Exclusive Guide-10 Things To Know When Buying Grain Truck 1

Exclusive Guide: 10 Things To Know When Buying Grain Truck

Truck re-sellers can play smart sometimes, they tend to add on the price without offering something worth. So be aware and do this check – eyes wide open.

9.Check The Mileage Of The Grain Truck

Another important check that has to be done is the mileage check. This check is so important because sellers modify and lower the mileage recorder. By modifying the recorder they are able to increase the price of the truck.


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For this check you can be even smarter than the seller. In the Maintenance Invoices that you received previously you have all the correct information about the truck. You can compare the data that is in the invoices with the data that the truck is showing.

Also nowadays in the trucking industry can be found advanced methods for mileage check. For example you can be able to see from the ignition key of the truck information like the maintenance, service and other conditions of the truck.

10.Always Look For A Grain Truck Warranty

Above all if you buy an old grain truck the chances are very high that you won’t receive a truck warranty. But sometimes there are exceptions when the seller provides warranty.

Exclusive Guide: 10 Things To Know When Buying Grain Truck
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If you find a seller that is able to provide you with warranty , that means that the truck is really in a good condition. Nevertheless you must read the warranty in order to see what it includes. Sometimes in some warranties are excluded very crucial things about the truck equipment.

Moreover the warranty can save you money. So always ask for a warranty even if you think that there is no chance that the seller will give.


To sum up, when buying an old truck it is predominant to do a general inspection of the truck. Before you decide to buy the truck take time and ask yourself if the truck has the performances that you require.
In case you have doubt always ask your trustful mechanic for his opinion and after that do the decision. I bet that you don’t want to waste your money on a truck that will need additional repairs and additional costs?
We hope that our ten convenient tips will help you if you are planing to buy an old grain truck.
Do you have any experience with buying old grain trucks? If you do, please share it with us. It will be useful for everyone.



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