Exclusive Guide-10 Things To Know When Buying Grain Truck 1

Exclusive Guide: 10 Things To Know When Buying Grain Truck

Grain truck is essential when it comes to harvesting and distribution. These trucks are similar to dump trucks and paper trucks. Likewise the trucks have a body that is working on a hydraulically operated system.

Exclusive Guide: 10 Things To Know When Buying Grain Truck
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Few years ago owning a grain truck would make you a lot of money. Nowadays grain trucking business is going through changes and in the long run that affects truck operators and owners. Because of the changes in this business , today we can see more grain trucks for sale on the market than ever.


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Therefore if you are considering to buy used grain truck , our exclusive guide will give you tips how to choose the best truck. You wont make mistake if you take these 10 things in consideration.

1.Reassure Of The Condition Of The Grain Truck

Second thoughts are the essence when in search for the right truck. What makes the decision more difficult is if you are in consideration to buy used truck.

Generally when we take a look at a truck we can see in what condition that truck is. But we must see more carefully if there are any outside indicators of any problem that the truck might have. Check of the general condition of the truck is a must.

Hence, if you are a grain truck operator for years and you already know a lot about these truck, still be wise and don’t make risks. The best investment that you can make when buying used trucks is to bring an experienced and trustful mechanic.

Although on the outside the grain truck might look like it’s the best buy still there might be problems that are not visible to the eye. For that reason – trust the mechanic because he knows the best.

2.Grain Truck Should Go Through A Mechanic Check

As we indicated in the tip bellow , it is crucial to bring a mechanic with you when you go to buy a grain truck. I believe that you won’t like it if you buy a truck that will bring you additional costs for repairing. If you buy a truck like that , at the same time you will loose money and you won’t be able to finish your work on time.

Definitely important rule when buying vehicles – Never be in rush , always check carefully! It is vital to seek for assistance when making these kind of decisions.

In order for you to buy the best truck possible, a mechanical inspection must be done. The visual inspection is important, but still the most important is the inside inspection. There are many components that we are not able to inspect visually.

3.Function Check Of Grain Truck’s Engine

In order for you to operate successfully with a truck, the truck must have functional engine that works properly. The engine is the key point of the truck. If the engine is not working properly , that definitely will bring you a lot of problems and loss of money.

Although the engine doesn’t brake, it is composed with parts that are crucial to it’s function, and those things are expensive. However, the most important things that you have to check on the engine are: the transmission, the injectors, the inter-cooler and the turbo charger. These things are the most expensive to repair.

4.Check If The Maintenance Is Proper

At the same time it is important the seller to have a service book. Service books include scheduled and unscheduled maintenance ,checklist of service tasks that have been performed and driver’s inspections. It is the best for you to get this book from the seller in order to be completely informed about the background of the truck.

Exclusive Guide: 10 Things To Know When Buying Grain Truck
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We are all aware that a maintenance plan can ensure safe,comfortable and clean truck. The seller must have documented all the defects and the things that have been repaired.

After you review the service book , it is a good thing to check the things that are listed as repaired to make sure that the seller is telling the truth. You always have to be extra careful when buying a used truck.

5.Maintenance Invoices Are Very Important

Certainly another good way to check if the truck is in a good condition is to ask the seller for the maintenance invoices. The role of the maintenance invoices is very important when you are buying used truck. That is so because these invoices have the most clear record of the maintenance processes that the truck has been through.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

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Small trucking companies do not always have maintenance invoices , but if the truck was owned by a big trucking company , then you are lucky.

6.Check The Battery Condition Of The Grain Truck

To clarify the truck’s battery does not require service at all during the process of operating. The batteries are inexpensive and that is the reason why we underestimate them sometimes and we don’t pay the needed attention to it.

In the past there were better batteries than nowadays. The difference is that the old batteries are sending signals when there is a low power. The new batteries go dead directly. If the battery goes dead directly it can cause problems.

So have this in mind and be smart , check the battery.

7.Reassure That The Grain Truck Hasn’t Been In Traffic Accident

To enumerate – grain trucks that have been in a traffic accidents are not good choice at all. If the seller is being honest and tells you that he has experienced a traffic accident it is the best not to buy that truck.

Why trucks that have been in a traffic accident are not good? Those trucks are not good because once a vehicle is involved in an accident it is impossible to repair it completely. As well there are trucks that are not repaired at the highest level.

If you want a durable truck that will let you perform your duties easy then don’t buy a truck that has been damaged.

8.Perform A Tire Check

If you don’t want to waste additional money after you buy the truck , then a tire check should be on your list. Tires are very expensive so you must perform a careful check.

Exclusive Guide: 10 Things To Know When Buying Grain Truck
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Therefore, safety is the most important thing and tires contribute to your safety while on the road. Make sure that the tires on the truck that you want to buy not to be extremely overused. Don’t forget to check the tire production date – important key. By the production date you will be able to see if they are really worth the price that the seller is offering.



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