Top 10 Trucking Companies In Colorado

Top 10 Trucking Companies In Colorado


Continuing with our trend of covering trucking companies in various states, we thought it was time to head for the Rockies, so today we will be looking at the top 10 trucking companies in Colorado.

Colorado is an interesting place with plenty of myths and reality meshing to make it a dreamlike place to those who are not originating from there.

Colorado was admitted into the Union in 1876 as the 38th state. They are the only US state that sits entirely above 3200 feet (1000 meters) of sea level.  In fact, its lowest point is still higher than the highest elevation points of 18 states! But it is a place where the air is crisp and the laws are unique.

After all, it is one of (if not the only place) where it is illegal to mutilate rocks but you can legally tear the tags off your mattresses and pillows. So when your My Pillow arrives in the mail, feel free to just tear off that annoying tag.

And remember in Boulder it’s illegal to let your llama graze freely on city property.

However, you can cruise freely on their wide array of highways, but they don’t have as many as you might think. Even though Colorado is the 8th largest state at 104,094 square miles (269,837 square kilometers), which is as big as or bigger than many independent nations, they are ranked in the middle for a number of road miles.

Colorado has 184,289 total road miles, while Texas has the most with 675,580 and Hawaii has the least at 9,662. This is according to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Colorado’s main north–south highway is Interstate 25 (I-25), while their major east to a west highway is Interstate 70 (I-70), stretching from Utah to Maryland.

If you wish to learn more about their highway network and to research their various regulation and laws visit the Colorado Department of Transportation.

So, as you can guess, there is a lot to see and do within the state. But if you are in need of trucking companies in Colorado, there are plenty of those as well. After all who better to navigate both the mountains and the plains during the same trip?

Colorado has a lot of open spaces, forest, steep mountains, and major urban centers. They can be a bit intimidating for someone not familiar with the area. So instead of risking your load to someone from out of state, give one of the many trucking companies in Colorado a try.

Just for starters, you might want to check these out and see the list that I’ve prepared for you. So here, without any further delay, please have a look at some of the best trucking companies in Colorado. Hope you like it!

10. CAST Transportation

CAST Transportation is on my list with top 10 trucking companies in Colorado because as a trucking company has been providing trucking services since 1948!

Their fleet has over 135 power units that are always ready to meet your request!

Furthermore, their fleet has a different state of the art equipment including:

  • Crane Trucks;
  • 190+: 45’x 96” wide flatbed trailers;
  • 48’ & 53’ Conestoga’s;
  • 190+/-: 48’ x 102” wide flatbed trailers;
  • 48’ curtain trailers;
  • Van Trailers;
  • Belly and end-dump trailers;
  • Step deck trailers;
  • I-P1 low-level waste containers;
  • Lowboy trailers;
  • 1 and 2-ton pickups for hotshot service;
  • Chemical tankers;
  • Stake bed straight trucks;
  • Forklifts (6,000 – 35,000-pound capacities).

They have seven terminals to better serve their existing and new clients. The terminals are in Colorado, Carlsbad, New Mexico, Bentleyville, Pennsylvania, Kingston, Tennessee, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Richland, Washington, and Denver.

The terminal in Denver is comprised of the corporate office, full-service mechanic shop, training classroom, translated yard and dispatch.

With all of the conveniences on one place that Cast Transportation has to offer, you should not think twice before you contact and choose this one, out of the many trucking companies in Colorado! They sure will give you what you need!

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9. Transport /Burgener Trucking

Transport/ Burgener Trucking was founded by Ed Henry Burgener back in 1946 after he returned from overseas where he was serving the US Military in the WWII.

This company is a family owned business and is now owned and operated by the third generation.

Transport / Burgener Trucking is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado with additional terminals in Laramie, Wyoming, Fort Collins, Colorado, Denver, Colorado, and Pueblo, Colorado, from where they service their customers from Western US and Canada.

8. Navajo Express

With more than 75 years of experience, Navajo Express will definitely be the right choice for your transportation needs when it comes to choosing one of the trucking companies in Colorado to do business with!

Navajo Express’ corporate headquarters are located in Denver, Colorado. Additionally, they have terminals in Pottsville, Arkansas, North Salt Lake, Utah, Rockwall, Texas, and in Tolleson, Arizona.

They offer transportation solutions and services to almost the entire country or across 48 states to be exact!

While enjoying the reputation of being among the top trucking companies in Colorado, they aim to become the best out there and want to be the first place you will call for your transportation and logistics solutions, especially when it comes to sensitive cargo.


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Besides the fantastic personal relationships that they’ve built with their clients they are always prepared to create the right shipping solution for your business needs and deliver your freight on time efficient and most safe matter.



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