Top 10 Trucking Companies in Georgia

Top 10 Trucking Companies In Georgia


Placed in the Southeastern United States, more precisely in the state of Georgia, and looking for the best trucking company that can transport your loads? If that is the case, do not worry, this article will be of your great use.

I have dedicated this article to the top 10 best trucking companies in Georgia, in order to help the people that are in search of a transportation provider-to find it easily.

In general, Georgia is a state that has achieved to maintain stability of their trucking industry, nowadays in this state there can be found numerous trucking companies that are operating in the trucking industry. Yet not all trucking companies that are operating there are able to provide the best transportation services.

Thereupon, we can see that the people searching for a transportation provider, for a trucking company- they will have to do a detailed research about each company that they consider to be the perfect fit for them. Why is that necessary? It is necessary for the customer to do a detailed research before he decides which trucking company will do the transportation of his loads because:

  1. The History Of The Company Matters;
  2. The Fleet Of The Company Is Of A Great Importance Too;
  3. Trained And Well-Educated Truck Drivers- Essential;

All in all, these are the three most important points that you will have to cover if you are looking for a transportation company before you make the final decision.

Also If you are in the role of a truck driver that is looking for a job opportunity- have in mind that the same point coverage goes for you too.

Henceforth, we should also do a clear classification of the trucking companies in a view of the services that those companies are providing.

Likewise when I decided to write this article, instantly I started a detailed research about all trucking companies that are operating in Georgia nowadays, and when I summed up mu research materials I came to the point where I can rank as top 10 trucking companies in Georgia the following 10. Enjoy.

1. Atlantic Trucking Company Inc.



Having more than 25 years of experience in the trucking business and being one of the best trucking companies in Georgia- Atlantic Trucking Company Inc. is providing the ultimate trucking services to its customers.

Coordinating shipments and maximizing the ROI of its customers is their specialty. Many customers have come to use their trucking services and have become their loyal customers, because of the fact that this company is offering multiple transportation optional services such as:


Thereupon if you are looking for a trucking company that will transport your loads in a safe and secure manner, than Atlantic Trucking would make the perfect match for you.

When I say that this company would be the perfect trucking company for your needs is because of the fact that they have new trucks, experienced and well-trained drivers.

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In addition what makes this company to be more reliable are the real time fleet tacking devices that it uses- thanks to this feature you will be able to keep track of your loads during the whole transportation process.

2. Grimes Trucking Company



Grimes Trucking Company is a well-established trucking company; also it is ranked as one of the 10 top trucking companies in Georgia. This trucking company has two locations- in order to meet the needs of all customers, the first location is Atlanta, Georgia and the second one is in Jacksonville, Florida.

I firmly believe that the success that this trucking company has achieved is thanks to the care and dedication that it is offering to its customers.

When it comes to the services that Grimes Trucking Company provides, those services comprise:

  • Dry Van Regional Transportation;
  • Inter-modal Transportation;
  • Drayage Container Transportation and Services;
  • Overweight Transportation;
  • Customized Trucking Solutions;


In fact what raised this company to be among the leading trucking companies in Georgia, besides the exceptional fleet and dedicated truck drivers, is the remarkable management strategies that they are using.

3. Howard Sheppard Inc.


Established in 2002- Howard Sheppard Inc. is representing one of the best and leading trucking companies in Georgia. Straight proportionally to being one of the best trucking companies this company owns a large fleet, with more than 200 trucks.

Funnily enough Howard Sheppard Inc. is offering multiple transportation services, but at the same time it is working with owner-operators too.

Generally this trucking company has specialized in the transportation of frozen poultry, as well Howard Sheppard is handling refrigerated containers with ultimate care.


All in all this trucking company is offering the following services:

  • Inter-modal Transportation;
  • Truckload Transportation;
  • Warehousing;
  • Trans-loading;
  • HSI Logistics;
  • HSI Brokerage;


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Moreover, there is a high demand for all trucking services that this trucking company is offering, but remarkably the biggest demands comes for the services that is offering the Inter-modal Division.

This Division is providing container pool management, as well this division can help into the improvement of the demur-rage of their customers, by that they can also increase the efficiency of the container pool.

4. Brown Trucking Co.


Brown Trucking Co. is a liable trucking company which is committed to providing only the best trucking services in a time-efficient manner. All customers of Brown Trucking are satisfied with this company, since Brown Trucking is taking care of all the planning and scheduling of the whole transportation process.

Having the feature of GPS tracking devices installed on all trucks, Brown Trucking is enabling to their customers to have view of their loads while they are being transported.

Thereupon, this trucking company has diverse range of trucking services, such as:

  • Regional Short and Long Haul Transportation;
  • Contract Carriage;
  • Back-haul transportation services;


Sooner or later one of the most important thing for the customers is cutting their transportation costs, in spite of that Brown Trucking is providing to its customers competitive edge when it comes to managing their costs and pricing.

5. Southern Freight Inc.


Southern Freight not only that is one of the best trucking companies in Georgia, but also it is one of the most successful trucking services provider in the Southeast, Midwest, as well as the West Coast.

Incorporated in 1980 this trucking company during all these years that is in the trucking business has been and is still following the rules and regulations that are given by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration- FMCSA.

The fleet of Southern Freight is large and it comprises all the best trucks in a good driving condition. Yet all their truck drivers have obtained Class A driving license and have gone through DOT testings’’.


So if you are searching for a trucking company that is able to transport your load all across USA, and not only that, to transport your loads in a safe, sound, and time-efficient way- in that case you should take into consideration this leading trucking company.



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