Top 10 Fire Truck Games

Top 10 Fire Truck Games

Top 10 Fire Truck Games

If you are a person that likes the fire truck games then you will enjoy this list that I made for you. This list is made of fire truck games that by my opinion are the best fire truck games ever made. I know that we are not all the same and that you have your own favorite fire truck games and maybe later after reading this article you can share your list with us.


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However, we all need from time to time to sit comfortable in out gaming chair or simply our sofa and set our favorite game and relax for a bit. Today we are doing that on our computer or our Smartphone but gaming is not a new way that we found, in fact, it is a way that started thousands of years ago.

OK, maybe the way of gaming was different but the purpose was the same. Our ancestors made games with stones and branches and not far away when the Smartphones and mobile application were not part of our lives some of us loved to be out of the home walls playing with our friends in our backyards.

Like I said the materials of gaming were different but the purpose was the same which is making us happy at that moment. The games are the natural way of learning us to become better which is same later in the life. We want to improve ourselves so we will be able to achieve a higher level in our life.

Top 10 Fire Truck Games

Funny but we really… live our lives like a game going level by level and level and level and at the end, we rescue the princess and realizing that we achieve the best of the best so she is free and now what?  Ok, we start again aiming for a higher score aiming for improved position and all over again just like we do later in the real life. Games come naturally for us, as human beings.

Back in the days to be a part of the gaming process you would be needed at least one friend that will play along with you, now… the things are different starting with the process where we don’t need the human presence beside us to be our opponent because we have thousand of opponents virtually somewhere in the world.

You can seat on your sofa and all you need to have to be relaxed is your computer or your Smartphone and your favorite game. Here are the top 10 fire truck games that you can play and definitely will make you closer to the firefighter career and some of this games are not so easy for playing but from the day to day you will get better so you will appreciate the difficulty of those fire truck games more at the end.

Even if you are a person that loves semi trucks or you admire the truck drivers skills that they poses while performing safe transportation of the load to the final destination than you might be interested in some of these fire truck games.

10. Fire Truck Games: Airport Emergency Crash Rescue

Top 10 Fire Truck Games

It is one interesting game for playing because it gives you a chance to play as firefighter emergency driver. So in this game, the human life will depend on your skills to drive that class 8 truck.

This game will allow you to drive a 3D fire truck on the airport. It is realistic 3D airport fire truck simulator that will give you an opportunity to be part of the most dangerous place to work as a firefighter.

The airport will depend on your ability to answer on time. Your will be needed to arrive on time at the place where the fire occurs and not just arrive but also to show impeccable skills while using the fire equipment.

In this game, you need to be fast as the light because the time is not on your side. Airport Emergency Crash Rescue is one amazing game for grownups and teens because it requires focus in the moment to respond quickly to the specific situation.

Top 10 Fire Truck Games

You will be proud of the final result when you master this game and save the people that were in the middle of one very danger situation.

This is the way of playing this game:

  • To steer the fire truck to the left or to the right you need to rotate the steering wheel
  • If you want to shift the feat you need to tap it forward or if you want to go in reverse you need to tap again
  • When you need to switch between the camera modes you need to tap the camera icon and choose the suitable position
  • To move the fire truck forward or backward you need to press on the gas pedal

These are the features of the Airport Emergency Crash Rescue game:

  • Great precision of the 3D fire trucks
  • Great precision of the ambulance simulator
  • Great sound effects
  • It is really a dynamic game
  • Great amazing 3D

9. Fire Truck Games: Fire Fighter Truck 3d

Top 10 Fire Truck Games

If you are one of those people that dreamed of becoming a Fire Fighter now you have a chance to experience the life of a fireman. The Fire Fighter Truck 3D simulator is a chance to be part of the exciting life of these heroes.

A life of a firefighter is challenging and requires a lot of knowledge and physical skills. There is a lot of fire truck games but the Fire Fighter Truck 3D simulator will give you the ability to experience the real action on the field and save a lot of people from very dangerous fires.

With this game, you will be able to shift between different fire trucks and turn the fire truck siren to alert the people and the vehicles around you to get of your way so you can quickly get to the place where the fire take a swing.

Top 10 Fire Truck Games

The rule is very simple:

  • Put your fire blaze
  • Reach the place of fire as soon as possible and
  • Get control over the fire flames as quickly as possible

This game will offer you 3D graphics and HD quality so you can taste the real fire situations. The fire truck games are there to open a world of possibilities and situations that the real firefighters are facing every day.



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