Top 10 Trucking Companies In New Mexico


Did you know that 89% of New Mexico communities depend on the trucking industry?

Well, New Mexico communities depend entirely on the trucking industry. In fact, if the trucks stopped operating for a day, it would result in more expensive products.

Thereupon, the truck drivers who are part of the trucking industry in New Mexico, take care on a daily basis to connect the country and deliver goods that can keep all citizens comfortable and healthy.

On the positive side, we can see the trucking industry as an economic engine that is powering New Mexico every day.


If we take a sneak peak at the facts and figures that the trucking industry in New Mexico is holding, then we could see that the trucking industry is, in fact, accounting for nearly 32.400 jobs. In other words, that means that it’s around one of 19 jobs in New Mexico.

It is equally important for you to know that New Mexico is a leader in the output of uranium and potassium salts, as well New Mexico has the minerals as the state’s richest natural resource.



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