Top 10 Trucking Companies in Wisconsin

As mentioned – they are specialized in food and beverage transportation which include this specific types:

  • Beverages
  • Meat
  • Produce
  • Freight

Reinhart Foodservice is one of the largest, independent foodservice distributor in the state of Wisconsin, with more than 1,400 vehicles. This trucking company is providing job opportunity to more than 1,595 drivers nationwide.

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If you are a restaurant owner, private school/kindergarten owner or you have you need healthcare logistics, Reinhart is your solution for daily supplies. They have their distribution center across all USA, and some of the locations are:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Boston, MA
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Detroit, MI
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Pittsburgh, PA and more.

Reinhart Transportation has their exclusive food brands, equipment & supply, gourmet & specialty foods, dietary products and more.

If you’ve been in search for best trucking companies in Wisconsin in the foodservice industry Reinhart Transportation LLC is the right choice for you, they will supply you with always fresh and on time delivery.


5. Trucking Companies in Wisconsin: Roadrunner Transportation Services Inc.

Based in Cudahy, Wisconsin Roadrunner Transportation Services Inc. have a different focus than the rest of the Trucking Companies – they want their first customers on the list to be small to mid- size shippers, with company believe that they represent expansive and underserved market.

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Operating throughout the United States and Canada, Roadrunner Transportation Services are satisfying more than 35,000 customers. This trucking company can be ranked as 5th on the list of best trucking companies in Wisconsin.

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Roadrunner Transportation Services Inc. are providing all kinds of cargo transportation services throughout the United States and Canada, also they can take care of your cargo from pick up to delivery.

With a fleet of 4000 drivers, Roadrunner Transportation Services Inc. can offer wide range this trucking services, and some of them are:

  • Chemicals
  • General freight
  • Hazardous Materials

The fleet of Roadrunner Transportation Services can offer you:

  • Temperature – controlled vehicles
  • Step decks
  • Dry Van services
  • Flatbed (including specialized services such as oversized)

They are proudly standing behind their “motto” customers can count on Road runner Transportation Services. On every location with any deadline their shipment will be on time.


4. Trucking Companies in Wisconsin: Millis Transfer Inc.


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From coast to coast, through all 48 states – Millis Transfer Inc. with 852 vehicles are proudly operating their trucking business. Since 1936 the brothers Jake and Ray have always dreamed about establishing a trucking business- nowadays they have turned it into reality and not only that-today they have grown their business with more than 85 million annual mileage.

Their specialty is dry-van truckload carrier across the county, which has brought them a large number of customers.

The company has maintenance facilities in:

  • Black River Falls, WI
  • Richfield, WI
  • Weedsport, N.Y.
  • Trenton, OH and more

They officially started after the prohibition with beer distribution to and from La Crosse, starting with only one truck to today’s fleet of 852, and trough all states Millis Transfer Inc. is on the 4thplace on the list Top Trucking Companies in Wisconsin.


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Besides the beer industry that they still stayed associated with, Millis Transfer Inc. can offer you these goods to be carried with them:

  • Glass containers
  • Food products
  • Paper products, and more.

Millis Transfer Inc. has impressive service record during the years with earning dozens of “Carrier of the Year” awards, also Certified Top Pay Carrier with some of the best equipment on the road.


3. Trucking Companies in Wisconsin: Roehl Transport Inc.

With operating terminal location across the country, Roehl Transport is one of 100 largest trucking companies on a national level. This company is established 1962 and today have more than 1,900 tractors and 5,200 trailers.

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Since their establishment, Roehl Transport earned lots of awards, and this is their recent list of Awards:

Year Award Name Presenting Organization
2017 Military Friendly Employer GI Jobs / Victory Media
2016 SmartWay Excellence Award US Environmental Protection Agency
2016 Quest for Quality Logistics Management
2016 Military Friendly Employer GI Jobs / Victory Media
2015 Quest for Quality Logistics Management
2015 SmartWay Excellence Award US Environmental Protection Agency
2015 Gold Standard Service Award Lowes
2015 Military Friendly Employer GI Jobs / Victory Media

Along the years they improve themselves and point to the customers what makes them different than the others, so you can see why they kept their name so long on the market and proudly are improving it.

According to the place on the market they provide a large range of cargo from Agriculture, trough Building Material and Food, to Machinery and Vehicles – they are covering every field.

You have your reliable trucking company in Wisconsin that will deliver any goods to wanted destination. They deserved their third place on this list of 10 Top Trucking Company in Wisconsin with honor and lot of hard work.


2. Trucking Companies in Wisconsin: Marten Transport LTD

Do you have need of trucking company specialized in loads sensitive in time and temperature?

Marten Transport LTDwith 70 years presence and evolution nationwide trucking company with 2, 810 vehicles and the same number of high qualified truck drivers.
They are second largest in Wisconsin, and as well second on this list, best trucking companies in Wisconsin.

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Compared with the competition (trucking and transportation companies), they transport a wide range of cargo. Specific types that they carry are:

  • Chemicals
  • Meat
  • Beverages
  • Freight
  • Produce
  • Refrigerated food
  • Hazardous materials.

Moreover, this trucking company provides services in all 48 states, as well as in Canada and Mexico. The services that Marten Transport LTD provide are:

  • Truckload – local and also regional long-term
  • Inter-modal Transportation;
  • Door to door
  • Logistics


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So if you’ve been looking for trucking company which specialty is time and temperature sensitive transporter in Wisconsin (I believe in bigger range than Wisconsin), you founded -Marten Transport LTD is the company that you need.

Your temperature goods, as well as time sensitive one, are safe with Marten Transport in all USA.



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