Top 10 Fire Truck Games

Top 10 Fire Truck Games

To play these fire truck games you can use the pedals and the arrows to shift in between places, to operate the fire truck and to extinguish the fire. With this game, you will have a chance to drive and park a big fire truck properly without hitting anything because if you hit something you need to start all over again.

Interesting about this game is that you will be able to park the fire truck in 20 different parking situations.

Top 10 Fire Truck Games

You can switch the view on the inside of the truck when you need to park the fire truck and get a real impression on how the fire truck is controlled by the steering wheel, acceleration pedals, and the brake. All you can do to enjoy this game is to download it and play it for free.

  • These are the features of the Fire Fighter Truck 3D simulator:
  • Fire Truck
  • 3D graphics and HD quality (realistic graphics)
  • Equipment of the Fire Department
  • Camera
  • Locations: Countryside, Interior City, City
  • A lot of different missions and level where every level requires different grade of skills
  • Steering wheel control
  • On Screen buttons
  • 20 different fire truck parking levels
  • Real life firefighter situations

This game is very dynamic and challenging and requires a different grade of skills of the players. With this game, you will be able to walk into the firefighter shoes and drive a fire truck enjoying the real graphic of the game described realistically on a fire situation.

8. Fire Truck Games: 911 Rescue Fire Truck 3D Sim

Top 10 Fire Truck Games

911 Rescue Fire Truck 3D Sim is another fire truck game that will get the life of a firefighter closer to you. You want to be a hero here is your chance to walk the steps that a real firefighter is walking every day.

With this game, you will have a chance to save a lot of lives and put down a lot of fires. The coolest of all is that you will have a chance to drive a fire truck and get a realistic experience behind the fire truck steering wheel.

This game will offer you a lot of modern fire equipment that you can use it trough the gaming. The job is to reach the destination as soon as possible and prevent a further damage to the fire area. As a hero of this game, you will be able to go around the city and save lives.

Top 10 Fire Truck Games

But to do that you need to get there on time knowing what fire equipment to use in the specific situation and save people from fired buildings or vehicles. However, this game requires knowledge and skills that you will be able to increase trough the game levels.

You can use the fire truck siren on this game also when you need to alert the vehicles and people around you to get away from your way. Using the siren as an alert will help you to get to the endangered place on time to be able to extinguish the fire successfully.


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You need to answer the call as soon as possible because human lives depend on that. To be successful in this game you need to be the best driver when parking and when driving and ones you get at the required location you need to know how to use the fire equipment to successfully extinguish the fire flames.

Top 10 Fire Truck Games

Features of the 911 FireTruck game:

  • 3D real surrounding
  • 3 types of fire truck with different lights and sirens
  • Realistic fire effects as fire and smoke
  • HD Graphics
  • Animated water and fire hose
  • 20 types of driving levels to test your driving skills
  • Few camera angles that will help you to get better perception of the field and the fired building.
  • Map of the City
  • Real feeling about the vehicle traffic around you

7. Fire Truck Games: Fire Truck Parking HD

Top 10 Fire Truck Games

This game is focused on the fire truck parking and the driving with the purpose to train you and prepare you for fire interventions. This game has 3D graphics with HD quality which will provide you good field and object perception.

You can choose how to control the truck:

  • With the traditional touch screen operation or
  • With tilting your Smartphone up – down, left and right

This game is offering you three stars when you park the truck below the time rate. To get a more realistic feeling you can switch the view from outside to inside so you will be able to observe the real operations over the fire truck.

Top 10 Fire Truck Games

The rich content of Fire Truck Parking HD will make you enjoy every step of this game. The different parking situations will be a challenge for you such as the time battle on the parking assignments.

The features of the Fire Truck Parking HD game are:

  • Realistic effects
  • Realistic truck control
  • Different level of difficulty
  • 20 game levels
  • Race against the time rates

Very interesting game that will give you a lot of challenges and make your job complicated but at the end you will become master of this game and for sure you will appreciate the difficulty of this game.

6. Fire Truck Games: Fire Truck Simulator 3D

Top 10 Fire Truck Games

This Fire Truck Simulator 3D game will give you a chance to answer the emergency calls on time which will save a lot of people in dangerous situations. You need to rush to the fired location, spot the fire and before it take wider ranger to extinguish it.

The human lives depend on your driving skills and the ability to correctly use the fire equipment. Your further continuing to the next level depend on your time respond. It is really one of the best fire truck games that will provide you an experience so is close to the real fireman situations.

Grab your protective helmet tight the seatbelt and ride to the required location. You will need to find your way through the traffic jam and as soon as possible to arrive at the required location. When you finally arrive at the place use the fire hose and extinguish the fire.

Top 10 Fire Truck Games

Make your way through traffic jam park your fire engine near the fire zone. This fire truck game or fire tuck simulator will give you an experience of a 911 team member.



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