Oilfield Driving Jobs – 10 Incredible Facts


Oilfield driving jobs are becoming great opportunities, no two ways about it!

Each day we can notice that the oilfield trucking job boards are expanding. Therefore, the expansion of the oilfield trucking job boards means one thing for truck drivers- open oilfield driving job opportunities!

Hence, oilfield trucking jobs are the ultimate challenge for truckers and have a high turnover rate. In general, oilfield trucking jobs are mainly concentrated in the west USA area.

Furthermore, I will try to bring closer to you 10 incredible facts about oilfield driving jobs, including what oilfield truck driver does, how much oilfield truck drivers earn, and so on.

So, let’s take a look!

1. Oilfield Driving Jobs Require Driving Through Specialized Field

Oilfield driving jobs are ranked in the specialized load transportation category. Since oilfield driving jobs are a highly specialized field, each truck driver who wants to apply to this type of truck driving job shall have obtained Class A commercial driver’s license, altogether with tanker and hazmat endorsements (hazmat practice tests).



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