12 Things To Know Before Getting Penske Truck Rental


What do you think about the Penske truck rental? Have you ever used the services of the Penske truck rental? How are the prices? Are there any pros or cons?

All of us personally or at least someone from our close family and friends has experienced an urgent need to rent a truck in a lifetime.

There are multiple reasons why we might need one but pretty much all of us need it sometimes.

Normally, when that happens we have very few or none real information how to get one or rent one in a cheapest and the best possible way for us and for our home budget.

For that reason, I decided to share my experience with you and warn you on some details that you might find useful or at least check them out.

Correspondingly, it could save you a lot of time and money. Furthermore, you can avoid some serious future problems that can be both time and money consuming.

Why Penske Truck Rental?

Well, I have asked myself that question as well. Simply in my head, I have decided to go with them I guess because of their huge brand recognition and reputation.

They seem to be on market forever, or at least in my lifetime forever. Those yellow trucks are so visible on the road and every once in a while you meet them in your everyday life.

Furthermore, they have a really good network of renting locations so it is very convenient to use their Penske truck rental service.

Source: www.plusgoogle.com
Source: www.plusgoogle.com

Notably, it is very handy because there are multiple locations in almost every city across the entire country.

Having said this, it is also very easy to find someone in your close network that had already used them in the past and hopefully, can share his experience with you.

That experience is very valuable and you can learn a lot out of it but simply today people don’t have time to sit around and talk about small things anymore.

Source: www.blog.gopenske.com
Source: www.blog.gopenske.com

As a human population, we spend more time on virtual social networks than meeting people in real life.

To emphasize, it became very hard to learn and avoid mistakes other people experience before you. Still, knowing it could be very helpful.

Source: www.medicineandmotherhood.com

Among all those great things Penske offers, sometimes, there are some situations that are not always pleasant and that can cause you an unbearable headache.


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Moreover, situations of this kind are not happening because the company is bad or they are doing it on purpose.

Simply, it happens because they are too big to be able to control everything.

Check The Penske Truck Rental Prices

Yes, before you do anything or make a next move check the Penske truck rental prices. My advice is to check more than just the prices online.

To put it differently, give them a call or pay them a visit to ask in person what is the best price they can offer.

Source: www.blog.gopenske.com
Source: www.blog.gopenske.com

Over the years or my rental experience, I’ve learned that onsite managers have a huge authority to offer discounts.

If you go to a certain physical location and you discover that they have few trucks parked in a parking lot, you are lucky.

Source: www.etrucking.com
Source: www.etrucking.com

Those kinds of situations are a huge saving opportunity. For Penske Truck Rental, it is better to make money than to have a truck parked in parking lot losing money.

If they are in the yard they lose money – so they need to get them out. If you are the best offer and opportunity they could get then you might be able to negotiate the huge discount.

Compare Different Truck Size Rental Prices

Yes, this could be very important. Very often people rent the trucks that are too small for them and that don’t fit their needs.

This is simply happening because we as humans, tend to underestimate the amount of stuff we gathered and collected over the period of years.

Source: www.yellowpages.com
Source: www.yellowpages.com

All of us don’t even notice that over the last 10 years, some amount of the stuff we own, have doubled.

Furthermore, some things that could fit into the van trailer now require a truck to be moved.

Take a detailed look and estimate carefully what is the space you might need to move the stuff.

Source: www.trucks.com
Source: www.trucks.com

Of course, in some cases, if you are moving to a new location that is quite close to the existing one you can take multiple rides and move the stuff this way.

However, in that case, where you are moving from NYC to Chicago this might be an impossible thing to do.

Is Penske Semi Truck Rental Right Solution For You?

Nowadays, you can find multiple serious and big companies on the market, offering truck rental services in all kind of different ways.

Almost all of the companies have something similar to offer, but in the same way, they offer something different as well.

Source: www.personalspaceministorage.com
Source: www.personalspaceministorage.com

While Penske could be a good fit, there might be another company offering more customized and tailored services that will suits your needs way better.

It is a good approach to make multiple inquiries and check what other companies might have to offer.

Usually, the difference in offerings can be found based on multiple factors that can determine the price, availability and other contract details.

Source: www.windsorstar.com
Source: www.windsorstar.com

For example, you need to ask yourselves the following:

As you can see there are a lot of details determining the possible rental price. Save some time and take the phone in your hands, give them a call.



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