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7 Exclusive Tips To Know For Cheap Flatbed Trailer Rental

A daily rental can go as low as $45. Even though renting pays off more than buying and is more cost-effective, it’s not an easy task to find a flatbed in decent condition for a fair (and cheap) price. It’s almost like buying a used flatbed, only you won’t get stuck with the already old trailer. It can take a lot of time, but if you do it right, it will be well worth it in the end. Various sites offer different services and prices, and deals vary from several hours, to daily and monthly rentals.

Additionally, many renting companies offer discounts to online reservations. So you this to your advantage.

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Source: www.xtralease.com

2. Ask for discounts if you rent trailer for a long period of time

Once you find a good deal, you can sweeten it even more for yourself by negotiating a discount with the lessor. Let’s say you negotiated a 10% lower rate for leasing the trailer for 6 months. But if you want to lease the trailer for a longer period of time, you can go ahead and ask for a deeper discount – 25% or even more for 18 month-lease.



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