Oilfield Driving Jobs – 10 Incredible Facts


Oilfield driving jobs are becoming great opportunities, no two ways about it!

Each day we can notice that the oilfield trucking job boards are expanding. Therefore, the expansion of the oilfield trucking job boards means one thing for truck drivers- open oilfield driving job opportunities!

Hence, oilfield trucking jobs are the ultimate challenge for truckers and have a high turnover rate. In general, oilfield trucking jobs are mainly concentrated in the west USA area.

Furthermore, I will try to bring closer to you 10 incredible facts about oilfield driving jobs, including what oilfield truck driver does, how much oilfield truck drivers earn, and so on.

So, let’s take a look!

1. Oilfield Driving Jobs Require Driving Through Specialized Field

Oilfield driving jobs are ranked in the specialized load transportation category. Since oilfield driving jobs are a highly specialized field, each truck driver who wants to apply to this type of truck driving job shall have obtained Class A commercial driver’s license, altogether with tanker and hazmat endorsements (hazmat practice tests).

Yet, the Class A CDL and the needed endorsements are the very first steps that this highly regulated world of transporting petroleum products requires.

In fact, you will receive the first indications whether this type of truck driving job is for you, or it is not, by taking the first steps into this specialized field of trucking.

It is no wonder that some truckers see oilfield driving jobs too overwhelming, whereas other see these job opportunities as an exciting lifestyle.

Source: www.miktyetrucking.com
Source: www.miktyetrucking.com

I do believe that when you think about oilfield driving jobs, straight away you get to think about the highly flammable products. Well, It is true that providing a safe environment while driving an oilfield truck is not easy at all.

In the first place oilfield driving jobs to entail each truck driver to know how to handle highly flammable products.


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Moreover, if we compare experienced oilfield truck drivers with experienced conventional truck drivers, we will see that oilfield truck drivers have quick reflexes, that is to say, ability to quick respond.

As I mentioned previously, oilfield driving jobs require driving through the specialized field, therefore these truckers must be Interstate and Intrastate accepted.

Source: www.houstonpublicmedia.org
Source: www.houstonpublicmedia.org

Henceforth, liquid cargo is a specialty alone. But since the oilfield driving jobs include transporting of liquid cargo with flammable and explosive factors, straight proportionally truck drivers must be more precautious than when driving only liquid cargo.

Additional training are a must!

Source: www.haulwater.com
Source: www.haulwater.com

By the same token, oilfield truck drivers should be aware of the state and federal regulations. That is to say, they must be careful when loading because if it happens that they load an incorrect combination, it can cause many problems.

Also, trucking companies that are providing oilfield transportation services must perform costly cleanup measures in accordance with EPA standards.

2. There Are Varieties Of Oil Field Driving Jobs

Did you know that there are varieties of oilfield driver jobs?

It is understandable for people that are not engaged in the trucking industry to think that the tanker trucks are the only means of oil transportation.

Yet, truck drivers know that when they search for oilfield trucking jobs, they get to encounter numerous opportunities for oilfield driving jobs that include driving flatbeds, tankers and many other types of class 8 trucks.

In fact, oilfield driving jobs include as well vacuum trucks and swab rigs.

Source: www.paceoilfieldhauling.ca
Source: www.paceoilfieldhauling.ca

In reality, vacuum trucks are very common in oilfield truck driving jobs. The reason why these trucks are very common in the petroleum industry is because they can suck all types of liquid, and other types of materials into a large tank.

On the other hand, we have the swab rigs. Swab Rigs are yet another specialty oil industry trucks.

Thereupon swab rigs are performing the job by swabbing, that is to say, the cable of the swab rig is releasing pressure in the hole, it is the main and the most important function that made swab rigs part of the oil transportation industry.

Source: www.salazarservice.com
Source: www.salazarservice.com

Moreover, you will come to encounter as well trucking companies that are in search for truckers who know how to handle water trucks, hot oil trucks, and heater trucks.

In addition, it is good for you to know that hot oil trucks can cause blockages in equipment.

3. Oilfield Truck Driver Must Gain Special Skills

You are already part of the trucking industry for many years, and now you want to take a step further into becoming an oilfield truck driver, then you should read this sub-heading with special attention since I have dedicated it to you.

By all means, a truck driver who wants to apply for oilfield driving jobs should be well-prepared.

Besides having obtained Class A license, oilfield truck drivers must gain special skills as well. Must be remembered that it is necessary for oilfield truck drivers to have the following skills and endorsements:

HAZMAT Endorsement

Oil transportation can be an extremely dangerous job to perform if you are not trained well enough. Moreover, the main reason why truck drivers should obtain HAZMAT endorsement is to help you understand better the duties that oilfield driving jobs bring, as well as gain additional skills.

By undergoing the HAZMAT training you will get to learn about the 9 classifications of dangerous materials. As well you will learn how to inspect the truck properly by following the safety standards by the federal guidelines (FMCSA).

Mechanical Skills

Oilfield truck driving jobs are not only about hauling and transporting. In fact, oilfield truck driving jobs require other driving related qualifications, such as are the mechanical skills.

Source: www.findtruckdrivingjobs.net
Source: www.findtruckdrivingjobs.net

Every now and then oilfield truck drivers will have to fix the rig. No matter is it is for basic mechanic inspection or to change a tire.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are among the four most important skills that oilfield truck drivers should possess. Trucking requires driving skills. But in order for a truck driver to achieve success in this industry, he must combine his truck driving skills and his leadership skills.



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