10 Best Known Tips To Buy Perfect Dump Trailer 1

10 Best Known Tips To Buy Perfect Dump Trailer

Dump Trailer sometimes can be a great way to increase company revenue or your family revenue. Because as humans every year we produce more and more waste the business with the dump trailers is expanding. I created a list of  10 tips that can help you to bey the best dump trailer you can find.

1. Buy Dump Trailer And Make More Money

A dump trailer is actually a dump body that is placed on the saddle of the truck chassis. These trailers are working on hydraulic ram, which is placed under the body of the dump trailer.

10 Best Known Tips To Buy Perfect Dump Trailer
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Dump trailer works on the same way as the grain truck and the paper truck. One of the most important features is the hydraulically operated system. Therefore, the dump trailer is very practical. Usually people use these trailers to haul asphalt, demolition material, aggregate, etc.

So, no matter if you want to buy single axle trailer, tandem axle trailer or three axle trailer you are either way going to make more money.

Dump trailer can increase your income even to 50% higher. These trailers bring that high income because of the materials they are transporting. Hence, construction companies are looking for operators of dump trailers every day . The demand is increasing every day so dump trailer will definitely lead you to more money.

2. Dump Trailer Is Expensive

Dump Trailer is expensive to buy , to maintain and to operate with. After the buying process of dump trailers it comes the maintenance of these trailers which is very delicate.

10 Best Known Tips To Buy Perfect Dump Trailer
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The expenses might rise in case if you decide to buy an old dump trailer. That is so because if the previous owner did not maintain the trailer properly you will have to spend additional money for repairing the trailer.

Either way if you are going to repair it by yourself or you will call a mechanic , it will cost a lot.

When it comes to the operating costs, we must be honest and tell you that this trailer will also rise the cost of gas.

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These trailers are spending so much gas because by the process of back-hauling the truck is burning twice as much fuel than the regular trailers would.

However, we shouldn’t forget that these costs for maintenance and gas will be soon covered if you can find materials to haul more often.

3. Dump Trailer Requires Experienced Driver

In order for someone to operate with a dump trailer he must have previous experience. These trailers are hard to operate.

10 Best Known Tips To Buy Perfect Dump Trailer
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Firstly these trailers are hard to operate because they add additional length and weight to the truck. Secondly dump trailer is transporting heavy materials and the driver should perform the transporting process in the most careful and safe way possible.

These trailers are less maneuverable than any other kind of trailers. While operating with a dump trailer the truck driver should be very careful. If the driver is used to driving a conventional truck, than he should totally change his driving style.


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The manufacturers are usually making the dump trailers to weight 16.000 kg with 3.500 kg maximum load. So the total permissible weight is around 20.000 kg. The weight is what makes it so difficult to operate with the trailers. So, previous experience is a “must”.

4. Additional Dump Trailer Equipment Is Essential

Generally dump trailers come by default with most of the essential equipment. But there is always some additional equipment that the owner should add to the trailer in order for it to function properly.

If you go for a new trailer , then it will definitely come with most of the required equipment. In rare occasions you might have to buy some small equipment parts.

New trailers usually have included the following equipment:

  • Scissor hoist;
  • Ramps;
  • Cross-member spacing;
  • Radial Tires;
  • Lifetime LED Lights;
  • Integrated battery charger;
  • Plate fenders;
  • Tube Rear Bumpers;

We all know how difficult it is to find tires for trailers,and having that fact into consideration you must have additional tires wherever you go. The most important equipment that is providing safety are the brakes, and the driver should check this equipment before he hits the road .

5. You Will Need Extra Insurance For The Dump Trailer

In order for you to be able to hit the road with your dump trailer , you will have to take an insurance for it. Like any other vehicle , dump trailers also require registration. In order for you to get a registration first you will have to take insurance for the trailer. It is all inter-connected.

All states in USA require insurance of any type of vehicles. The regulations for that insurance can vary a lot depending in which state are you living and in which state are you planing to do transportation.

Without consideration you must take insurance for your vehicle. And not any kind of insurance, the best insurances that you can get are the ones that are offering property coverage. These insurances cover the repairmen costs if you are in a traffic accident.

Therefore, if you want to operate a dump trailer make yourself safe and take that extra insurance.

6. Pay Attention On The Dump Box

When buying a dump trailer you should pay special attention on the dump box, you should inspect it and choose it wisely. If you have experience with these kind of trailers than you probably know exactly what to inspect. If there is any kind of rust on the dump box ,that ain’t a good sign at all.

10 Best Known Tips To Buy Perfect Dump Trailer
Source: www.groupebibeau.com

Dump boxes are composed of:

  • Electric / hydraulic scissor hoist;
  • Combo gate;
  • Spare tire mount;
  • Diamond plate fenders;
  • Protected wiring;
  • Radial tires;
  • Brand Axles;
  • D-Rings inside the bed;
  • Mount Sealed Lighting;
  • Cambered axles;
  • Break-a-way system;
  • Hooks for tie-down;

When buying a trailer always reassure yourself that the dump box has all the necessary elements.


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You should do that additional inspection because if you are buying an old trailer, the sellers tend to take elements off. Play smarter than them and always check everything.

7. Check The Hydraulic Lift Cylinder

It is highly recommendable to check the lift cylinder when buying a dump trailer. The lift cylinder is very expensive part of the trailer . If you don’t want to waste money on additional repairs then inspect it very carefully.

10 Best Known Tips To Buy Perfect Dump Trailer
Source: www.trailertraders.com

In case that you think that you are not capable of doing a proper inspection, it is always a good idea to bring a mechanic with you. By investing in a trustful mechanic you will gain a lot. The most simple thing is that you can loose a lot of money on repairing.



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