Top 10 Trucking Companies In New Mexico


Did you know that 89% of New Mexico communities depend on the trucking industry?

Well, New Mexico communities depend entirely on the trucking industry. In fact, if the trucks stopped operating for a day, it would result in more expensive products.

Thereupon, the truck drivers who are part of the trucking industry in New Mexico, take care on a daily basis to connect the country and deliver goods that can keep all citizens comfortable and healthy.

On the positive side, we can see the trucking industry as an economic engine that is powering New Mexico every day.


If we take a sneak peak at the facts and figures that the trucking industry in New Mexico is holding, then we could see that the trucking industry is, in fact, accounting for nearly 32.400 jobs. In other words, that means that it’s around one of 19 jobs in New Mexico.

It is equally important for you to know that New Mexico is a leader in the output of uranium and potassium salts, as well New Mexico has the minerals as the state’s richest natural resource.

Yet, I’m mentioning these facts and figures because of the trucking industry. That is to say, the trucking companies are in charge of the overall transportation of those materials. It speaks volumes!

Also, the trucking industry in New Mexico is serving the principal manufacturing industries. Furthermore, in this article, you will have the chance to read and learn more about the top 10 trucking companies in New Mexico, which are contributing on a large scale to the overall state’s economy.

Let’s take a look!

1. Brady Trucking Inc.

Brady Trucking is part of the trucking industry since 1980. This trucking company was established by Larry Brady.

Since day one this trucking company is providing quality trucking services. That is one of the reasons why nowadays Brady Trucking is ranked as one of the top 10 trucking companies in New Mexico.

Brady Trucking not only that is one of the top 10 trucking companies in New Mexico, but it is also one of the safest and most reliable truckload carriers.


Nowadays the fleet of this trucking company consists of:

  • 150 Peterbilt trucks;
  • More than 200 trailers;
  • Pneumatic trailers;
  • Low Boy Trailers;
  • Flatbeds;
  • Drop Deck Trailers;
  • Side Dump Trailers;

Did you know that Brady Trucking is providing customized transportation solutions?

Well, they do provide customized transportation solutions. In fact, Brady Trucking is hauling whatever their customers are in need of.


Thereupon, Brady Trucking is operating mainly throughout the central USA, as well as in all 48 states, including Canada and Alaska.

I must not forget to mention that Brady Trucking is, in fact, specializing in bulk hauling.

2. Triple S Trucking Co.

If you are looking for a one-stop solution, that is to say for a trucking company that can help you with all your hauling requirements then you must take into consideration Triple S Trucking Company.

Moreover, Triple S Trucking as one of top 10 trucking companies in New Mexico is offering their services in the areas of the rolling hills of Pennsylvania up to the desert bluffs of Utah, and New Mexico.


On a daily basis, this trucking company is exceeding the expectations of their clients.

Moreover, this trucking company can also help your way in managing your production and drilling fluid requirements.

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So, Triple S Trucking is offering as well the following services:


Thereupon, Triple S Trucking is able to perform impeccable load transportation services thanks to their truckers. All truck drivers that compose the team of Triple S Trucking have obtained Class A drivers’ license and have undergone additional training.

When it comes to the fleet of Triple S, we can see that their trucks range from 220 wheelbase road trucks up to 400 wheelbase twin-steer tandems. That is to say, these truck are enabling their professional truckers to accommodate any task that might come their way.

Further, as one of the top 10 trucking companies in New Mexico, Triple S Trucking has located their headquarters on perfect locations: the Marcellus shale region in Indiana, Permian Basin in Hobbs, Uintah Basin in Vernal, as well as in the Midwest region located in Garden City.

3. Omega Trucking

When speaking about the top 10 trucking companies in New Mexico, I must mention Omega Trucking Inc. This trucking company has entered the trucking industry as a dedicated, international Door-to-door, and dependable load transportation provider.

Thereupon, as an asset based company, Omega Trucking has its own broker division. The main headquarter of this trucking company is located in Santa Teresa.


So, as one of the best trucking companies in New Mexico, Omega Trucking is able to deliver any type of goods, in and between the United States and Mexico.

Moreover, the success that this trucking company has achieved so far, can be clearly seen by the satisfaction of their customers. The truck drivers that are part of Omega Trucking are committed to providing 100% on-time deliveries.


By the same token, Omega Trucking as one of the leading trucking companies in New Mexico has become as well a prominent presence in the transportation industry.

Provided that, you can see that Omega Trucking is working hard and is always showing professionalism, which later on is a highly valued priority.

4. CGL Transportation LLC.

CGL Transport (CGLT) is one of the leading trucking companies in New Mexico. As such it helps corporations to streamline their chemical supply and distribution networks.

In this case, CGL Transport is operating with world-class systems, transportation-related expertise, and assets that are at the same time providing ultimate care to their customers, and a reducement in the transportation-related costs.



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