Top 10 Trucking Companies in North Dakota


Have you ever had trouble finding trustful trucking companies in North Dakota, or another state?

Well, every truck driver has gone down that road.

There are thousands of trucking companies in the USA but somehow the location might drag you backward.

In addition to this, there are changing future trends in the trucking industry that are affecting companies including the trucking companies in North Dakota.

The Top Trucking Companies In North Dakota: How To Find Them?

Finding the right trucking companies in North Dakota may be a challenging task. Just like the companies in North Dakota have values, so do the truck drivers which is making it hard for them to find the one.

However, when choosing a company, you need to carefully consider pros and cons. Further, it is important to find the right company to work for in order to expand your knowledge.

On the subject of this, you do not want to end up with the thought of how you wasted your time there.

It is really significant to find the right company whether you need to work there, cooperate or even partner with.


On the other hand, these are the companies that know the trucking business and they will do anything in order to grow it successful.

For example, if it takes buying an auxiliary fuel tank, or a route optimizer, or even buying a whole new fleet, they will do it.

In addition, the best trucking companies have certain qualities:

  • Offer benefits
  • High employee satisfaction levels
  • High safety standards
  • Locations covered
  • Truck driver salary

They may not be among the best truck rental companies but they are definitely among the most trusted and reliable trucking companies in North Dakota.

Here is a list of trucking companies that I have found for you and might save you time searching it for yourself.

1. Britton Transport

Britton Transport’s story began back in 1980 with a mission to provide crash-free and on-time transportation.

It is one of the rare trucking companies in North Dakota that consider safety and professionalism as their greatest values.


Having said this, their values are strongly built on their mission. Further, their values are:

  • Mutual respect
  • Operating by “The Golden Rule”
  • Valuing the mindset of protecting the others
  • Valuing improvement
  • Financial performance

Additionally, their services include transportation, logistics and freight brokerage. With regards to this, the brokerage covers several carrier services:

  • Vans
  • Flatbeds
  • Step decks
  • Oversized Load
  • Livestock Freight

2. Wayne Transports

Wayne Transports is considered as the leader of the trucking companies in North Dakota. Moreover, they have been delivering only quality solutions for more than 65 years.

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Having said this, I wonder, they have been a contributing factor in the trucking industry for a really long time. The years of being in the trucking industry have gained them experience leading them to proficiency.

It is a family-owned company that has the focus on a customer service, strong work ethic, employee satisfaction and safety as well.


Regarding the transport divisions, Wayne Transports is specializing in transferring the following:

  • Asphalt transport
  • Chemical transport
  • Bulk transport
  • Petroleum
  • Propane transport
  • Specialized transport

With regards to the kinds of transportation they offer, Wayne Transport is among the largest trucking companies in North Dakota.


3. Brady Trucking

Brady Trucking has been incorporated in late 1996. Further, it is among the safest and the most reliable trucking companies in North Dakota.

More importantly, it has been providing the United States with only quality service for over 30 years.

Further, they have the latest fleet models as well. Their Peterbilt trucks are among the most famous in the regions of North Dakota, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico as well.


Having said this, they are coping with the regulations of the Department of Labor (DOL) as well as Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). In addition, their safety-based services include:

Having a mission to provide only first-class and safe services, Brady Trucking values the safety above everything else.


If you want to work for one of the most valuable trucking companies in North Dakota then there are several occupations that might suit you:

Furthermore, their team is holding onto their principles which are accountability, sustainability as well as teamwork.

4. Hofmann Trucking

Hoffman Trucking is one of the trucking companies in North Dakota that consider safety their number 1 priority from day one.

In addition to this, they have a huge respect for the safety regulations and policies of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

More importantly, they embrace the highest value to accountability and security among their truck drivers.


You know the best part about Hoffman Trucking?

The trucking company has a division that specializes in the processing and hauling of aggregate services. Further, their complete services are:


Furthermore, they are aiming at becoming the leader of the most trusted trucking companies in North Dakota.

They are aiming in acquiring this by providing solutions and services on time and maintain high safety standards.

To sum up, they are also striving for excellence. They owe their growth to their amazing team of employees that are valued for their contribution.

5. Black Hills Trucking

The Black Hills has been serving the United States for more than 30 years. The years of experience have made them one of the best trucking companies in North Dakota.

Respecting the regulations of the Department of Transportation (DOT), Black Hills Trucking offers training to the future candidates.

The company has all the rules and regulations of the Government involved in the training program.



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