Top 10 Trucking Companies in South Carolina

Founded in the year of 1991, Service Transport, Inc. started with a small office. Having a mission to provide fast transit times along with superior customer service, they certainly went above the competition.


The years of providing quality solutions have brought them a reputation for offering reliable freight services, always on time.

Further, they are always complying with the regulations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Correspondingly, it is what the best trucking companies in South Carolina do to gain trust among customers.

6. Willson Trucking

Striving to provide premier service in transportation for the trucking industry, they have become one of the most valuable trucking companies in South Carolina.

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They began their road to success in late 1926 and started with pick-up truck hauling products to a marketplace.

Over the years, they have followed their mission and vision and expanded their fleet and services as well.


Having a mission and standards to provide the best service possible, they have made their road to success. Correspondingly, their services include:

  • Less Than Truckload (LTL)
  • Truckload
  • Lift Gate Service
  • Expedited

Therefore, if you are experienced or professional truck driver, hand over your truck driver resume and prepare to start your trucking journey.


To continue with, Wilson Trucking Corporation not only respects the regulations of Department of Transportation (DOT) but they also strive in acquiring specific goals:

  • Conducting growing, ethical as well as profitable transportation
  • Maintaining leadership in all of the service areas
  • Continuously building relationships with customers and other businesses
  • Providing exceptional working conditions
  • Valuing employees initiatives, effort, and care
  • Giving opportunities to employees for upgrading skills

7. Eagle Transport

Considered as one of the most successful trucking companies in South Carolina, they began their journey to the trucking industry in 1969.

Furthermore, Eagle Transport is one of the trucking companies that train truck drivers. As a matter of fact, they are giving an opportunity to all new truck drivers to learn something new.

The training process lasts three weeks total and also includes training videos that Eagle Transport has made for the new candidates.


Being considered a leader in the trucking industry for hazardous cargo transportation, Eagle Transport specializes in petroleum and chemical freight transport.

Having said this, they are strictly committed to the regulations of Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).

More importantly, they are a company that is always coping with the latest innovations in technology and is using the latest models equipment.


Striving to make a difference in the trucking industry, they are also aiming in providing exceptional services. In addition to this, they are a really proud member of:

  • South Carolina Association of Convenience Stores (SCACS)
  • South Carolina Petroleum Marketers Association (SCPMA)
  • National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC)
  • Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Distributors Association (MAPDA)

Eagle Transport is a trucking company that is striving to perfection. They are doing everything right in the trucking business. It is a privilege to work for trucking companies in South Carolina like this one.

How can a company beat the success of Eagle Transport?

8. Southeastern Freight Lines (SEFL)

Southeastern Freight Lines is considered a leader in the LTL trucking industry. Their known ‘strategy of differentiation’ has brought them among the best trucking companies in South Carolina.

To continue with, it is a privately-owned company that is founded in 1950. Moreover, it specializes in providing on-time service which is the next day.

Their main goal is to add value in everything they do. Speaking about this, their motto is ‘Quality Without Question’.


Furthermore, they offer superior quality services. Their services are known as cost effective and efficient. By way of example, they include:

  • Regional (LTL)
  • Assembly and Distribution Services
  • Carpet Specialist
  • Truckload Shipments

This superior service of theirs has brought them countless trucking awards. These awards were given by their customers and the trucking associations.

In a like manner, they are an honoree of the Smart Way Transport Partner. This reward is provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Besides the transportation solutions, they also have logistics team. Concerning this, if you are experienced in this niche, you may find one of the most popular logistics jobs in the USA.

So you want to be part of the SEFL team?

The only thing to do is to discover the best places for custom trucker hats and bring the amazing driver resume.

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9. Atlantic Trucking 

The discipline and strategy have led them to integrity. Consequently, that has brought the Atlantic Trucking among the most respected trucking companies in South Carolina.

Furthermore, their patience through the path of success has gained them a quality spot among the best intermodal trucking companies in the USA as well.

Specifically, they have developed a great strategy to become a leader in the transportation industry and the customer service.


Regarding the services, Atlantic Trucking provides quality, express, and satisfying delivery. To put it in a different way they provide completion.

Correspondingly, their services are the following:

  • Local Container Trucking
  • Long Haul Container Trucking
  • Container Yard
  • Chassis Fleet
  • Yard Jockey Services

They are efficiently scheduling and coordinating all shipments that result in maximizing ROI and reducing overhead.

You know the best part?

The Evergreen Shipping Agency Corporation has recognized the Atlantic Trucking services as excellent. Their performance is rated as Quality, Service, and Support.

In this way, they show that they deserve to be placed among the best trucking companies in South Carolina.

10. Fleet Car

Having a goal to provide first-class delivery has brought them among the most trusted trucking companies in South Carolina.

Additionally, as the name speaks for itself, Fleet Car specializes in auto transportation. Having said this, it also makes one of the best car transportation trucking companies.



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