Top 10 Trucking Companies in Georgia

Top 10 Trucking Companies In Georgia

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Point often overlooked by the customers who are in search of the trucking company that can be perfect for their transportation needs is putting their attention to the Motor Carrier Permit.

Besides their regular transportation services, Southern Freight is also licensed transportation company of Hazardous Materials, altogether with EDI solutions.

6. Premier Transportation

Working 24/7 and aiming towards the achievement of customer satisfaction – Premier Transportation has become one of the best trucking companies in Georgia. Therefore this trucking company is providing integrated transportation and logistic solutions.

Moreover the solutions that Premier Transportation provides include:


Thereupon, Premier Transportation has experienced truck drivers that have gone through a lot of trainings, have obtained Class A CDL drivers’ license, and have gained a lot of experience in the load transportation business.

Premier Transportation is a company which is dedicated to innovation; in that direction this trucking company is using the following integrated technologies:

  • EDI-enables fast exchange of business documents;
  • Tractor tracking- GPS satellite tracking;
  • Trailer Tracking-SkyBitz which provides protection of the cargo and at the same time it improves the stolen asset recovery;

Likewise Premier Transportation has different load transportation services, including a yard management services. By the Yard Management Services this trucking company is extending and improving the distribution operations of their customers.

7. C and A Transportation

C and A Transportation is a trucking company which is one of the most effective trucking companies in Georgia, also it is in the top 20% of safety statistics when it comes to the insurance carriers.

Offering competitive rates, insurances, altogether with incentive bonus programs- C and A Transportation is striving to give only the best to its customers, and to turn them to be loyal customers.


 If we take a closer look on the first class transportation services that they provide, we can see that those services are being done with an innovative approach. Not to forget –they have industry leading tools as well as an uncompromising integrity towards their customers.

Their efficient loads transportation is being done in a cost-effective manner. C and A Transportation Inc. are also providing customized services that show their dedication to their clients.

Generally this trucking company is operating with all 48 states, but mostly they are doing transportation in the following states:

  • Florida;
  • Illinois;
  • Indiana;
  • Kentucky;
  • Maryland;
  • Virginia;
  • Texas;
  • Pennsylvania;

They have achieved to be among the best trucking companies in Georgia thanks to the experienced, well-educated, and well-trained truck drivers, altogether with the fleet of best equipped class 8 trucks.

Therefore I would highly recommend you C and A Transportation if you are looking for a transportation company to transport your loads.

8. Overdrive Logistics


Providing simplified transportation solution process to their customers has made Overdrive Logistics one of the best trucking companies in Georgia.

Thereupon if you are in search for a trucking company that will do on time pickup and delivery of your loads than you should take into consideration Overdrive Logistics. And not only that- Overdrive Logistics is offering complete transportation solutions with a 24 hour dispatch on disponibility.

Moreover, the truck drivers of this dedicated transportation company are trained to work with expedited and overnight deliveries, also they are able to do specialized shipments- such as oversized loads.


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Likewise, if you become a client of Overdrive Logistics than you will be put in the position where you can enjoy many benefits, starting from competitive prices up to the spot pricing. Like I said before this trucking company is offering:

  • Point to point Prices;
  • State to State Prices;
  • Spot Prices;

Overdrive logistics will provide you with the best transportation services, this trucking company will bring you peace of mind, and it will save your time.

9. Collins Trucking Company


Collins Trucking Company is one of the best trucking companies in Georgia, it is a company which is operating with the latest trucks and at the same time it has one of the best truck drivers.

By providing exceptional trucking services Collins Trucking Company has attracted many loyal customers. Striving to implement new innovations on a constant basis, and providing the best equipment to get the job done has led this trucking company into becoming what it is now- among the trucking companies in Georgia with the best rating.

Safe and reliable is what Collins Trucking Company is.


Henceforth, this company is being led by the motto that they should be giving back only the best services to the community. Collins Trucking is operating with the latest model equipment and that is part of the reason why they are offering ultimate services to their customers.

And you must be asking yourself how does the people of Collins Trucking help the community, how do they contribute? In fact these people are contributing by the aid of sponsorships, helping through their personal time, and so on.


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Without a doubt- this trucking company has a relentless focus on the company’s reliability towards their customers.

All in all Collins Trucking can take pride for their exceptional trucking services, and their community contribution.

10. Keen Transport Inc.


Keen Transport is ranked as one of the top 10 trucking companies in Georgia. This trucking company has eleven strategically located facilities all across USA.

In a view of their fleet Keen Transport have 95% company trucks and 5% owner operators.

What makes Keen Transport a unique trucking company is the fact that it is one of the leading heavy haul transportation companies in USA.

The easy adaptability and the flexibility of their leaders and their truck drivers has placed Keen Transport to be at this position where it is now- at the top 10 trucking companies in Georgia. The fleet of this trucking company consists of 550 trailers, 50 super load trailers, as well as step decks.

Being incorporated in 1968, Keen Transport has become industry-wide known for its exceptional services that they are providing, such as:



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