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7 Exclusive Tips To Know For Cheap Flatbed Trailer Rental

Flatbed trailer rentals are a great way to make and save more money. They can do the job that smaller trucks can’t. Flatbed trailers are flexible and efficient for transport loads with huge weight or unusual form and capacity, as well as hauling wheeled equipment and vehicles of all kinds.

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Among else, flatbed rentals are a great way to increase the number of available trucks in your fleet in a short period of time, and according to customers’ demand. Similar to buying a new flatbed trailer, renting is also a complex task that has its perks and quirks, but I assure you, renting pays off more than buying at this moment.


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Due to the low demand for freight transportation and fast changing customer demand, renting can be a smarter choice than buying. And let me explain 7 thing to pay attention to when choosing a rental, and save you the headache of doing the research all by yourself. Besides, why buy when you can rent?

1. Do a web search to find the best and cheapest online flatbed trailer rental options

Finding the best (rental) deal is crucial when deciding to enlarge your fleet and get a job done. No one wants to have their costs exceed the profit. Buying a flatbed trailer can cost you $40000-$50000, or even more depending on the size of the truck, whereas rental prices vary between $50-$100 per day.

A daily rental can go as low as $45. Even though renting pays off more than buying and is more cost-effective, it’s not an easy task to find a flatbed in decent condition for a fair (and cheap) price. It’s almost like buying a used flatbed, only you won’t get stuck with the already old trailer. It can take a lot of time, but if you do it right, it will be well worth it in the end. Various sites offer different services and prices, and deals vary from several hours, to daily and monthly rentals.

Additionally, many renting companies offer discounts to online reservations. So you this to your advantage.

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2. Ask for discounts if you rent trailer for a long period of time

Once you find a good deal, you can sweeten it even more for yourself by negotiating a discount with the lessor. Let’s say you negotiated a 10% lower rate for leasing the trailer for 6 months. But if you want to lease the trailer for a longer period of time, you can go ahead and ask for a deeper discount – 25% or even more for 18 month-lease.

Ask for a higher discount rate, and you might get a better deal than the 10% discount you already got. You might end up with a higher discount rate depending on the lease duration because that will be more beneficial to both, you and the lessor. So, don’t be shy and don’t give up, ask away.

3. Check Flatbed Trailer Rental Hidden Fees and Costs

If you found the best deal available on the market at the moment, naturally you will want to seal the deal and get down to work. But, before putting your signature anywhere and driving off happily with your flatbed rental, make sure to explore if there are any hidden costs and fees. Read through the contract carefully and make sure you know what is covered in the fee you are paying.

Usually, there are no hidden charges or fees associated with flatbed rentals so long as they are returned on time, in the same condition and with the same amount of fuel they had when you rented them. In fact, there are some cool things you can get with a lease, calculated in your monthly rate, like:

  • Maintenance
  • Emergency road service with access to a network of vetted repair vendors
  • Online account management with all the account data you need on demand
  • Trailer tracking and reporting.

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Another great thing is that the person who rents the truck is not the only one who can drive it. Most renting companies allow up to three more people to be added to the driver’s list for an additional small fee, often averaging $10.

4. Always Buy Insurance To Avoid Expensive Damage Repairs

Flatbed trailers have a pretty simple design and do not have strong support the items they carry. Securing the load, and the processes of loading and unloading the goods from the trailer can involve risks. Also, the objects are exposed to weather and other environmental factors at all times. All of these things can result in damages and/or losses of the transported goods, which you will have to pay for. Another risk that drivers face is the risk of theft of the flatbed itself, the goods it caries, or both.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

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Good news is that insurance can help you mitigate the risk of loss from accidents, a liability coverage and most importantly, coverage against theft for a flatbed trailer and the goods/equipment on it. You can buy most trailer insurance polices as a package deal of several different kinds of insurance, but you can also break it down and buy only what you want and need. Always, no exception, buy an insurance that will cover you in all possible situations. It’s guaranteed to keep you (and your wallet) safer.

First, learn about tracking insurance. Then, consult with several insurance companies or broker to get different quotes.

5. Always Get Multiple Quotes from Different Rental Companies

As I said at the beginning, finding the best deal can be crucial to your business. Renting a trailer will help you earn, while finding the the best deal can help you save from the very start. Different companies offer different rates for different sized flatbeds, and different lease duration. Do not be lazy.

Moreover, do not save time on a crucial task like research. Search, compare, than search some more. You can checkout online reviews and blogs to read more on Truck Rental Services Review and recommended companies.

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Get quotes from big companies, and ask smaller ones that are not very active and attractive in your market. Smaller companies are more flexible and easier to negotiate with. They might give you a much better quote since they want to attract more customers and grow. You might be able to negotiate an even better deal cos you can be their gateway customer to a whole new market. Ultimately, you can always do the math, or take a quiz to find out whether it’s better to buy or sell a flatbed rental.

6. Make Sure You Get The Newest Possible Trailers

Renting companies offer a wide range of flatbed trailers to choose from. First, learn what types of flatbeds there are, than find the model that best suits for the job. Flatbed trailer rentals will allow you to work with the newest possible trailers and you won’t be stuck with the flatbeds you bought 5 or more years ago.



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