The 10 Features To Look For In A Quality Fleet Delivery Tracking

how Fleet Delivery Tracking helps your business

A quality fleet delivery tracking costs but do you think is worth spending amounts of money on fuel when you can invest in your transportation company?

Think about it.

There are 20% of the consumers who are willing to pay a significant amount of cash for a delivery.

Continually, there are 25% of your customers who will pay tons of money for the same day delivery.

What is more profitable?

Spending money on fuel or a quality equipment like fleet delivery tracking?

This always ends up as a no.1 problem in the transportation industry.

Why Do You Need a Quality Fleet Delivery Tracking?

Statistically, there is a gap between your customer’s satisfaction and your business and this is the time when companies are making their biggest mistake when starting a trucking business.

With regards to this, 100% of the transportation business focus on improving customer satisfaction but only 80% of them are doing it right.

The question is: Where is your mistake?

how your transportation business benefits from Fleet Delivery Tracking

The fact is, as a company owner, you are considering customer solutions a cornerstone without creating the right strategy.

Usually, you are unaware of your mistakes which might result in killing your company’s profit. This is why it is important for you to close the gap between your consumer’s satisfaction and your business.

Integrating a fleet delivery tracking software in your operations is a No.1 solution. Investing in a delivery software will significantly reach and more importantly retain customers.

Fleet Delivery Tracking services

In order to stand out in the competitive market of transportation and straight proportionally improve efficiency and satisfaction, you need a comprehensive solution.

If you own a small transportation company, you could start by integrating new technology and win in the competition of the economy.

If you are ready to invest in a technology software, the features you should look for in a fleet delivery tracking software are the following:

1. Real-Time Fleet Delivery Tracking

In order to provide a first-class service, delivery companies need to let their customers track their deliveries and more importantly, enable alerts.

By providing access to a driver’s recent location, as a company, you are building customer experience and eventually, loyal customer relationship.

For example, if your customer is a gas station which has its gas or other hazardous materials transported by your company, you can build trust in this particular way.

real time Fleet Delivery Tracking feature

To be precise, it is the best solution if you want to create a reputable trucking business.

Moreover, this feature enables you to track the fleet in real-time as well as access records for your past orders.
Think about it.

Providing a fleet delivery tracking is not only good for improving your work at your company but also to ameliorate the services you provide to your customers.

creating reputable business with Fleet Delivery Tracking

Continually, tracking every route of your fleet is one of the most important elements as your company drivers do their daily operations.

The ability to track the fleet and receive the most important traffic reports is drastically decreasing the work time of trucking companies.


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Instead of preparing reports, as a company owner, you will have all the reports at your fingertips the only thing to do is to print it and have it on paper in case you need it. Is that easy!

2. Historical Data of Your Fleet Delivery Tracking

There are thousands of trucking companies that made reports on the fleet data manually and had their offices full of documents.

Monitoring the fleet data is crucial in order to maintain the optimal standards and reputation for your company, yourself and drivers.

Moreover, having the historical data of your fleet is important in times you will need an unexpected backup.

historical data of the Fleet Delivery Tracking

Notably, you need the history of the fleet in order to document a long-term driver behavior and protect yourself from fees or unwarranted litigation.

With the right fleet delivery tracking system, you will be able to gain all the data from the first day of every truck.

Moreover, with the help of the advanced technology in trucking, you will always have your fleet information recorded for any date and anytime.

get driving history with your Fleet Delivery Tracking

Fleet delivery tracking is probably the best tool that technology could give the transportation industry.

In particular, you get the following advantages of historical data:

  • Verification of delivery
  • Accuracy of billing
  • Human resource support
  • Compliance verification
  • Proof against the unwarranted litigation

3. Fleet Delivery Tracking with Alerts

The best part of the fleet delivery tracking is that it does the entire job for you meaning, you do not have to monitor your fleet each day.

Fleet Delivery Tracking with alerts

Setting up the automated alerts will secure the driving of your truckers which will give you enough time to run your trucking business. By tracking the driving behavior with the fleet delivery tracking you are given the following opportunities as benefits:

Monitor Speeding

The excessive speeding or breaking are known as dangerous driving behavior which additionally wastes amounts of fuel.

By implementing fleet delivery tracking software, you will be able to analyze all the inappropriate habits.

Fleet Delivery Tracking device with monitor speeding

Moreover, you will be able to send alerts in real-time in order to correct the behaviors and improve the fleet performance.

In this way, you will create a safe environment as well as decrease insurance costs.

Tracking Idling Time

Putting your vehicle on idle more than the limited time leads to wasting a gallon in one hour.

With the fleet delivery tracking, you will be able to reduce your fleet’s idling time. How are you going to do that?

Well, to emphasize, you are going to receive an alert each time you meet a threshold time.

tracking idling time with Fleet Delivery Tracking

Consequently, this will help you reduce the fuel costs as well as maximize the road performance.

Think about it.

One of the biggest trucking expenses is fuel. Do you think it is worth to spend that amount of money on fuel when you can invest it in your services?

Alerts – Out of Boundaries

Setting up boundaries with a fleet delivery tracking device gives you the most relevant data about a driver’s activity.



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