Top 10 Trucking Companies In New Mexico


This trucking company became part of the trucking industry back in 2011. It is a pretty much young company, but it has achieved to become one of the top 10 trucking companies in New Mexico.

Thereupon, CGLT can offer you the following trucking services:


By all means, this trucking company is specializing in temperature-controlled and hazardous materials transportation.

On the other hand, CGLT is providing help to corporations for streamlining their chemical supply and distribution networks.


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If we take a look at the impressive track record of safety, then we can understand clearly how this trucking company became one of the top 10 trucking companies in New Mexico.

5. CAST Transportation

CAST Transportation is a trucking company that is offering hauling, trucking and transportation solutions. Thanks to their dedication, hard work, and professionalism this trucking company achieved to be ranked as one of the top 10 trucking companies in New Mexico.


Thereupon, CAST Transportation is offering the conventional type of load transportation solutions, but as well they are offering:

  • Oversized load transportation;
  • Rare load transportation;
  • Unusual commercial and military cargo;
  • Hazardous nuclear waste transportation;

Forthwith, I would like mention few more facts and figures about the hazardous material transportation solution that this trucking company is offering.

Thereupon, CAST Transportation has a good reputation of being one of the premier transportation companies to be transporting Low-Level Radioactive Waste LLRW, as well as a top choice by the Department of Energy.

So, have in mind that CAST Transportation have a prominent position in the trucking industry.

6. Fortune Transportation

Fortune Transportation was established 1980; back then this trucking company began operating with only one truck.

Thanks to their consistent growth and dedication Fortune Transportation expanded their fleet to over 150 trucks and 3 terminals and has risen up to be one of the top 10 trucking companies in New Mexico.


Since day one the truck drivers of this company are operating with their customer’s needs in mind. Also, the truck drivers of Fortune Transportation are real professionals, they have the best truckers’ resume; along the way are keeping an excellent safety record.

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Also, they have a mutual respect which is a key point to becoming one of the leading trucking companies in New Mexico.

If you are looking for a load transportation provider, who is ready to offer you a long-term relationship, and will transport your loads like truckers on reality tv shows are, then you shall get in touch with Fortune Transportation.

7. Wilbanks Trucking Services LLC.

Wilbanks is no ordinary trucking company. This trucking company has a highly skilled team and exceptional equipment. Thanks to that Wilbanks is able to provide transportation of all forms of tubular.

By offering a wide variety of services and performing them in an exceptional manner has led Wilbanks to become one of the top 10 trucking companies in New Mexico.


Another key points it that this trucking company is specializing in logistics of oil rig transportation. Wilbanks is utilizing logistics technology. As well as a highly specialized equipment which enables their truck drivers to be able to perform complex and challenging moves.


In addition, this trucking company is offering comprehensive training to all of their truck drivers. Also by becoming a truck driver for Wilbanks, you will get to enjoy excellent benefits and an opportunity to advance.

Thereupon, if you are asking yourself where you can find the best truck driving jobs near you, then I would like to suggest you contact this trucking company.

On the positive side, the key to maintaining successful operations is through productivity and efficiency.


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8. DATS Trucking

DATS Trucking was formed in 1988; nowadays this trucking company is known as one of the leading trucking companies in New Mexico.

Thereupon, DATS Trucking is specializing in LTL transportation. The main focus of their employees is to provide their customers with superior services. Thanks to their dedication DATS has become a loyal support to hundreds of customers.


To put it another way, their team of truck drivers has achieved enormous success in a short period of time; in less than a decade, DATS has advanced from a single tractor and trailer to more than 250 trucks and 850 trailers.

Moreover, DATS has 16 service centers in 5 states, as well this trucking company has developed a solid service of partnerships.


For instance, we can see that DATS is a clear proof how a trucking company can become one of the preeminent providers of freight services. While at the same time becoming one of the top 10 trucking companies in New Mexico, and reveal you the best trucking secrets.

9. Waggoners Trucking

Waggoners are one of the top 10 trucking companies in New Mexico. This key of the success that this trucking company has achieved is the combination of advanced fleet and professional truck drivers, which the leaders of this trucking company have combined.

Later on, this trucking company has regular routes and schedules. In other words what I’m trying to say is that by having regular schedules their truck drivers can provide guaranteed on-time pick-up and deliveries.


Moreover, Waggoners are offering their services in the area of Western and Southern United States, up to Canada and back.

What makes this trucking company stand out from all other trucking companies in New Mexico is:

  • The single carrier responsibility;
  • Their fleet of 300 specialized late model trucks;
  • Professional truck drivers (trained to handle all types of freight properly);
  • Reliable team-driver services;
  • Complete Hazardous materials transportation;

Also, this trucking company can take pride about the benefits packages that they are offering to their truckers, as well as to the other employees of Waggoners.

10. New Mexico Transloading

New Mexico Transloading, is a trucking company which is customer oriented. All employees of this trucking company know that customer service is now only about getting the products transported from point A to point B. They are aware that the transportation process it is way beyond it.



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