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Top 10 Employee Retention Strategies That Keep Truck Drivers on Board

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Moreover, trucking companies should start investing in their truck drivers if they want to retain them.

Investing in truck drivers means providing them with opportunities to attend a range of professional development training, help them increase their productivity through new ways of working and stay up to date with the latest technologies and regulations.

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Hence, trucking company owners should be aware that by investing in their truck drivers they are in fact investing in their company. By undergoing additional training, truck drivers will be in the position to:

  • Perform flexible delivery to minimize the time that they spend away from the workplace;
  • Achieve high-level skills development to meet the needs of the trucking company;
  • Apply immediately their new skills in the workplace;

Thereupon, trucking company owners should offer tailored training and development that will meet the specific needs your trucking company might have.

5. Establish Clear Expectations

The results of establishing clear expectations are eye-opening.

Thereupon, trucking company owners by establishing clear expectation to their truck drivers will help truckers in the perception of what was expected from them in a given task.

Every now and then, setting expectations can be a big deal for some truck drivers- they can take it uncomfortably.

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On the negative side, if a trucking company does not give clear expectations in place to their truck drivers, then truckers will be set up for inevitable issues on the road.

Also, by not having a clear grasp of the job duties, truck drivers can damage the morale of the trucking company.

In general, owners should assign specific responsibilities to specific truck drivers in order to keep their team on task.

Trucking companies can establish clear expectation in the following way:

  • Define specific expectation;
  • Communicate with no room for confusion;
  • Set realistic goals;
  • Review regularly-focus on achieving the set tasks;

6. Express Effective Leadership

Leaders who are capable of expressing effectively their leadership skills are the ones that can motivate and elevate the success of trucking companies.

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Great leaders are the ones who know how to find balance in their desire and intensity of work. Straight proportionally, the very first point that all leaders should have in mind is listening.

Yes, listening is a leadership responsibility, one that might be seen as the most effective among truck drivers and their careers.

Thereupon, showing truck drivers what your vision is, and suggesting the ways to perform the vision is an expression of an effective leader.

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Leaders in all industries, especially in the trucking industry, should be able to clearly and effectively formulate and give directions for truck drivers.

So, leaders in the trucking industry should not forget to take initiative, request more responsibility, and target specific skills in truck drivers.

7. Offer A Beneficial Benefits Package

Offering beneficial benefits package is one of the best retention strategies that keep truck drivers on board.

More precisely, trucking companies should improve truck drivers’ compensation, that is to say, the salary and the bonuses for achieving safety, service as well as department goals.

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Thereupon, here is what truck drivers want to receive from the trucking company for which they are working for:

  • Medical and dental insurance- covering the prescription drug plan and flex spending program;
  • Retirement plans- 401k retirement plan with company match;
  • Profit sharing plan;
  • Life insurance;
  • Company bonus program;
  • Vacation- 1 year of service- 80 hours per year; 5 years of service- 120 hours per year; 15 years of service-160 hours per year; 25 years of service- 200 hours per year;
  • Employee crisis fund;
  • Employee assistance program;

Simply, trucking companies should take into consideration everything that will serve its truck drivers and will keep them on board.

8. Celebrate Achievements and Dedication

Each trucker wants to be part of a successful trucking company. It is why trucking company owners should try to lower the turnover rate of their fleet by making truckers feel that they are contributing to the success of the company. Which they actually are.

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Henceforth, due to the truck driver shortage trucking companies nowadays are in lack of truck drivers, more precisely they are in lack of truck drivers who are ready to provide the needed dedication.

So, when a truck driver is dedicated enough to its duties, he will achieve success.

Thereupon, due to this fact, trucking companies should celebrate the dedication and the achievements of their truck drivers.

Yet, doing little things all the time to show the appreciation you feel for your truck drivers is one of the best employee retention strategies that trucking companies can take.

9. Thoughtfully Connect With Your Truck Drivers

Truck drivers who have a strong connection with the owner of the trucking company for which they are working are the ones that stay on board the longest.

In addition, truck drivers are the biggest and more important asset that trucking companies have.

So, the best way that trucking company owners can get close to their truckers is a sincere conversation and a regular communication.

Therefore, if you consider that your truck drivers are truly valued by your trucking company, straight proportionally you have to show it to them.

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Moreover, a great start towards achieving a thoughtful connection with your team of truck drivers is a recognition of anniversaries, birthdays and other significant events to truckers.


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Personal connection is definitely a key to getting people to stick around for a longer period of time.

When employees have a personal connection with owners and other employees then they enjoy their work and are more likely to spread a good word about your trucking company.

10. Lastly: Learn Why Employees Would Stay In Your Trucking Company

By learning what benefits and values would keep your truck drivers in your trucking company, you will be in the position to set the best employee retention strategies.



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