10 Ultimate Secrets To Know Before Buying Car Trailer 1

10 Ultimate Secrets To Know Before Buying Car Trailer

1. With A Car Trailer To A Bigger Profit

You are operating in the trucking business and you consider buying a car trailer? Then the most important thing that you have to realize when making the final decision is that, a car trailer can improve your business and bring you the desired profit.

10 Ultimate Secrets To Know Before Buying Car Trailer
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However, operating a car trailer can bring you more money than the conventional way of trucking businesses. It is for sure that owning a car trailer will increase your income for 20% higher.


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Therefore, we are all aware of the way how trucking industry works. And as much as we want to put aside the bad things we cannot. Car trailers have gone through a lot of challenges , oppositions and tests in the past few years and that led to a lot of ups and downs on the market.

All things considered, still car trailers for sure bring a bigger profit than other trucking business operations. A truck driver who is operating a car trailer can make annually over $80.000.

2. Car Trailer Requires Driving Experience

However , before you make a decision to buy car trailer you should have in mind that car trailers require driving experience. And that is so because car trailers are less maneuverable and tougher to operate with than a truck without a trailer.

When driving a truck with a car trailer you should be very careful and you have to compensate a lot. Correspondingly the trailer adds additional length to the truck and it makes changing lanes difficult. Must be very aware all the time in order not to run anyone off the road.

Trailers require driving experience due to the length of the trailer. The regulations for trailers are different depending on the state. For example in Illinois the total length of the car trailer can be 60 feet or 53 feet not including the bumpers and mirrors.

In particular if you decide to start operating with car trailers you should totally change your driving style.

3. Car Trailer Is Expensive

To put it differently , when we are buying trucks or truck equipment we are always looking for the top quality. And almost always top quality is expensive. So if you want to buy car trailer consider the fact that new trailers are expensive , but can bring you more profit.

10 Ultimate Secrets To Know Before Buying Car Trailer
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It is proven that everything that is good and at the same time has quality, has it’s price. Car trailers are produced in two types: open trailers and enclosed trailers. The difference is that open trailers are made with one or two axles and are less expensive. When it comes to the enclosed trailers , they are made with two or three axles and are way easier to control.

Depending on the length and type open car trailers can be found for 2000$ up to 10.000$ or more. Likewise enclosed car trailers can be found from 6000 $ up to 20.000$ or more.

4. You Will Need Additional Car Trailer Equipment

Generally speaking if you want to operate with a car trailer it is a “must” to have additional equipment. Thereupon the trailer should have two main hitches, a receiver ball that should be mounted on the rear.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

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Another important equipment are the trailer brakes, you can choose between surge and electric. Surge breaks are hydraulic and are using the force of the forward shift in the trailer whereas electric brakes have a hydraulic pressure switch plumbed into the tow.

10 Ultimate Secrets To Know Before Buying Car Trailer
Source: www.trailersusa.com

To emphasize that if you are going on a long destination besides the brakes you must have with you additional tires . Tires for trailers are hard to find and difficult to replace. That is so because the sizes vary and very often trailer tires are hard to replace.

If you are going to drive in areas where the sun is not shining that much then the best choice for you is the enclosed trailer.

5. Car Trailer Tracking Devices Are A “MUST”

Regardless if you are going on a short or long destination , you must have a trailer tracking devices. Trailer tracking devices are at the same time good locators and anti-theft technology. These devices will increase the safety of the loads and have the ability to identify any kind of attempt for theft.

The tracking devices are using GPS or GSM signals. They are capable of tracking the trailer because of their in-built motion detector as well as the Geo-zones.

There are also a lot of other benefits like the improvement of the utilization of the assets, the additional protection, proactive maintenance and the reduced unauthorized usage.

Trailer tracking devices represent a wireless unit that features a life power management and tamper technology.

6. It Is Not Easy To Do Pickup And Delivery With Car Trailer

On the negative side car trailers take a bit longer to load and unload. Also the truck drivers that are operating with car trailer cannot provide the customers with the exact delivery time. The location of pickup plays a big role whether the pickup will take a bit longer.

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This side of operating with trailer is especially negative to truck drivers because they are usually paid by the miles that they drive. And the time that they spend for pickup and delivery are lost money for them.

If the driver wants to save time and by saving time to earn money he should have a well prepared plan. When it comes to the delivery time , there are more factors that play role and that cannot be predicted.

7. Car Trailer Requires More Time To Secure

Henceforth trailers can require more time to secure , especially the open ones. After the truck driver loads the car he should pay enormous attention to tying down the car.

Firstly he should check the positioning of the car. Secondly if everything is on it’s place he should tie down the car and that takes time. Mostly used and most secure equipment for tying down are the nylon ratchet straps and the nylon axle straps. It is crucial to do the tying down without crushing the brakes.



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