how the company culture looks like.

There is no difference what so ever between large and small companies offering this service. So, all truck drivers, wherever you decide to go you will have the amazing environment.

Is It Worth Covering Truck Driver Health Insurance

Yes. I can’t answer in a more simple way. Yes, it is. Do it. Don’t think about this. If you want to have a steady trucking company and you are thinking on a long run you need to do this in order to be able to attract the best people to work for you. Not just to attract them you need to make sure they are going to stay with you for a while.



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